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  Posted: Hey everybody,

I have some bad new for all those out there who catch a train to festivals or gatherings and whatnot with your firesticks. Anyone bringing flammable substances onto trains gets put off at the next station, yes thats right, they kicked me off coming home from the Tuesday night gathering in Davies park (Brisbane). Exactly what i did wrong im not sure, but i remember borrowing someones kerosene and have one...just 1 spin! After i was finished i caught the train back and suddenly was approached by those yellow shirt dudes. One of them commented on the smell and i replied that ive been travelling on trains with my toys for a long time. He went and fetched the driver who told them to get me off the train. And the whole time the other guy was saying, can't you just pour it out? I mean Jeez! its a firestick, yeah ill strain it into a container! right! what does he think its some kind of lantern with the fuel inside. I just have to say, little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and tremendously annoying for those walking an hour and a half to get home.


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People given a little responsibility but have absolutely no judgement to back it up!!

You got to love 'em!!

Gutted about the walk home though!!

lets hope next time they have a little more common sense!

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  Posted:dude that sucks, my suggestion is cover them with lots of pastic bags and rubber bands and them socks r us.

if it happenes again, tell them ill attack thir GFs while theyre asleep and convert them!


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  Posted:I'd be willing to bet that they'd allow a bottle of whiskey on board. Last time I looked you could set fire to that.

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