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Captain HazzardCaptain HazzardBRONZE Member
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Location: Truro, UK

i've been spinning for a while now, and i'd like to know how often everyone practices? i go out once every other night for about an hour. is this average or am i being woefully slack?

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onewheeldaveonewheeldaveGOLD Member
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Location: sheffield, United Kingdom

I have phases where I can spend hours a day working on spinning, then phases where I don't touch them for a month.

I do a lot of other stuff like unicycling/muni, juggling, devil stick etc,as well as craft, guitar etc so I'm usually doing something each day.

A lot of people recomend consistently sticking to one thing if you want to get good, but I've always done well with the 'phase' approach; you do lose some of the skill by leaving it for a while, but it's picked up pretty quickly when you start.

Also, if you work on lots of different things I believe there's some kind of holistic effect where they back each other up, even if they seem very different e.g. playing a musical instrument and spinning.

Ultimately, getting proficient does require picking a select group of skills to work on and then spending a lot of time practicing; some people do that best by focusing on one at a time and doing it every day, others by working on several simultaenously.

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onewheeldaveonewheeldaveGOLD Member
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Location: sheffield, United Kingdom

Also, for people who find themselves trying to learn stuff and giving up a lot, I can recommend learning to juggle cos it's something that is totally impossible to do for the first few days (I've never met anyone who could juggle straight off), but after a few weeks, if you practice every day, you will be able to do it.

Once you've got the faith that you can learn new things even though they seem impossible, you can apply that to spinning or anything else.

I should say that I've encountered people who firmly believed they can't juggle and it's cos someones showed them the wrong way to do it.

It's important that you get shown the right way to practice it- then it's just a matter of work and time b4 u can do it.

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BirdBirdGOLD Member
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Location: Cornwall, United Kingdom

I have only been spinning for about 3 months and I am totally addicted!

I try to practice as much as i can, and normally manage to practice for at least an hour a day, in between interruptions like work!!

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SilvurSilvurBRONZE Member
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Location: home sweet home, USA

I've been spinning with my staff since the summer, and i play with it every night! it never left my side in montreal, and when i came back i found that i could do some pretty cool things with it just from playing with it everyday, and now i'm hooked. i have my little one, a big one that i made, and a 4 foot length of PVC pipe at work that i play with, also my poi balls that i'm (slowly) learning.

oliSILVER Member
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Location: bristol/ southern eastern devon, United Kingdom

i take a pair of poi with me everywhere i go, if i get the chance i start spinning, id say i spin for at least half an hour a day, usually more though..... i get all twitchy if i dont get my half an hour.
so id say i practise fairly religiously, although sometimes i dont try and learn new moves i just spin, other times ill think right i want to be able to do that and ill try and do it for a while until i either get fed up or can do it.

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I don't think that you are being slack there. I can do alot in one day, like during the summer, I would sometimes spend upwards of 5 hours learning poi, but then sometimes I would leave them for a loooooooooong time. Luckily I never forgot how to do anything. Seems to be like riding a bike. I actually usually carry a pair with me when I go to school, but since they are on chains, and anyhing metal at my school seems to be considered a weapon, haha, Its really hard to practice there. Luckily I haven't gotten them taken away at all yet. But ya I don't think you're slacking. Just don't abandon poi, for then you shall be shunned for all eternity.


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Location: St. John's, Newfoundland.

i spin for anywhere between 30-60 minutes a day... sometimes more... but lately i've been sidetracked with Juggling... i picked it up quite easily, just gotta clean it up a little.

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[Nx?][Nx?]BRONZE Member
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thease days it averages out to about 2 hours a day, during the first "burst" of a toy it goes up to 4/5 hours, and when i plateau it can drop to as little as 1 hour a week, but generally about 2 hours i try and get in.

I contact juggled for 9 hours over two days, and had to stop yesterday cos my arms hurt too much. talking of caontact, where did I leave thoes acrylics?


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AchluophobiaBRONZE Member
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Location: Newfoundland, Canada

I like too spin at least an hour and a half too an hour a day, but becasue of school, weather and other stuff I haven't been able too practice much lately. Going to spin a lot tonight, I hope. That's for Poi anyway.
I have a staff and I just play around with maybe once a week.

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Location: england

I tend to practice every day, varies from 20 mins up to hours, although rain tends to put me off some times
i picked it up on koh Chang in Thailand, where i met other spinners. Since then i been kinda addicted, as soon as i got back to Bangkok i got my own staff and its followed me around ever since

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Location: UK

I tend to practice a bit each evening.. between half an hour and two hours in total. When I was first learning, I was practicing almost all day, since I couldn't be bothered to revise for exams, and was terrible at spinning. I mean, which is more important?!


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NoveNoveSILVER Member
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Location: Cochrane, Canada

I'll practice anywhere from not at all to an hour to three hours in any given day... Depending on how my day at school was, sometimes I'll come straight home and spin 'til I have to stop to eat supper...

I, too, carry a pair with me to school- and they don't mind me practicing. (Conversation went something like this- Teacher: "Couldn't you hit someone with those?" Me: "Who's stupid enough to walk into a set of these?" Teacher: "... Okay, as long as you don't hit anything...")

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ZejZejBRONZE Member
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Location: Washington, DC (Foggy Bottom/West End), USA

I'm a poor college student . . . fuel is a pain to get because I have to travel out to American to pick it up so I try to conserve - I practice unlit about 4 times a week for like 30-60 minutes each time in raquetball courts at our gyms then I do it lit about 2 times a week for like an hour and a half.


Rouge DragonRouge DragonBRONZE Member
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Location: without class distinction, Australia

ive hardly done any practise in ages. the weather has been terrible! wind, rain, wind, rain! and now im back at school and trainig for rowing, im too exhausted when i get home!
im planning on getting a lot more practise in when school finishes!

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I've been learning for a bit, I take them to college with me and when i walk out to work i go down the park and have a poi, otherwise im pretty busy or tired but I love poi-ing and getting wierd looks at college and stuff! I need some FIRE!

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i8beefy2i8beefy2GOLD Member
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Location: Ohio, USA

Every day for at least an hour. This is more from boredom than anything else though... I have an hour and a half between getting home from school and work, so I grab all my weapons and go outside and play. And then I spend a couple hours at work playing with indoor friendly stuff like sock poi, or nunchakus, or my contact ball... though the contact ball just smashed the glare-monitor-cover-thing at work tonight so I don't think I'll be playing with that there for a while...

EeraBRONZE Member
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When I'm learning a new move I practise as often as I can, the time is usually limited by whether my clothes rub the skin off from under my arms. Then it's whenever I feel like it. I never force myself to practise for the shear sake of getting the hours in, that's the way to lose enthusiasm.

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RoziSILVER Member
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Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

How much do I practice? Probably not enough. About 3 times a week on average for a period of 2-4 hours.

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Mr Handsmember
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Location: Cardiffy, Londony places

I mostly practise from the witching hour till I'm told to piss off by some neighbour who gets angry at the flappy noises my poi make or the random curse when I clobber my face. It normally only takes a couple of hours but my fingers are begining to claw up in the cold so I'm wondering if there's a healthier way to do it outdoors...

my money's on gloves but I'm open to suggestions.

Sic KittySic Kittymember
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Location: Richlands, North Carolina, USA

I'm pretty new to it...but I practice whenever I get a chance. Sometimes it'll be for hours and sometimes maybe...15-20 mins. Because I have a baby...finding time to practice isn't always easy. Mostly I take her outside with me, she likes to watch me. But I always bring my poi with me, they help relieve boredom and you never know when you'll find that extra few minutes to practice!

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Location: Halifax, N.S

well my dicapline is rope torch and i practice that on average 2-3 hours a day wether it just be goofing around with it or sitting down and getting frusterated learning a move.i actually just got the move i was working on now i need to make it a lot smoother. agin it will come with time. other then rope torch i parctice poi once in a while mabey twice a week for an hour.

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King Of BongoKing Of Bongoaddict
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Location: Berlin

not half as much as I'd like is the only answer i can really give, sometimes it can be anywhere up to a four hour stint (with chillout breaks of about 20 mins every so often) or can be nutin all day
generally its as much as I feel like, and gets dropped as soon as i get bored or uninspired.

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