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Posted:okay, so i ordered some stuffs from the wondermuss home of poi (performance practice poi, cathedral with ball chain double hoop, and two of the LED balls). it should get here in a couple weeks. but i couldn't wait that long. so's i went to the hardware shop and got some ball chain and stuff and put some tennis balls on the end.

no straps. man i can't wait for straps. i just cut the ball chain long and have been wrapping it around three fingers. it hurts. i'm missing skin. but....i.....can't....stop. so as i said, straps. man i can't wait for straps.

anywho, here's the progress report...
all i can do right now is the side spin thing, and then i alternate the swing and get it in front of me and then go back to unison swing to do a butterfly. then i get it back to alternate swing and put it back to the sides. it is much more than i expected to be able to do the first time. i repeat this as many times as i can. i generally get about five down before the balls hit and either wrap around my arms/themselves or the tennis ball flies off. all i can say is it's hella big fun. i am going to practice at least three hours a day for the first couple months.

my question....what should i do/attempt next? something easy. preferably something i can add to the practice routine. like something i can add to the side spin, then alternate, then butterfly, then alternate, then side spin again. you know what i mean?

also, i realized my left arm is sooooo gimp. like sometimes i'll have it all down fine and then my left arm just sort of spazzes on its own and i screw up.

okie dokie, thanks for your time....
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Posted:put your tennis balls in some long socks and use them, (tie knots in the ends to use as handles) then you wont wreck your hands
work through the lessons on here, they are in a fairly sensible order, sounds like a weave is the next thing you need though, weaves are cool.

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Posted:try 5 beat behind the back weave

hehe joking


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Posted:I fasioned my first poi from a pair of tennis balls I, 'borrowed' from a friend in the bottom of supermarket carrier bags all taped up...And it was good...

Then I bought some nice dandy green and white commet thangs from Camden on one of my forays back to my homeland, and they are tearing themselves apart whenever they tangle... Oh for the good old days...

I exagerate of course but it's still really annoying seeing the string fray when it gets caught on the swivel rings and such...

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Posted:Just make sure you have no flaws in your basic technique before trying anything more advanced. There is nothing so frustrating as almost-but-not-quite having a move because you're twisting your wrist or something without realising it. That's what makes people give up.

But hey, welcome. It's kind of addictive isn't it.

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Posted:Ditto to what Eera said.. and leave the beamers (the LED balls) untill you are infalable.. they *REALLY* hurt if you hit your self.. there's a fwe thread round and about.. have a scout..

and good luck - it's addictive

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

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