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Posted:Well, as my last few phone bills have been mahoooooooosive, way more than I usually pay (Orange changed all their tariffs and have become pretty pricey IMHO) I was looking at changing tariff.
The general consensus is that 3 (Three) have by a long way the cheapest tariffs, so much so that Orange won't even match them...

Has anyone signed up with 3 who can let me know what the coverage etc is like?
Searching the net I've found mixed reviews, but I trust people on HoP more than some random anonymous poster.

Also the only phone you get for free (Motorola A920) - is this any good? The web throws up many gripes, but it is still saving money.


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Posted:quote:but I trust people on HoP more than some random anonymous poster.You poor deluded fool you

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Posted:Well I have a few frineds over here in aus who have made the swap (cant tell yer about coverage sorry bro) and from what I have been told they are going to be the cheapest for a FEW MONTHS (BREAKING INTO THE MARKET) and then shall readjust their tariffs and the like... proberly the best way to go is to go in and question the consultants about the plans etc.. ask if they are plannign on putting prices jup etc... youll be able to tell if they are planning on it...
hope that helps even a little bit

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Posted:to be honest man i wouldnt bother, 3 is a nice idea, but to get the most out of it all your mates need to have one, and there are MASSIVE network limitationas and black spots! dont get me worng i am pretty sure most of the features on hem work that they promise, but teh last i heard it was mainly in Birmingham and London alone.

They may have put some more 3relay stations on by the whole counrty is pretty poorly covered by the network..........

the phones are ok, if at times you want to have to have a masters to work some features, and it can be a lil hard to stream vids while you are going from one area to another.......

my best mate works for the link and if you like ill pester him for more info and try and help you out?

Later days man?

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Posted:I've been with O2 (or whatever they were before they changed) for years, recently they started giving me a loyalty discount, then they stopped so I'm in a snit with them, so if anyone has a provider who they think are really good then I'd like to know as well.

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Posted:... as usual the networks have thrown 100000's of pennies into getting the 3G (3rd generation) licences, they are heavely in dept afte shelling out loads on wonga.

3 launched itself very quietly in this country as they don't really have the money to support the new infrastructure.. Durbs - hunny - I'd give it a few years/ months before swapping.

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Posted:quote:The general consensus is that 3 (Three) have by a long way the cheapest tariffs, so much so that Orange won't even match them...Because they're only temporary tariffs... they planned to have 100,000 subscribers by the year end and at month 8 have 15,000.... so they're very desperate and underselling like mad

but much much more worryingly click here to read about how the network infrastructure is making people ill.... the whole thing might be dismantled.

quote:Phone masts for the high-tech third generation mobile phones cause headaches and nausea, researchers have claimed.



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Posted:I also heard about 3 causing illness.

I was at the Radio Communication agency when everyone was buying the 3G licences. I may have some info about it somewhere...i shall look.

I personally find T-Mobile good. Have been with them for years now and dont have any complaints.


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