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To perform with fire for money without insurance is a big no-no as we all know.

However, what about if you only perform with non-fire props? i.e. UV, LED or glowsticks (or even tails)

I can understand it from the point of view of public safety that fire is alot more dangerous to those around you (buildings are covered seperately I believe) but is insurance neccessary for non-fire performers. I guess Beamers and a few other props can do serious damage but apart from "bladed" props, what's the general view on them?

I Workshops would be a different kettle of fish (which is a very daft expression) as you're much closer to people and the risk would be alot higher, but for in-club performances, on a stage/podium - should/do promoters or agents require it?

Just curious...

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There are so many ambulance-chasing companies around now all encouraging us to subscribe to the "it's someone elses fault" mentality, that, unless you can get everyone to sign something saying that they understand the dangers of being so close to a performer of any sort then you would be better with some form of third party liability thing just in case.

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