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Posted:implant so you guys don't forget

Since the 1950's it has been down to the female of the species.

I totally feel that this should empower men into being able to control their seed.. how many stories do you here when people have a one night stand and a babbie comes of it.. now the guys have a choice in the matter..

but how many men would take it? and would they only have it implanted when they are in stable relationships?

whats your thoughts guys? I know my fella would.

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Posted:HA! all those men who are concerned because it hasn't been extensively tested??? guess what fellas? there still is no long-term study on the effects of BCPs on women because it's only been around for less than 40 years!!! we still don't really know the effects it has on us, on our children. it took them 20 years to realize they were overdosing us on synthetic estrogen and adjusted the doses, but we still have to see the effects long-term on the adjusted doses. but guess what? we're still taking it.

i'm not saying that men should automatically take a non-extensively tested BC method. i'm just saying that there needs to be a recognition that women have been subjected to this way longer, and will more than likely still be the main person responsible for the BC method of choice.

i struggled for YEARS on whether or not to start on the pill, and my partner was so wonderfully supportive of my hesitation. i had a hard time being ok with putting synthetic chemicals into my body to trick it into doing something it should or should not do naturally (i wasn't menstruating even at the age of 23, except maybe 1-2 times a year, but i got checked and there was nothing wrong, it's just what the women in my family tend to do). but i still was afraid every time i'd get extra moody or nauseous because i was afraid the condom had broke and i wasn't aware, and i was pregnant but didn't know cause i didn't regularly get my period. so maybe it's time men should have that conflict over getting extra chemicals in them.

btw, they aren't getting double doses of testosterone injected/implanted in them. one is a testosterone injection and the other is progesterone, which both men and women have in their body. you could call it a universal gender chemical. women get the same thing in their BCPs...both estrogen and progesterone, and a few have i think another chemical (perhaps even testosterone?).

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Posted:MisStix - I was on the pill, tried two different sorts, and it messed me up big time. Scary mood swings and crying fits and irrational emotional outbursts. But I switched to the patch, and no more problems (except for bandaid-ick around it, which is annoying). So you may want to consider the patch, if pills give you problems and you need something.

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Posted:Well I think its time the guys had some more power over this situation. Some women use it as power some don't. The other side of the coin is that we need the take the responsiblity too, again, some do some don't. As far as testing and all that, I think testing is good but guys take supplements and all sorts of things that alter the bodies natural course of chemical producing anyway. You don't hear guys making issues over that. I'm not saying that the issues made are not valid, it's just that sometimes it can become an excuse to be lazy. As far as I am concerned if ya don't want kids, any preventative measures that can be taken should be. From the previous post- "if you can bring down that .1% chance", hello, like why wouldn't you? From the guys side-I would take it. I've been on worse stuff anyway Cheers and good times

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Posted:The only problem I encountered with the pill was taking the darn thing at the same hour everyday!

I get busy alot so would forget. I'm just happy that I take depo and only have to remember to have that shot every 3months

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Posted:Like I said above, I'm happy to try it...

I just don't want "Man Breasts" through too much oestrogen...

And you would still need to use a barrier form of contraceptive to ward against any STD's, this isn't so much of a problem if your in a long term relationship, but if you starting something, or your into the whole 1 night stand deal, you should always rubber up...

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Member Since: 15th Feb 2002
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Posted:I've spoken to my doctor about the patch and the injection.. the chemical make-ups on both are similar to a pill that sent me psycotic.. you think I'm joking - but the whole sat in a corner shaking screaming at my boyfriend at the time 'don't hit me - please' when all he was trying to do was hold me to comfort me.. so the doc advised me not to even try them - the injection would be 'it' for 3 months - no way to turn that off or stop it like stopping taking that pill (Microgynon sends me crazy)

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

You are never to old to storm a bouncey castle..


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Posted:I for one totally beleive you MisStix.

I have a close friend in peace corps, and they put her on the pill in attempt to make her gain weight (even though there is no real medical evidence it will actually do this) because she was too skinny after 6 months in the peace corps and still trying to be a vegitarian in west africa (which is totally not possible, but she still pretends at it even though she has unavoidably been eating meat products for like 2 years now).

the letters she wrote and tapes she sent me in the first couple of months before they changed her to a different kind of pill were downright scary! it didn't seem like her at all.

BTW, she didn't gain a single pound while taking the pill - actually lost even more weight, though she claimed to have bigger breasts for about 6 weeks.


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