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Just overwhelmed at a number of things:

(a) how cool everyone that does Poi seems to be, no matter where they are from, how good they are, how long they've been twirling etc.

(b) how addictive, facinating and infuriating this artform is. and i'm only on the tip of the iceberg, only in my first month still!

Many thanks to the random fire and glowstick Poi people at reading for spurring me to give the 'bloody swingy things' a try. (Shocking first attempt, far too stoned!)I am now wholly obsessed with said 'bloody swingy things' and can see myself twirling for a very very long time.

PS your arms don't fall off if u do too much do they? Feels like it after 6 hours today!

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your arms dont fall off but sometimes your brain leaks out....

Love your enthusiam,


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You mean your brain isn't -supposed- to leak??

*Quickly tries to sweep puddle of fluid on the floor into a pile*

Oh, no! *plugs ears to prevent further damage*

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You know, this is a nice thing. We rarely stop, sit back, breathe deeply and go, "Wow, isn't this all fantastic?"

So, here we go:

Wow, isn't this all fantastic?


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welcome to the new hippydom
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i'm so glad it exists


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im not a hippy

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Oh, please don't say it's 'the new...' anything. Such phrase doth make mine blood boil!

But yeah, Poi rock

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Originally posted by )spanner(:
Oh, please don't say it's 'the new...' anything. Such phrase doth make mine blood boil!
The new 'anti-newness kickback' rears it's head!

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Your arms don't drop off but you sure get some funny shaped muscles developing.

There is a slight possibility that I am not actually right all of the time.

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yeah, no arms falling off but strange growth on back of head after twatting it with Poi over and over again trying to cross btb!!

**apologises to Poi for chucking them on the floor and shouting obcenities at them after trying to learn btb stuff**

certifiedloonSILVER Member
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but yeah no wonder we get these weird muscles developing - does anyone else in the world have to move like poi-ers? Why would you ever otherwise need to perform the movements? No wonder Poi is hard! And that's what makes Poi so great

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I did my best to knock myself out with my Poi today! And got very cross with myself! but i still love it! Its the best thing ever!

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Poi helps with some of the shoulder muscles used in canoeing, went on a trip over summer and everybody was complaining about how much their shoulders hurt in the beginning. Myself, I was perfectly fine

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oh bliss...after reading your thread i felt inspired to attach some glosticks to my Practice Poi,and after a shitty day a big smile came over me......pretty colors!!!like wings...

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Just wanted to pop in and thank circleoflight (what is this about flying circus lions anyway?) for insiring me o take an evening and Practice Poi agian. It's been a long time since I've done that. I mean just me and my Poi and some groovy tunes, not practicing with a group where I wind up spending most my time teaching. I mastered two new multi-wrap moves that I am now very happy about.



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