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still can't believe it's not butter
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Posted:It is with a heavy heart and a broken leg that share with my lovely fire family that i will not be able to twirl anything for at least a year ubbcrying obviously, this completely changes my lifestyle! no acro, no doofs, and certainly no sandworm riding.

as it stands, my right tibia and fibia had cracked backwards and displaced before impacting at a bad angle - the only way my foot is connected to the rest of the skeleton is via a metal rod that connects most of the length of my tibia bone via screws. Even putting any weight at all on my legs is out of the question for ages..

it's gotten a bit hard to be chirpy now that i can't stand or care for myself, but at least my friends/missus come to visit and listen to my tales of woe beerchug.

just to youse know in case yer wondering why i'll be dropping off the radar.

thanks go out to pyroptix and captn_shiner for being my rescuers - your kindess was incredible. peace

*** EDIT for xrayness ***

before surgery (the blob is the plaster) and after the rod is inserted.

Non-Https Image Link

Non-Https Image Link

ye ouch.

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If you don't mind me asking what happened?
sounds like it was a nasty accident...

Thoughts go out to you man, hope you heal up well and are spinnin soon.



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Posted:**** **** ****ity **** ****

that sucks really big monkey nuts!

well, look on the bright side: you can become the master of pen spinning now...

get well as soon as poss mate...and green seedless grapes are the best.


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Posted:sorry man, sounds painful, hope you aint too hurt........... better

but one good thing, you can finaly have a good escuse to practice all those lying on your back tricks, and you could develop a whole new lying down style.........

later, better days man

Step (el-nombrie)


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Oh nooooooo.
lots of super massive hugs dude.
Thats poooo to the power of ten
and thats a lot of poo.

Every plaster cast has a silver lining
hope you lighten your heart soon, wouldn't want it to put pressure on your leg.
have some extra big sympathy.

Who said.
"The present moment is a wonderful moment."

Now, ever considered palm spinning contact juggling?

Love and hugs and puppy dogs


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Posted:Eeepers creepers Bender that's unbelievable news dude. If anyone can make it back to their feet it's someone with your energy, you don't strike me as the kind of person to get too down over a minor thing like not being able to walk.

Da contact's a good idea. Long live Bender the contact king!!

I live in a world of infinite possibilities.



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Posted:Massive sympathetic OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW from here poor sod, best wishes to an early recovery!

don't drop off the radar... methinks you'd be missed many friends here to keep you entertained and send you spinnable tea-bags and other sundries



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still can't believe it's not butter
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Posted:thanks guys, your support helps me out tremendously..

fyi, i have been landing alot of tricks lately only to my left, ladning only on my left leg, with twisting landings that crossed and pressured my tibia and fibia quite forcefully. the camel's feather came when i performed a forceful cartwheel whilst grabbing pyroptix's sticks from the ground (thereby increasing downward momentum instead of pressing with my palms to decrease it) by this stage there was heaps of torque and the landing was late, with an unbent knee (that would have cushioned the shock had it been bent) that simply tranferred all that pressure to my shin bones - the resulting sound was quite loud (someone from the oztrance forum likened it to a large branch snapping) the knee-like deformity of my shin upon landing was due to bones displacing and shortening/impacting at an akward angle. focusing on my breathing minimised the shock, but i still broke out with terror-sweat.
yeah, that sounds traumatic, but the real gut wrencher came when my head swam back into cansciousness a bit too realy during the operation to reattach my tibia - loud drilling noises and a tugging sensation greeted me... but alas, i have been having quite good luck lately, and i was only expecting such a thing may come to pass. :shrugs:

and glass, the quote is from a summary of dharma in 'the complete idiot's guide to understanding buddhism'

yes, camels have feathers.

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Rick aka Loki
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Rick aka Loki

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Posted:I was really, seriously disappointed when I read your post, dude. That sucks.

I hope you get joy out of whatever it is you turn your energy toward in the meantime. I'm sure you'll be doing something.

Again, I hope you heal quickly and fully.

-Rick aka Loki
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still can't believe it's not butter
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Posted:ah well, yeah man, hopefully i'll find out a bit more when i gte my outpatient checkup next thu - the catch is, my leg's so swollen that even going to bathroom for a few minutes is painful due to the leg not being elevated.

i bet it makes yoo all further appreciate good health, huh? again, your good vibes really do lend me strength

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Posted:Much sympathy and hugs to you man! Only met you briefly but your energy has always been excellent to expereince, near and afar.

A year off spinning is going to be maddening! I like Glass' suggestion - this is a perfect time for you to before really good at contact, pen spinning, card trick, etc...


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big and good and broken
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Posted::wanders in with a massive bowl of grapes, a cushion and a contact ball:

massive eeeps and big careful-not-to-touch-the-leg hugs dude.

i have huge sympathy for you man (or maybe empathy is what i mean?).

still, if you're gonna break your leg, ya might as well do it proper eh bender?!
sounds like you were very lucky the fracture stayed closed.

anyway, what i mean to say is 'get well soon and all my best get well wishes go out to you sir.'

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i come to 'dis cafe quite a lot myself.
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Posted:Oh No!

Oh No!

NO! not bender!

Man I am so sorry for you, is one of my nightmares and I can really understand how amazingly ****ish that could be.

HUUUGE to you boy, try to keep your chin up and dont you dare dissapear, without you thered be no featherd camels or nekid col4 peaple, and Hop wouldent be nearly as much fun

Get well soon my friend, the force is strong with you, and may Muad'dib walks for you.


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Posted:That's terrible! Worse than terrible! I'm so sorry, darlin'. ::big hugs::

Please stay on the radar; and I concur, this'd be the right time to learn lots of contact ball and pen twirling and on your back tricks and the like.

E pluribus unum, baby.



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Posted:man that realy sucks camels ass.

huge healing energies coming from the Yorkshire land, (stopping off at Sheffield and London to pick up dangerous amounts of huugradiation) on it's way to you.

I only just got online working again, checked out your first vid and then read this thread.
Gutted man, if you dissapear from hop completely, this place will start to look grey again.

and much respect



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Posted:bender, my son...
I have tears in my eyes. Your verve and elan for our art has spread across continents.
But don't be a f**king COWARD! You can still twirl flat on your back. There's this girl, I forget her name, in the Controlled Burn group out of Reno who is in a wheelchair. She does poi and says it is good therapy. I told her it is very challenging no matter who you are.
So put together a set where you are completely on your back!
People will love it.
BTW when doing a double weapons pick up chartwheel, you have to come up off the ground facing the direction you came from, or else you twist the shin and...

Ummm. I am truly sorry you got hurt. I recommend comfrey tea.

Maximus Ego


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Posted:Remember, God smiles on those with misfortune.

I was looking forward to meeting you on my trip to OZ.

Feel better and don't stress the leg. We want you better not worse.

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Posted::Sets up a shrine of "Get better"ness:

I almost fell out of my chair when I read your post. Get better man! You can't keep a good spinner down! Kudos and getwells to you man. You're an inspiration in all things spinny to me. I took up dual short staff, long staff, and 3 section cuz of you're awesome and amazing'ness.

Best of luck with the leg. And jus ta let ya know, I was tellin my friends bout how crazy cool ya are when I sat down and watched COL4 with 'em. hehehe

Best of Wishes for the Quickest of Healings,

And where I go the flame shall follow. Be warmed by my outward souls flare and may it guide you through darkened paths.


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i've been passing round the word, but didnt realise it was this serious, eep! NO! what will we do without our Bender on wednesday nights!!!!

We'll all have to come visit you of course!!

Sending you massively big hugz and the like my friend, I hope you arent in too much pain now, and I hope you heal quick! xoxoxxoxo

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Posted:have you thought of wheelchair spinning

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So sorry to hear of your accident.
Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Sneding you something to cheer you up.

Kindest regards


May your balls always burn


shadow steppin

shadow steppin

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Posted:oh no!!

not your squiggly spooge!

i will be sending my most positive vibes to your tibia and fibia to reduce pain and speed up your healing. i have been there my friend i know almost exactly what your going through and i feel for yuh. just take it slow and steady and play lots of video games and think up all kinds of new crazy tricks to learn when your better. thats how i got through. remember jedis heal quickly so dont be to discouraged all mighty tallest and good luck too you

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Posted:oooh bender, that's a blow

glass is right - time to learn card tricks!

you could be the next david copperfield.....

or something

I hope you heal well


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Posted:That's awful

You have my utmost sympathies - I broke my wrist a while ago and couldn't spin for 6 months which I thought was really bad. Obviously it's just not in the same league as your break though.

Like everyone else, I recommend pen spinning, contact juggling and balloon modelling to keep you from going insane while it heals

But there's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.


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Posted:the people near you who saw what happened - and heard it - any of them puke or anything? coz that'd have been cool

p.s. is the rod made of titanium? titanium's cool (my favourite metal hehehe how sad/wierd is that)




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Posted:YES! My global firespinning ranking just went up by one!

Just kiddin' of course. My heart goes out to ya. Sometimes life issues you a 'time out' for you to think about what you've got and what it all means to you. It sounds like you've been blessed with some time to think, heal, and appreciate the little things.

Feel better soon homie.

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Posted:Now that is just heanous! Lacerations I can deal with, but wretchedly broken bones I just do not like to see. Just reading your account has me into a hectic cring. I can't imagine what is was like being Bender (Bendier?)

Wish I could do something to make it better. I could send you my left over prescription of codine pills...


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I have put you into my healing book and will send out love and stuff every night at 5.00 pm... pls hook into the energy and feel free to soak up the healing.
When I dislocated my knee twirling I couldnt spin for 6 weeks. At first you cant do too much but after the initial soreness wears off ( and it will buddy, I know that it doesnt seem like it now, but I promise from experience mate it will feel better after some time) you will be able to do small things again... small steps to the big picture bud, dont push yourself.
I must say that you will need to cry a fair amount...its a really good way to help your body heal..I cried all the time whil my knee started to recoup
Keep your chin up... know your bodys limits while your healing and remember that you are loved and people WANT to help you ok?
If you need to chat give me a call.
Love Valura

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Posted:Damn, that really sucks man. Not much more I can say, just not too dwell on it.
I agree with all the people that said not too give up twriling. After seeing "The Joy of Staff" I'm quite sure you could come up with some intresting ground work. Well once your leg feels a bit better. Go Bender!


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Posted:Condolences Bender
Man that really sucks. I’m sure u your leg will heal quicker than expected with all the healing vibes being sent your way. Now I agree with the others about a new hobby, perhaps u could learn to juggle

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Posted:Ha! So another pretender to the most posts on HoP crown falls by the wayside. Just need to find a way to hobble the french chick and hte title is mine for all eternity.

Seriously though for a second....

that was refreshing wasn't it?

Now back to the sillyness - You don't need two legs. Only wierdos have two legs:James DeanMarilyn MonroeJRR TolkienLeninMoses
What 2 things do all these people have in common? 2 perfectly functioning legsdead
So the obvious answer is people with 2 healthy legs die.

People with 1 leg live for ever.

Ok I have no evidence to support this arguement but stay with me anyway....

Erm, I've run out of things to say.

Right. Er. Hope your leg gets better. If not I hope you can grow a new one.

Stay chipper.

Don't talk to ducks.

Try not to marry any americans looking for citizenship.....

Try and be healthy for next May when my fluffy one and I demand an audience.

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