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Posted:Just watched top of the pops and almost fell off my chair when i saw poi performers during some dance tune called Komodo. It's the first time i've seen poi on tv.Three performers swapped between poi, staff, juggling, ribbons and mime with a ball.UK people can probably catch a repeat some time in the next week. Don't worry if you miss it though - it's not that amazing just nice to see it on such a widely watched show.

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Posted:I saw that. That contact juggler was wicked.peace outgarbo
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Posted:I sat down to have some tea and Cherry put on the TV and there was "Top of the Pops" I said to Cherry "I remember that last week people were talking about poi in the discussion group and how I was dissapointed that I had not seen it" I looked back at the TV and there was the poier, staffer and juggler.
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Unfortunately I was unable to video it.I did however manage to video a "Real TV" episode of a guy accidentally catching his head on fire after spilling fuel on his face and then breathing fire.
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