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flash fireBRONZE Member
Sporadically Prodigal
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Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

With the continuing influx of new people (Big firey welcome to you all!) I guess it makes a lot of sense for us to have an official "getting to know you" type thread.
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Elders and Newbies alike, enter your details here and feel free to use/modify/disregard the format below:Name: flash fire (Sarah)Sex: female (remember, all possible smart responses to this question have already been done!)Age: 23Location: Sydney AustraliaURL:
all fire staff/double staff/double crossesBeen twirling for: about 4 yearsOccupation: corporate lackieHobbies other than obvious: reading, skiing, travelling, doofing, cruising in my Jeep!Favourite Colour: red Most viewed Movie: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory or The Doors.Favourite Quote/Saying: an ye harm none do as thou wilt.Best twirling related moment in life so far: I will have to think long and hard to answer.So, post away kiddies! and feel free to occasionally bump this thread to keep it at the top.flash------------------"she dances in a ring of fire and throws off the challenge with a shrug"[This message has been edited by flash fire (edited 29 June 2001).]

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RoziSILVER Member
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Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

Yay!!!!If you go away for 5 minutes and then come back the replies FINALLY appear!!

It was a day for screaming at inanimate objects.

What this calls for is a special mix of psychology and extreme violence...

2,419 posts
Location: la-la land

Name: NikiNick names: RedDragon / Doofus & StixSex: female Age: 26 going on 60 or 16.. dunno dependsStar sign: Cancer, Fire Dragon , monkey rising.Location: Camberley UKToys: Poi, fire poi, diabolo (badly ;0)) Devil Stix - short staff, juggel balls (again badly)Been twirling for: diabolo for about 4 years, poi's for about 6 months, juggling for 8 years, but not very well.. but I'll keep trying!Occupation: I work for a charity, organising fundraising events like abseiling or parachuting.. Hobbies other than obvious: cooking good food and then eating it with good wine!Favourite Colour: redMost viewed Movie: 12 Monkeys, Dune & The Dark CrystalFavourite Quote/Saying: Treat others as you wish to be treated /or/ Can't be arsed..Best twirling related moment in life so far: Seeing my new boy friend watching me for the first time doing fire poi's.. his face was a picture - I think he was inpressed

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

You are never to old to storm a bouncey castle..

13 posts
Location: Bloomington, IN, USA

Name: Kuris (shortened version of the japanese equivalent to Christopher)Sex:MaleAge:17 Location: IndianaHobbies: Reading, poetry(writing),ocarina,meteorsFavorite Color: Royal blue/blackFavorite Color To Spin: As of yet none.(Haven't used lights yet)I've only been spinning(meteors) for about a month and a half, but was reffered to this site through a friend of mine who spins.------------------Meteors Away!-Kuris

Meteors Away!-Kuris

19 posts
Location: new jersey, usa

wow this sure has a lot of replies :\ Name: valerie Sex: femmeAge: 17Location: new jersey, usaURL: https://spicychicken.diaryland.comToys:
heh my glowsticks on shoestrings, and my extension pole that goes to a paint roller i think..IM GHETTOBeen twirling for: been interested for a while, but no serious practice at allOccupation: student..sometimes a part time droneHobbies other than obvious: listening to music, graphic design, metaphysical kinda stuff like meditation and dream study, tv!! hehe Favourite Colour: purple Most viewed Movie: clockwatchers, half bakedFavourite Quote/Saying: sometimes i wish i were wait, not twirling related moment in life so far: rocking out at my and my friends birthday parties with my glowsticks :P

TomBRONZE Member
135 posts
Location: England

rozi, if your message doesn't appear, hit the 'refresh' button in your browser. Its cos some browsers don't really reload the page, they just load the cookie again.Anyhow, I should've done this months ago.. so..Name: TomSex: Male Age: 19Star sign: CancerLocation: Coventry term-time, Sevenoaks for holidays, always UKToys: Poi, fire poi, glostaff (just got it), going to try to learn juggling (always been VERY bad)Been twirling: since last SeptemberOccupation: Student & part-time barmenHobbies other than obvious: Anything that holds my interest for more than...Favourite Colour: blueMost viewed Movie: Star Wars 4-6Favourite Quote/Saying: "where's the fire?"

14 posts
Location: hungary/budapest

NAME- natalieSEX-femaleAGE-17LOCATION-germany. but i prefer hungaryTOYS-fire clubsBEEN FIRE DANCING for 6 month do acrobatics and am caught in a school.ASTROLOGY- capricornFAV. QUOTE- if you touch anything in my room.....!!!!!BEST TWIRL- always better than before SMACK SMACK love u ------------------ ###surrounded by natty###

###surrounded by natty###

13 posts
Location: Cherry Hill, NJ, USA

Name: ChristinaSex: female Age: 27Location: New Jersey, USAToys: poiBeen twirling for: 6 hours! :-)Occupation: Graduate StudentHobbies other than obvious: Medieval & Renaissance Re-Creation (SCA), Going a-Gothing, Writing, PhotographyFavourite Colour: Pink Favourite Quote/Saying: "Even the Buddha you can only slap twice." (Hope that doesn't offend any Buddhists! It's really not meant to.. I just like the "there's only so much you can expect someone to take" idea...)Hi there!So, as you can see, I just started twirling today! About two years ago, I saw a girl "fire dancing" at a Medieval festival, and was completely entralled by the performance. I decided that I wanted to learn how to do it myself, but had a hard time finding any information on this art, since I did not know the word "poi" yet. After a while, I gave up looking, but a few months ago, I decided to begin my search again, and lo, I found the Home of Poi! I've been reading this BB for a few months now, but felt uncomfortable registering and posting until I got my poi. Well, my beginner's set arrived on Friday, and I tried it out for the first time today!Man! I give you guys a lot of credit! It looked hard, and I assumed it would be hard... and boy, was I right! I was hoping to at least make an attempt at a butterfly today, but I'm still trying to get the darn things to spin backwards properly! (I can spin them forwards pretty well... I can only spin backwards correctly on about half of my attempts!) lol.. I know, I'm pathetic! :-) Hey.. it was windy out today! ..yeah.. that's why... it has NOTHING to do with the fact that I'm COMPLETELY uncoordinated! ;-)Well, I'm glad to meet you all! :-)Take care,Christina

11 posts
Location: Birmingham, AL, USA

JasonLocation: Birmingham, ALAge: 22, LibraURL:
(it's my online photo album, all digital pictures, lots of pics of me spinning fire, sports cars, friends, some of my poetry, etc etc)Hobbies: Collecting electronic MP3s, clubbing, SPINNING (duh), saving for my BMW, reading fantasyToys: My computer (AMD XP1800), my car sound system (Xtant x1001 powering two DVC Eclipse 12" subs)Occupation: Part time student, full time CR for Capital One VisaFavorite Movies: The Fast & The Furious, The Matrix, Gladiator, all 3 Godfathers, any Jet Li movieMost Arduent Desire: To meet The One (where are you????????????)[This message has been edited by Zeduah (edited 18 February 2002).]

1 post
Location: Sydney, Australia

Name: BabsSex: FemaleAge: 23Location: Sydney, AustraliaToys: Poi (fire and glow, but need more!)Been twirling: about 3 monthsOccupation: corporate sellout (TV industry)Hobbies: photography, doofing, travellingFavoutite colour: purpleFavourite movie(s): Brazil, Strange daysFavourite saying: It's been swell, but the swellings gone down!Best twirling moment so far: The first time I could move fluidly and didn't have to concentrate so hard on what I was doing.

1 post
Location: New York, NY

Name: ElySex: femaleAge: 22 - libraLocation: near NYCToys: fire poi and staffBeen twirling: one week!Occupation: adult entertainer Hobbies: circus arts, reading, procrastinationFavorite movies: Reservoir Dogs and All About EveFavorite quote: "I'm no lady. A lady is an imitation of the real thing." -- Mae West------------------Universe.SYS corrupted. Reboot? [Y/N]

Universe.SYS corrupted. Reboot? [Y/N]

8 posts
Location: Ft. Worth, Tx, USA

Here goes:Name: LillyAge: 20I live in: A house, near Ft. Worth, which is near Dallas, which is in Texas, blahblahblah.I am: a Capricorn!Hobbies: singing, songwriting, guitar-strummin', bellydancing, all kinds of music, video games, reading, writing, cooking... I should probably leave it at that.My poi-tois: Orange and yellow zunis, tennis balls on dog chains that a friend made for me. They are the best! Currently contemplating some electroglos.How long? My first poi experience was on Halloween last year.. So four months. But I practice just about every day.Favorite color: Blooooooo.Favorite book: Neal Stephenson - Snow CrashOr Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.Favorite movie: Snatch, Boondock Saints, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are DeadBest poi moment ever: My best moment keeps changing. My current favorite is from just last Friday. At the Spoonfed Tribe ( show. They are the best band ever, and they're local! Anyway, they put on a 2-hour, high energy, excellent performance, and I had a small group of people watching me dance around with my zunis with glow-sticks attached.. Two solid hours of happy loveliness. It was beautiful.This will probably be topped when I light up for the first time (which will be by the end of March! I can't wait!)------------------LillyMy finger is an instrument of death!

LillyMy finger is an instrument of death!

5 posts
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Name: ChandleeAge:18Sign: TaurusSex femaleToys: poi, juggling balls, clubs, diablo, unicycle, Been spinning for: 3 weeksOccupation: StudentHobbies: anything circus related, embroidery, ice skating, filmsColour: BlueFilms: Moulin Rouge or Back to the Future, or True Romance[This message has been edited by Chandlee (edited 20 February 2002).]

750 posts
Location: Adelaide, SA, Australia

heh heee - purplemonkey dishwasher *snigger*

Courage is the man who can stop after only one peanut

12 posts
Location: Bucks, London

Name: NeilSex: maleAge: 16Location: UK, london, bucksToys: UV, beaming, wanna get sum fireBeen twirling: about 2 monthsHobbies: bass, poi, music, giggingFavoutite colour: dunno
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Favourite movie(s): Fight Club, dunno... same old stuffBest twirling moment so far: The time i broke my beaming poi on my knee
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------------------i wanna be a rockstar :o)

i wanna be a rockstar :o)

likwidSILVER Member
53 posts
Location: dallas, texas, USA

::name: likwid | r.kon | jonlocation: small village in east texas called 'lufkin', en route to dallas [within the next couple weeks]::hobbies: dj'ing [15 months now], poi [made my first set last night], music [aghhh...], computers [and the evil games that take up mad time, such as: planetarion and brood wars]::age: 16 [17 in august...yay :]::fav food: quesodillas, ramen, egg rolls, stuffed jalapenos::born: houston, texas::a bit about me: lived in houston for 15 years. moved to tampa, lived there for a year and a half. staying in lufkin for a few weeks, moving to dallas after that. yessuh...looking forward to meeting some fellow poi people in dallas!! [what would poi people be called... poiers?? ah...dunno... o well]later..::likwid

80 posts
Location: Brisbane (South) Qld Aussie :P

Name: FeeAge: 21 (almost)Location: Brisneyland AustraliaURL:
poi... for now
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Been twirling for: 2wks, inspired by dancers during a testeagles set ages ago...but too unco to make poi...and too broke to buy.. till recentlyOccupation: Annoying (and scaring) the shit out of my parentsHobbies other than obvious: Computer graphic design/webpage design, music (playing/writing and listening to) art (paint/sculpture) Favourite Colour: red or black or purple depends on my moodMost viewed Movie: Labyrinth/ lost boys/the crow/dark crystalFavourite Quote/Saying: at the moment.... ouch lol which happens when hittin myself in the head with poi.... surprisingly it didnt happen todayBest twirling related moment in life so far: Smackin myself in the nose 2nd day of twirling unlit poi.... and my lil 8yr old sister playin "mother" lol.... "oh dear are you ok?? do you need a bandaide?? is it bleeding??" that was just too cute
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Why do you like to confuse me so?

xtremravr...was here..member
337 posts
Location: amsterdam..i wish


Peace Luv Uni-t Respect Responsa-what?!?! Xtrem

522 posts
Location: Sheffield

I'd just like to say hi to everyone new and HELLO TO EXTREMRAVER.
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CantusSILVER Member
Tantamount to fatuity
15,965 posts
Location: Down the road, United Kingdom

I'd like to say hello to everyone except Tempest.

"I'll carry this....It's harder to spill a hat" - Chellybean
" a rabbit caught in a lighthouse?" - Chellybean

750 posts
Location: Adelaide, SA, Australia

Fee - I went to school with the testeagles
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I want to say hi to everyone except Bendy because I heard talking to yourself is a sign of madness. Well that is what I keep telling myself anyways.

Courage is the man who can stop after only one peanut

6 posts
Location: Coventry, England

Hi everyone,well this is my first post on this website, though have been visiting it for a it goes...Name: VasSex: female Age: 19Star Sign: LeoLocation: Coventry, EnglandDistinctive characteristics: cheeky, more dangerous than fire; but really just a nice gal inside..URL: comming soon...Toys: poi, soon hopefully will do fire aswell!! Been twirling for: few months Occupation: Student, but also work at the bar part-timeHobbies other than obvious: reading, juggling, sports, travelling, dancing, meeting new people..etcFavourite Colour(s): black, pink, blue Well this is the end of my first post. Hope you enjoyed it. If you have any suggestions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me. *smile*Vas

fluffy napalm fairyCarpal \'Tunnel
3,638 posts
Location: Brum / Dorset / Fairy Land

Hiya all - It was pointed out to me the other night that although I have been posting on this site for a bit I haven't shared my stuff on this here goes nothing
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:Name : Ros Age : 17Sex : uummmmm........FemaleLocation : Dorset, UKToys : poi, firepoi, just starting staff, still mastering unicycle
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Been Twirling For : about 3/4 monthsOccupation : whatever comes along...(school at the mo. and a part time job)Other Hobbies? : climbing, drawing, sleeping, currently teaching my horse peculiar stuntsColour : BlueBook: ooohh I can't possibly choose!! probably Anna Karenina.....possibly The Loop. But where does that leave the Count of Monte Cristo? Ohhh....I give upFilm : Shawshank Redemption / Leon / Last of the Mohicans....Quote(s) : "I once thought I understood everything - then I regained consciousness.""Life is too important to be taken seriously""When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in the end and hang on!"Twirling Moment: It's all a series of beautiful moments strung in a line.Ros xx[This message has been edited by Ros (edited 11 March 2002).]

Geologists do it in the dirt................ spank

4 posts
Location: Long Island, NY, USA

Name: Dice Sex: Male Age: 20 Location: Long Island NY, USA URL: I'm not cool enough for one Toys: Any thing that lights up and glow whether it's able to swing or not Been twirling for: about 4 years Occupation: M.C. at night clubs but too lazy for a real occupation Favourite Color: Red and black ... favorite glow color: blue and white Most viewed Movie: Anything by Kevin Smith and All the Crow movies Favourite Quote/Saying: F*ck off I'm on the mic!! Best twirling related moment in life so far: The day my boss from my D.J. company let me incorporate twirling in to one of our apperances and getting me nown for itDice
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--------------------You might think you know who we are. But we KNOW who you are!

--You might think you know who we are. But we KNOW who you are!

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Location: Lewisville, TX, U.S.A.

Name: Anbis(Brocke)Sex: MaleAge: 16Location: Lewisville, TX, U.S.A.URL: none yetToys: poi( well really its some rope with socks stuffed with my lil sisters animals in it
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Been twirling for: 4 Days Occupation: High School studentHobbies other than obvious: reading, snowboarding, music, driving in my PreludeFavourite Colour: golden-yellow Most viewed Movie: The Fast and the FuriousFavourite Quote/Saying: "Those that can do, those that can't, critique."Best twirling related moment in life so far: well right now its just getting the weave down pretty good, but i hope to get the backwards weave down and maybe a couple of turns so i can link them

SpykeBRONZE Member
28 posts
Location: Wageningen, Australia

Name: CraigSex: MaleAge: nearly 23Location: Perth, West OZToys: Fire staff and fire juggling clubsBeen twirling for: around 2 yearsOccupation: Student (Landscape Architecture) and bar bitchFavourite colour: BlueHobbies other than obvious: table tennis, computer games, hanging out, pubbing when i can afford it, a little drawing.Best twirling moment: seeing a whole group of people who i got started twirling in action! Also getting paid to do what you enjoy (only twice so far)!

'At this moment, you should be with us, feeling like we do, like you loved to, but never will again.'

2 posts
Location: Akron, OH U.S.A.

Name: Draconian (Brandon)Age: 23Sex: love it!!
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Email: Helix666@msn.comLocation: AkronTois: lots; mostly all homemadeCareer: dont know if I want oneFav. poi mom: 1st time I blew a fireball(fireball is my cat: Just kidding!!haha)Fav. quote: Just do it!!!Started poi: 1 yr ago

55 posts
Location: canastota, ny usa

name: jeremyage: 19 aquariusi live in: upstate new yorkhobbies: travelling, hand drums, guitar, drawing, painting, poetry, breathing, um, mushroom eating
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and of course im on this website for a reason too!!im relatively new at firedancing (4 months)oh yeah and halfabike isnt a unicycle thing, its about these halfbikes that have followed me around the globe (its strange)------------------excuse me, santa, have you seen half a bike?

excuse me, santa, have you seen half a bike?

158 posts
Location: england

Name: orange (rich)Sex: maleAge: 33Location:swoop in u.k.(WorldInvitesWelcomed)Toys: fire poi/staff/balls/some wheel(-ta pyrogyro)stilts & fruit in peoples kitchens.Been twirling for: 10years this summer-koh pha`ngan thailand-fullmoonparty92`.Occupation: performer / dessert taster.Hobbies other than obvious: reading, travelling,making things with my left hand,gaming,martial arts-(watching not doing anymore)& more recently smiling randomlyFavourite Colour: (beepbeep)Most viewed Movie: princess bride, natural born killers or rocky horror picture show.Favourite Quote/Saying: if u see it and it`s orange and i`m not there - please get it for me,swoopedinandswoopedbackoutagain or...i am swimming in the river swimming in mei am swimming in the river down to the seai am swimming in the riverwith the riverswimming in me.Best twirling related moment in life so far: being human poi to my mate arabaar`s human drum - and the smile on his face will be with me forever...he does fire too with 'firetribe'.Favorite Books: being there,princess bride,waylander,the tao of jeet pigletDominant hand ~ I'm left-handed.What makes you laugh? ~ spike milligan-bye spike-good energies foreverMonty python,goons,fast show,harry enfield.Favourite singalonga movie~rocky horror p.s.Favourite animal:wolves-mate for life u know and cats of all sizes too...Favourite music:spatial tribal trance,hippy stuff,rock,goth,smashing pumpkins,ledzep,pixies,transwaveFavourite mode of transport-swooping on stilts
Non-Https Image Link[This message has been edited by orange (edited 28 February 2002).][This message has been edited by orange (edited 06 March 2002).]

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Queen Vmember
10 posts
Location: Seattle,Wa usa

name: Vanessaage: 17location:Seattle Wa usatoys: fire poi, torches fer eating,soon staff and fire fingersbeen spinning for almost a yearoccupatoin: soon to be welding(in training)hobbies: fire, spitting on yuppies watching low budget horror movies(TROMA)singing(screaming) in my band/playing shows,bellydancing, having fun sober punkrock style ------------------iF I CAN'T DANCE I DONT WANT TO JOIN YOUR REVOLUTION -E.G.


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