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Posted:Well, osrry i've been gone so long, i seriously havn't glanced at this place in well over a month, normally i at least lurk. *shakes head* very very busy summer.... I am now back in santa cruz, with about $2500 worth of medical bills i am trying to find the money to pay for, and a full schedule of classes (thankfully, i am on a fake scholarship right now that is paying for my classes and my health insurance). This, with my almost non-existent rent, makes it possible for me to pya utility bills and food bills, but not exactly the medical bills.... *sigh*

Uh yeah, but my classes seem cool, I'm taking Japanese 4, Syntax 1, Phonology 1, and a fourth class which i am still choosing between Discrete mathematics, A Philosophy class called Knowledge & Rationality, A Philosophy class called Faith & Reason, and a intro biochem class called Understanding Drugs.

Much fun. Altho I am still unsure of where i may manage employment, my bf got recruited for an apple computers contract job, and has his interview on monday, so i' m rather excited. He also applied for a job doing wireless installation, and a boring Computer lab job as a fallback, but the random recruiting was quite interesting.

As for me, i worked at a vet clinic which saw mostly birds and repyiles and such this summer, which was quite interesting. I'm glad to be out of L.A., tho, and enjoy the little coastal city i am in now

Finally, I'm scared to death because i am currently cooking Rosh Hashanah dinner for 10 people, starting tonight with bread cake and pastry dough. Agh! It should be fun (I made a recipe book this summer) but very very scary. I need to find that old recipe thread and add some things form it, i think

Hope you all are having fun, and if Cantus or someone coould kindly email me at some point, when i had to redo my computer in early august, i lost all of my email addresses, namely cantus, ros, rozi, cass, arsn, (i still have paddy's) dom, (still have kali's) and glass. I know i can look them up individually, but...short on time. Thx a million.


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