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Posted:so far guys its all been good, much poi and some good photos and video footage has been got, really useful as i see all these amazing things people do online etc and have no idea how i actually look. i met these 3 danish freinds of mine and went to the park and put on a really good show, dead pleasing bar the rain which was a tad annoying.
The new fire poi i have made are really really enjoyable, but i have to keep moving cos if i stop them spinning and hold them i burn my hands.
ive added a flat cap anda bandana to my outfit for poi, the reasons being that 2 weeks ago i scorched my hair (in front of my parents) and i have burnt my way through over a gallon of parrafin in 3 days and the fine mist of spray that comes of has been being inhaled by me and making me feel really ill so ill wear a bandana over my mouth to stop so much being swallowed.
well there were a few of us in a church yard the other day and so i had some fuel and some poi on me so i did a little show for some freinds i havnt seen for a few years and earned 2 free pints and a pack of fags so its paying off already.
the technique for what i can do is down to a tee the new stuff is progressing ok but i now need to work on my stamina, the new poi i have soak up about 1/2 a pint of fuel and so they weigh a ton so i need to be fitter as i do get a bit tired towards the end of each burn, about 15 mins of hard work.
anyway next post will be after the fire gathering on saturday should be good bongos drums guitars poi staff and flaming nunchukas!!.
hope no-one tries to arrest anyone.
see u then guys!!

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Posted:You should try Kerosene, it's much thicker than parafin and I find it doesn't spray off when you use it. It's available at most hardware stores.

Good luck with it and maybe you should practice more without them lit to stop burning your head!!


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Posted:Originalsmit - is it a private fire gathering or can anyone come? Like me, for instance?


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Posted:CustomBug: my understanding, and I could be wrong in this, was that "Kerosene" is the US term for what we in the UK call "Paraffin". Certainly the paraffin bottles mention kerosene on them.

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Posted:to confuse things even further i get stuff called Parasene, but i think thats just the brand name.

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