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Posted:Every so often I get a case of the 'mean reds'. I always work through it without anti-depressants which I think doctors dole out like smarties to people who are mildly depressed. However I am interested in taking a herbal subsitute. I've heard St. Johns Wort is good? Any advice / recommendations welcome.

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Posted:St Johns Wort very good, I've taken it a couple of times and I know some people who swear by it. Though for some reason you can't buy it in the Republic, so I usually stock up any time I travel up north.

I'm against anti-depressants, unless of course for those who suffer from severe clinical depression, as you can easily become dependant on them, and they give a false kind of pick-me-up anyway.

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Posted:St. John's wort is supposed to be good. But be careful, and ask a doctor's advice first as it can reduce the effect of the contraceptive pill. Just thought id mention it just in case, as i wasn't able to use it for this reason.

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Posted:Me too. I know a girl who has been on anti-depressents for years, but to me it sounded like she just had the blues when she was first prescribed Instead of finding out why she was depressed and advising her in ways without medication to overcome her depression. Another friend of mine was on depressents until recently, her brother was diagnosed with clinical depression and as a result of that and how much she hated her job she suffered from depression herself. She has suffered from depression in the past also so in her case I can see why the doctors might have given her depressents, however she came off them a while ago herself. The doctors were quite happy for her to keep on taking pills.

I think the reason St. Johns Wort may not be available is that there was some warnings about it a year or 2 back. Anyone know why?

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Posted:I found anti-depressants & counselling together the best solution for me when I was first diagnosed. The anti-depressants alleviated some of the more extreme symptoms (panic attacks, forgetfullness etc), enabling me to sort out some problems and develop a plan for coping when I came off them. No one, not myself, not my doctors, ever considered anti-depressants to be a long term option.

I am off them now, and use a mixture of diet & exercise for physical symptoms, meditation and other coping strategies for cognitive issues.

Don't overlook the importance of dietary supplements. Things like zinc, magnesium and calcium get severly depleted when you are under stress and this can lengthen the period of the depressive episode.

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Posted:hug are good, here are 7 + 1!

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Posted:St Johns Wort helped me, it really lifted the fog. My friend took 6 a day (twice recommended max dosage).

However, there is no chemical substitute for a healthy outlook on life and well organised thought processes.

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Posted:Rozi - yesterday I used my gym membership for the first time. I had a swim, went to the steam room and relaxed in the jacuzzi. Last night I went for a walk and I did feel a lot better, and thanks for the nod on supplements. I recently started drinking soya instead of skimmed milk. Do you think that might have had any effect?

Thanks for all the advice and hugs!! I have a lot going on at the moment and I need to be firing on all cylinders so I may take the St. Johns Wort to help. I know whats triggered my down and just need some time to work through it, but some help would be nice. I'd really like to hear other peoples experiences with St. Johns Wort or some other herbal remedy that I could take for a week or two.

But Magnus - How can I not think of circles! Its all about circles ya know

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Posted:rozi really hit the nail on the head, exercise is amazing for releasing natural endorphins (natures happy pills)so keep going with the gym. diet is also huge your body need the right vits and minerals to function properly, i recommend finding books by Maryon Stewart , shes a nutritionist and has written several books one being the Natural Health Bible ISBN 0091856140 . my mum started the menopause and as a result got depressed, she bought this ladys book and is now off the antidepressants. remember that keeping you fluids up is important too. also take time out for yourself and clear your mind (meditation, my friend visited a Buddist temple in london to meditate and she said it was amazing!!)it helps you be prepared for whatever may happen, i also found yoga to be a great help.oh and make sure you get regular sleep. i got all this from my councelor about 5yrs ago, so i total understand where your at. hope this was all a help and take care

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Posted:There was a bit of a health scare about a year ago concerning St John's Wort, but isn't there one about everything at some point these days? I find the tincture is better than the pills, you can get it from Holland and Barrent for not a lot.

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