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Posted:I have had NOTHING but problems with Earthlink.

Before getting an account, I had problems creating an account. The cd I got from Office Max wouldn't create an account from my computer, and then when I went in to Office Max, their computer wasn't working properly, and their signs and cds said two different things. One said $50 gift card if you sign up through Office Max, the other said $75 gift card. They finally got the computer going again, and I signed up successfully.

Once I got home though, I couldn't get online. Or I would get online, with a blazing 33 kbps connection, and then NO websites would open.

So I cancelled my account the next day. I thought all was done with. However, they had charged me $21.95 on my credit card, and a month later, still hadn't credited that back to me. I had to call in order to get that taken care of.

They sent me that $75 gift card, but they neglected to put my apt number on the envelope, and since they sent it via certified mail, they took the envelope back to the UPS center, and I had to go THERE to retrieve it, during my lunch hour no less since I work during the hours they're open. I didn't even want this damn gift card anymore. I haven't spent it yet.

THEN I found that Earthlink charged me $75 on my credit card! I called them to ask that they credit me back that money and just cancel out the gift card since I don't plan on using it, but they CAN'T do that! I tried calling a number on Office Max's website, but they're no help. They said to talk with the manager of the store where I signed up. Like he's gonna be any help.

So what's ultimately going to happen is I'm out $75 to that shithole of a company Earthlink and I'm going to be forced to go to Office Max and spend this gift card on something I don't friggin need when money is tight right now for me.

I hope NONE of you ever get Earthlink service and have the same problems I have had with them

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