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Location: strongsville, ohio, usa
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Posted:How long ago was it when Red Dwarf was canceled in the UK? Does anyone know how many years /seasons it was on. Anyone can say what they want about that show, but i think it was funny as hell!

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Posted:Yeh...suppose I am..


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Posted:Oh dear Jon is talking to himself

What was that about the backwards book siliconslave?


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Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Berlin
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Posted:Red Drarf is quality mindless viewing. I'm sure I haven't seen them all though. The cat's the funiest

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Member Since: 1st Mar 2003
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Posted:i think rimmer is very funny. as is kryten.
Holly was never that funny tho

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Posted:duane dibley first appeared in Polymorph.
just for the record.

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Posted:this serise is such an inflence on my life that my brother and myself have nicknames for each other which are smeg, and smeg head.
these are are actual greating nemes used everywere even in the shops. this can prove intresting when calling him over when i shout out "Smeg" get over here.
for somereason people give us odd looks!

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