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Posted:hey this is completely off topic from fire but some people that play with fire may know a bit more about this than i do. i have looking around trying to find a webpage on the drug interactions between psiloybin mushrooms and common pain medications like tylonol or ibprofen. i just got my wisdom teeth pulled so i'm in a bit of pain but would like to take some mushrooms with some friends before we go on our seperate travels. any one have any info on the drug interaction that might occur when combiing the two? or know of any webpages that go indepth on the positive and negative effects of mixing of legal and illegal drugs? the one bit of info i did find that may matter to some folks is that you should not mix schrooms with antidepressants/antiseisure meds because the reaction can put you at a permanent risk of seisure the rest of your life. yikes! ok, well any info anyone may have on schrooms + common medications would be much appreciated- thanks

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Posted:you shouldn't have anything to worry about by mixing over the counter pain medications with psilocybin, as far as toxicity goes. psilocybin has extremely low physical toxicity and thus contraindictions with other compounds are of little concern. it is a good idea to avoid taking any recreational substance if you are currently taking mao inhibitors (often antidepressants) -- they prevent your body from metabolizing certain toxins in the body and can lead to much more intense reactions than expected. the following link has a plethora of info that goes into a lot more detail than i have here. from personal experience, it is often not the best idea to partake of mind-opening substances unless you are feeling 100% -- there is the possibility that they may make you more aware of any pain/discomfort you are currently experiencing. happy trails.



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Posted:There's an old saying that goes, "When in doubt, mix your drugs." Of course, you don't often hear from people who mix the wrong drugs...Personally, I can't imagine doing *any* psychedelics while in any physical pain, so I'd say save it for another time. Now, if you've got plenty of Vicodin or Percodan on hand, well, that would be a completely different story...-p.



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Posted:i forget. what does Vicoden do (not formiliar with foriegn term
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Posted:You are wise to seek help but i reckon you should play it safe. People mix illegal drugs without any regard to the consequences (guilty of that) but there is always concern when dropping something whilst on medication. strange. But as long as you dont drink alcohol on mushrooms I doubt anything can go wrong can it??? But the last time I did mushrooms I got carried away and had a bit of a bad one in amsterdam (covinced i was being chased by a kettle) its all good though !!!
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Posted:Vicodin is a heavy-duty painkiller, available (in the U.S., at least) only with a doctor's prescription.--Kai.


Posted:I don't know if this is any help, but LSD is chemically related to psilocybin, and I've taken a big dose of it while on ibuprofen without any adverse effects. Took it the night I had my tongue pierced, now THAT feels wierd on acid!


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