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Posted:Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone had any documentation on the Vikings or the Byzantines firebreathing between the 9th - 12th centurys? Basically what I am after is good solid evidence that this did occur historically and also any information on what exactly they used back then.

I would very much appreciate your knowledge on this or being pointed to a reliable source.

Thanks in advance

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Posted:I believe that Vikings didn't firebreath at all because of the temperature there and the winds;it wouldn't be easy to do and it could be very dangerous ...Vikings were better using swords and hammer!

But the Byzantines may did....They had a special naval weapon called "Ygro Pyr" in Greek,which means Liquid Fire . . .

I'm sorry but that's all I know and that's all I can tell.......

If you do find anything contact me please,ok?

Metal Rulezzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!


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