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Posted:Which was the best tv series: -

a) Airwolf

b) Knightrider

give reasons.

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Posted:Jayce and the wheeled warriors. For the win.

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Posted:Outstanding *BUMP*

Not got the time to indulge as yet, but I'm definitely a Knightrider voter.... even with that man Hoff.




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Posted:sorry to [censored] on your parrade folks but air wolf would [censored] on knightrider BIG time!!!!!!!

it's in the air, k.i.t. is ground based FFS!!!!

plus the hoff deserves to die a horrible burning death biggrin


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Posted:here we say

alex: nightrider is cooler (pffft)

ian: nightrider rocks, airwolf rules!

Tom: Durr! Airwolf you coonts. ( didnt have to mispell that, whats up with the cencor? asleep?)


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