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Posted:Hey everyone,some friends and I decided to go fire twirling after a play we went to see on Saturday night. As the theatre was located in the centre of the city, the only place we thought we could do it was the plaza outside the theatre...due to its very open nature, and its extremely central location (and due to the police station 100metres away) we thought we would get moved on almost straight away. Much to our surprise, the police walked up to us, watched for a bit, and walked off! The security guards which also patrol the area (with big attack dogs!) were very interested, stopped by and asked us some questions (nice stuff - like what are those made of etc etc) and walked off! we twirled til we were done, and went home, feeling for once, proud of our backwards city
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We didnt have a permit, insurance or much safety equipment...I guess our talent showed us through
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Posted:Don't you just love how laid back Australia is most of the time!Yay Josh and KateFinn
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Posted:that's awesome... a know a few ppl from adelaide that I met coming down the coast from north qld... it was pretty funny cause one of the guys are like 'whats the laws up here regarding smoking this greenstuff?' and he is pulling out his pipe in the middle of the street in broad daylight. And didn't really care when we told him how hardcore some (most!) cops are up here about it...And Brisbane city cops aren't *that* laid back for sure...Backwards city eh? Nah at least Adelaide is kind of on the right track in some of the more important areas
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Posted:Yeah - Adelaide is ok for a few things
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although - I think NSW has passed laws like SA's IRT the skunky funky smelly green shit
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- and in Vic you are actually able to grow hemp LEGALLY for fibre manufacturing (at least - last time I went to a dope party meeting - twas a long time ago)Josh


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Posted:A very quick busking tip I learned really fast in Auckland was to approach (not while lit) any uniformed people and just say hello in a friendly way, ask them how their night is going and show them where to throw the money. Doing this before they approach or talk to you is the key As long as it is genuine, they appreciate your acceptance of their authority, and when shown the money box/hat, realise they are in for a free show. I've only had one actually put money in, but never had any trouble if I've opened the conversation.

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