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Posted:i was wondering how many of you HOPers are in school right now? if so, what are you doing in school and what do you plan to do once you are out of school?

i'm currently going to the local college and doing my associate of arts degree which is the program that is required to get into the elementary education program at the university.

i'm just curious as to what other peoples aspirations are school-wise?


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Posted:Hiya Sarah!
I'm currently in my Junior year at University of Louisville. I'm a Communications major with aspirations of becoming a wandering Bohemian after graduation. College degrees these days are becoming more and more cliche pieces of paper, so I'm chasing after my little piece of the paper, then throwing it into the trunk of my car and hitting the road.



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Posted:I'm a architecture senior, after I get the BS it's off to grad school

(reason for edit: apparantly these past 3 years of study have not inable me to correctly spell "architecture" )

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Posted:I am a theatre major at a local college.One day when i am big i am gonna be an actor.

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Posted:Im doing an BA(hons)illustration (degree) and hope to end up as an authorial (some hope!) illustrator or generally illustrating funky lil books that only sell in comic stores.


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Posted:I'm waking up somewhere and seeing what happens................and i love it.

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Posted:I am a medical student, third year. So I'll be an M.D. in June, 2005. Already got me my B.S. and M.S. (Stands for "Bull Sh!t" and "More Sh!t").

In case anyone is wondering, Ph.D. stands for "Piled higher and deeper."

-Mike )'(
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Posted:I'm a grade 12 Highschool Student. Right now i'm in Pre-Calculus, Film and Video, and Business Management 12.

After Highschool I plan on moving back to newfoundland (canadian province) and taking Commerce or Business Administration at Memorial University.

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Posted:Mechanical Engineering Senior (6th year) at Oklahoma State University, going on afterward to become a teacher at the college level

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Posted:Animal Science-Pre Vet Major...Junior yr at Oklahoma State University. Studying to be an animal handler at a zoo or something related. Currently not enrolled, but working as a kennel tech and sometimes vet tech at a local vet office til school bills are paid for.

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Posted:final year of a BSc in medical microbiology. No idea what next.

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Posted:first year BofA student at st. Mary's university. going to get a couple of degrees then hopefuly teach.

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Posted:I 'm in the 2nd of year of Ecomonics in the University of Athens...I hope one I'll an econometrist,which is a bit difficult......


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Posted:4th year electronic engineering uni student



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Posted:I just received my BS in International Business, minor in Marketing from Oklahoma State University a couple months ago. Right now I'm just working in domestic sales, but eventually I want to market American products to Central and South American consumers, or vice versa.


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Posted:I have a music degree.

Now I'm very much in debt and make not much money as a retail whore. Sometimes this is depressing.



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Posted:2nd year Law student. So, soon I'll have my J.D (law school is a 3 year program in the U.S.). I have my B.A. in philosophy already.

Afterwards? Um, I want a Ph.D in philosophy someday. But I figure I'll practice law for a while first. I do criminal defense now, and research mental health law, but I'm thinking of slipping into intellectual property law, too.

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Posted:I've just started my AS level in English Literature at Taunton's College, Southampton. Doing the A2 next year and then hopefully blag my way into an English degree at Portsmouth University on one A level under mature student rules Would like to do a masters in it too

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Posted:I graduated from vet school last year. Those of you still at school.......... dont leave it is the best time of your life.........I wanna go back

I don't like living below the tropic of Capricorn..... and now I seem to be in England...... how did I get here???