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Posted:I love johny cash and john ritter was pretty good in problem child. What is the world comeing to?

PS-I totally dressed up like johny cash today. Hair and everything.

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King Of Bongo

King Of Bongo

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Posted:RIP man in black.

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the henna lady
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Posted:At least Johnny Cash was in his 70's and ill for sometime. It was really no surprise. He led such a rich life and has left behind an incredible legacy. (LOVE the song Ghostriders in the Sky esp.!!)

John Ritter was only 54. Died on the set of his new tv show from something that could not have been caught or diagnosed, leaving behind a daughter who turned 5 the day before his death. Personally, that to me is absolutely tragic.

Both were amazing artists in thier own right and will be missed by the performance community at large.

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Posted:Wow, both sad, but quite a shock in Ritters case.

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This is a post by tom, all spelling is deleberate
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Posted:Anybody else feel wierd by having Johnny Cash and John Ritter's names forever bonded? It just sounds wierd to have two guys who couldn't have had more different performance careers eternally linked by the day of their death.

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Mistress Aurora

Mistress Aurora

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Posted:I listened to Johnny Cash since I was lil bitty. It is a shock to hear of his death. It was also a shock to hear of John Ritter's death. I sometimes would watch his show when I got the chance. They will be missed

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Posted:"come and knock on my door..we'll be waiting for you..the thing,and the thing(i don't know the words)..three's company too."

rip- mr. Ridder you will be missed.

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Posted:at least they both worked till the end and were not obscure ... listened the the man in black cause my dad liked him.. the only album i bought in the past year was the man comes around ( and i still can't find it in my room ) .. and my girl and i liked watching 8 simple rules...

it sucked but that is the way life bounces ...

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Posted:Its a shame how few young people now know Cash.
I still like some of his songs allthough I don't like country or something. Shame...


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