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Posted: by UnmitigatedlyVirile
Last Reply: by Kyle McLean
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"I've been spinning staff since mid January, and now I'd like to learn some contact moves. However, my knowledge of them is limited to a few videos a downloaded through this forum (matri..."
Posted: by whitehawk
Last Reply: by SickpuPpy
Views: 2265    Replies: 13
"gday allfirst up just wondering what staff lengths and types everyone works with here?I'm using a 54cm (i know that is rather short), carbon fibre staff, with weighted ends.I'm starting..."
Posted: by Heron
Last Reply: by SickpuPpy
Views: 4060    Replies: 20
"Hey I'm new to this whole site. I am a great staff enthusiast (I use a heavy wooden bo staff 6') and currently go to a taekwondo school that allows its members to specialize in weapons..."
Posted: by grald
Last Reply: by Klaymen
Views: 4781    Replies: 47
"hi,is there a name for this move?&lbr;edit&rbr;according to the answers I named it shoulder rollwww.feuershow.de >>> online-workshops >>> stock >>> 1 stock ei..."
Posted: by Mags The Jedi
Last Reply: by mech
Views: 2372    Replies: 14
"Quick question for you guys. And yes, I did a few searches before posting, in case the post police come after me. I am reliably informed that Royal Mail won't carry packages over 5ft in..."
Posted: by peles_paynim
Last Reply: by FlamingOberon
Views: 4626    Replies: 43
"hey all...i spin poi and am a big believer in shake off cans...occasionally we spin with some staffers as well...i've never seen a staffer use a shake off can and it seems there is a lo..."
Posted: by vanilla
Last Reply: by Mavado
Views: 1827    Replies: 7
"I really do like the lessons for staff spinning on this site, but I'm not able to perform. My problem is that even if I'm trying the basic move, I have to press the staff to my breast, ..."
Posted: by ed209
Last Reply: by ed209
Views: 2205    Replies: 3
"Hi all, This is mainly a question for anyone here from the UK. I'm new to fire staffs and have just last week bought one of my own. I was wondering if you needed special permission to s..."
Posted: by Sethis
Last Reply: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
Views: 1497    Replies: 2
"Hi everyone,Fairly new here and to the whole fire staff thing really, but thought that it'd be a fairly cool thing to do a performance with Fire staff interspersed with Fire breathing.J..."
Posted: by pricklyleaf
Last Reply: by Sethis
Views: 2176    Replies: 14
"Hey guys, sorry to post yet another which staff thread!Ok, I'm a complete beginner to staff, I do poi and other things but I'd like to have a go. (This is spurred on by watching crouchi..."
Posted: by loki.c1687
Last Reply: by Mayhem
Views: 6646    Replies: 44
Posted: by raveman
Last Reply: by Klaymen
Views: 3316    Replies: 23
"whaich do you prefer and for what reasons? i use both and i just wanted your oppinionsthanx,raveman"
Posted: by wing
Last Reply: by wing
Views: 5860    Replies: 39
"Hello, I am Linda in Connecticut, US. I've quietly settled myself in here, but not yet posted because of my fondness for baton, which I understand has a sketchy reputation, and because ..."
Posted: by FireDollJamie
Last Reply: by wing
Views: 5235    Replies: 47
"Hey,I've had a friends aluminum 5' staff for a few years and done ok with it, but the center joint is not good, requires duct tape to attach, and is a little light for my tastes. Would ..."
Posted: by greddyfirebrat
Last Reply: by pineapple pete
Views: 1548    Replies: 4
"is anyone any good i,m in melbourne aus near franstone if your near me pm me"
Posted: by Analemma
Last Reply: by ado-p
Views: 4823    Replies: 36
"Some of you said that they are playing with Butterflyweaving. So this one could be easier:If you bend one plane of a butterfly weave by 90degree you end up in an Atomic Weave. (Bend ano..."
Posted: by TheApprovingNinja
Last Reply: by ado-p
Views: 2020    Replies: 12
"Okay I have returned to the net and as a result to HOP, for those of you who don't know me I used to be a ninja but I have evolved into a purely hip based lifeform I thought I would fi..."
Posted: by Hardy
Last Reply: by pineapple pete
Views: 2131    Replies: 13
"Hey I'm going to be living in melbourne in a few weeks and was wondering where the best places to find some new fire gear would be."
Posted: by style2burn
Last Reply: by Shu
Views: 2874    Replies: 6
"Sorry if this is a newbish question, and i know length depends on preference but I'd like a more experienced opinion.Im a guy, 5 feet 7 ish, 130 lbs. I don't want a baton but I don't wa..."
Posted: by Poppie
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
Views: 4277    Replies: 34
"Hi everyone, my name is Poppie, I'm 17 and a unicyclist (: I was a majorette when I was younger and have recently picked up a (way too small) baton, which I love spinning. I have tried ..."
Posted: by PhreakArmada
Last Reply: by Hardy
Views: 5393    Replies: 34
"Post deleted by PhreakArmada"
Posted: by Dentrassi
Views: 1154    Replies: 0
Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by Dunc
Views: 2509    Replies: 22
"nuff said "
Posted: by entheogen
Last Reply: by quiet
Views: 2902    Replies: 24
" My 'partner in crime' is obsessed with contact staff, and seems to go through them at extreme speeds (they're either bent or broken in less than a month), which starts to get pretty da..."
Posted: by Tanessa
Last Reply: by Frederick the Reckless
Views: 11633    Replies: 46
"My goodness. I just had a spin with a staffer I met (good one at that) and holy crap!!! He had the heaviest staff I have ever played with. I could hardly spin it. He had a 6' and my..."
Posted: by Nate
Last Reply: by Kyle McLean
Views: 9845    Replies: 77
"ok is this actually possible to do a matrix with two staffs, i'm sure i heard someone talking about it somewhereif it is actually real, i need to learn it...a video or very detailed ins..."
Posted: by ado-p
Last Reply: by Olive
Views: 2328    Replies: 16
"So flowers and sticks.SpinAntispinHow many types are they?Can you do them with crosses (mcp, any luck?)dafodils or tulips?"
Posted: by Calis
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 5722    Replies: 57
"hi allive been hearing alot about aerotech staffs, but they dont make fire staffs.i was wondering - is there an equivelant company to aerotech, except for fire?cost is not an issue, im ..."
Posted: by Charles
Last Reply: by newgabe
Views: 9007    Replies: 57
"There've been several threads on grips and handles for staffs, with some of the work involved seeming as much as it takes to make the staff in the first place.Myself, I prefer not to ha..."
Posted: by DJ Dantana
Last Reply: by MikeIcon
Views: 2818    Replies: 20
"Did you know you can do a "thread the needle" with double staff?"
Posted: by lltwink
Last Reply: by ado-p
Views: 1933    Replies: 6
"as i said in subject is any1 willing to sell their"The Fire Twirling Book" by Bec & Elke McConnell to me as i am a new starter and thought the book may help a newbie like me "
Posted: by Lucati
Last Reply: by IgnitionTerminals
Views: 5429    Replies: 46
"Hy .... don't want to doublecross the mother of all spinning sites, but I'd like to know and see other homepages featuring staff move visuals...?Can anybody out there help me....?"
Posted: by Nate
Last Reply: by Stongsfire
Views: 5086    Replies: 42
"did a search and couldnt find anything, searching never seems to work for me but anywayi've been having a bit of trouble with these recently, trying to keep the plains vertical ish as i..."
Posted: by Elo
Last Reply: by Stongsfire
Views: 6082    Replies: 35
" Yeah, I got a new staff, it's not fira though, It's a clear one that I can put Glowsticks or 'Street Lights' in, does the fact that I choose not to spoin fira make me a wimp? I mean I..."
Posted: by loki.c1687
Last Reply: by native
Views: 2712    Replies: 18
"helloim thinking about getting 2 glow staffs of hop over the next two weeks.And was hopeing someone could tell me if there good.mike.c"
Posted: by bluecat
Last Reply: by Faberg
Views: 2482    Replies: 14
"go and have a look at the events forum ya lazy bunch.R "
Posted: by Lurch
Last Reply: by mech
Views: 1911    Replies: 19
"Hi all! I don't post here much anymore, and even less in the staff forum but I figured you guys are the ones to come to for your thoughts. Long story short, I'm in an upper division col..."
Posted: by Knoxious
Last Reply: by rifion
Views: 2415    Replies: 5
"Hey chaps...I tried doing a Steve today but instead of going round the back of my neck I leant back and did a spin on my chest and then back into the steve....do i get a lollypop? dave"
Posted: by sureau
Last Reply: by Nate
Views: 2603    Replies: 22
"Hey folks... hoping you're all kinds of splendid.I've recently started contact staffing, and as is to be expected I have some bruising. My question is, for those of you who have experi..."
Posted: by Calis
Last Reply: by Calis
Views: 1353    Replies: 2
"Well this is probably more like my introductory thread than anything else.I'm Calis (and NO I didn't get it out of some random book, I only heard that it was from a book the other day a..."
Posted: by Kyle McLean
Last Reply: by rifion
Views: 3204    Replies: 18
"Hey all Was just curious to see how people were going with playing with and thinking about these kind of moves. I for one am still trying to come to grips with ways to think about them..."
Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by rifion
Views: 6787    Replies: 40
"sooooooo having had the chance to spin in front of a mirror last night for the first time in ages i realised that i dont find my staff to be particuallary pretty, stalls not horizontal ..."
Posted: by sixxstix
Last Reply: by rifion
Views: 2526    Replies: 16
"Has anyone here tried a 3-sectional staff like they use in Kung Fu? These look great when they are spinning. I haven't ever seen anyone do one with fire though."
Posted: by Charles
Last Reply: by Glss
Views: 31257    Replies: 116
"Lets have some more discussions and suggestions moving along because I've been a bit slack getting online lately, mainly due to summer coming up and having lots more gigs (three seperat..."
Posted: by Olive
Last Reply: by Pyrolific
Views: 4692    Replies: 13
"So here we go for my first staff thread:This is something I found before christmas, and that I love. What's the idea: moving your staves in a translational movement vs oneanother. co..."
Posted: by Fear-Tine
Last Reply: by Mr_Jedly
Views: 1880    Replies: 13
"....cant spell the rest!!ANyway the questionI was playing last night and im just wondering about this whole domaniance thing. When you play with staff you tend to use one hand to more ..."
Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by Pyrolific
Views: 1568    Replies: 2
"http://www.thebodyarts.net/HTML/fire%20phoenix/Lessonspage.htm#BALANCESsomething different"
Posted: by Mr_chaz
Last Reply: by Mr_chaz
Views: 2172    Replies: 8
"First of all, as this is my first eva post (!) i wanna say hey to all u fellow fire lovers out there! also a big thanks to the girl on the fire staff tutorial vid (Xaeda is it???) ure..."
Posted: by Analemma
Last Reply: by mech
Views: 4374    Replies: 28
"Theory: Playing slow, I mean very slow, like 20 Seconds for a rotation and slower.This is the way Thai Chi is mostly taught and it seems to workout. Always concentrate on the "paralleli..."
Posted: by stickman
Last Reply: by minimaniac
Views: 4515    Replies: 27
"before anyone starts moaning and groaning about the fact that this thread exists, let me explain..i know there is a thread about the weight of staffs, and that ben (i think) mentions so..."
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