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Posted: by HeadwoundHarry
Last Reply: by blazed_scooby
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"Ok. I've watched most of MCP's vids on Contact spinning, and can't seem to get down the basic neck and/or shoulder spin. Every time I try..the thing comes back and whacks me across the ..."
Posted: by .:star:.
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"Seeing as there is a poi goals thread, thought there was a need to start a staff goals thread.I just want to learn more contact stuff and have a go with some doublesI'm sure there are l..."
Posted: by mcp
Last Reply: by Flame Boy
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"so, in honour of simians rant and my obsession with the extreme channel, I'm suggesting we give the "weaker" staff definition of anti-spin a new name of "opposite spin". (perhaps switch..."
Posted: by Glåss
Last Reply: by Neon_Shaolin
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"Wasting time on Amazon, I found this book. love the title Whats that all about then and what tune would you play on a fatal fl..."
Posted: by JHunn
Last Reply: by Twisthem488
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"I have tried to make myself a decent practice staff off the posts on these forums, but have not been successfull at doing it. Can someone post a pic of what one should look like? I'd b..."
Posted: by Mavado
Last Reply: by Mavado
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"Mmmk, just a small video I did inside with a stick that i've been just playin around with for a while now. Don't be harsh, I know I suck. ^_^ Anyways here's a link to my first recorded ..."
Posted: by Twisthem488
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"Ok, I did a quick search, but I couldnt find a place that tells you what makes a good contact staff. I'm new to CS and I though I read something about it on MCP's site but I cant seem t..."
Posted: by Flame Boy
Last Reply: by Flame Boy
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"Thought I might make list of some of my best daft stuff I do with my stick purely for the purposes of giggles and maybe a bit of inspiration for some equally silly people Any/everyone e..."
Posted: by Bender_the_Offender
Last Reply: by yoni
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"Been twirling with the revised innercore staves from Concentrate, and know that alot of you must be curious about it. Here is one Melbournian's review:How is it different?The lockin..."
Posted: by Sniper
Last Reply: by SickWithWonder
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"arms out crucifix style, spinning wheel plane in one hand, staff travels along & around arm towards body, under armpit, across body (back for forwards spin, chest for reverse) over ..."
Posted: by mcp
Last Reply: by mcp
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"Not a finished thought: So angel rolls (in the vertical plane) have four variations:The angel rollThe angel roll that travels over the throat.The frontside angel roll (requires an extra..."
Posted: by Jamagotchi
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"What exactly is it ?"
Posted: by entheogen
Last Reply: by mcp
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"I was just wondering what you guys mean by having a move.Dos that mean for you: you got it got it or you got the concept.I definitly do a big distinction between those two .im a contac..."
Posted: by Lokii
Last Reply: by TotalEclipse
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"I'm fairly new to staff spinning and am fine with 3/4 finger rolls (with the thumb) however despite much practise I can't get it spinning fast enough to look great with smaller staffs. ..."
Posted: by Kaos
Last Reply: by phoenix45000
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"G'day all!I'm new to HomeOfPoi and twirling in general though I've picked up the basics pretty quickly I'm happy to say. Anyhoo I noticed mention a couple of times from people about mar..."
Posted: by simian
Last Reply: by _Aime_
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"today there was some stuff that i really should have been doing.but instead i chose to make this:Triplespins Video - 934kb - Right-click and "save as..."i'm putting it here rather than ..."
Posted: by simta
Last Reply: by simta
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"so ive had the concept of the tatoo ive wanted for a while a 3d shape like thiswith the lines of symmetry going through itbut after reading the double isolated antispin thread with all ..."
Posted: by mcp
Last Reply: by mcp
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"1b: 1 beat weaves, typically isolated, but don't have to be. 2b: normal figure of eight with the staffs together is a 2b 'weave'. (crossed variations abound...) The aussie weave is a be..."
Posted: by mcp
Last Reply: by CalvinKlown
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"Inspired by the In Isolation DVDMy personal philosophy: Contact Staff = Chicken + Fatmouse."
Posted: by mcp
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Posted: by DaG
Last Reply: by simta
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"Ok, I'm sorry this is only my second post here and i will probably step on someones toes and not have searched BUT i need some help. Can anyone go thu with me some of the pros and cons ..."
Posted: by tim_marston
Last Reply: by tim_marston
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"it seems staff twirling has evolved into three main categoriesContact staff ,Staff twirling/firedancing,Staff juggling(rubber heart style)Would people agree with this observation?"
Posted: by PyroMonkey
Last Reply: by Twisthem488
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"Hey howdy hi all!!Made another set of staffs for myself. This time not using any crazy fire wicks or anything.Was at my gf's house and found out her dad had a roll of glow-in-the-dark t..."
Posted: by Agnosticfaithhealer
Last Reply: by Chronofracture333
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"About a month and a half ago, I started to play with the off axis grips on my staff. To begin with I was just learning how to do basic nunchaku style moves (behind the shoulder). I so..."
Posted: by Sixth
Last Reply: by Kathain_Bowen
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"So after a month of poi i went straight to fire poi...and now im getting into fire staffs! obviously safety is a must but the fears totally gone! what was your 1st time like!? injuries,..."
Posted: by Charles
Last Reply: by Uriel
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"Hi all. It's been a little quiet on the staff front for a while, but as there seems to be some more active staffers online I thought I would continue this long-running-saaaaga-of-a-sta..."
Posted: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
Last Reply: by tim_marston
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"What ever you do, don't go taking me seriously Why the hell is philosphy reserved only for poi?"Poi is life"...... where the hell is staff in that equation? Poi gets all the "There is n..."
Posted: by bulldozer
Last Reply: by entheogen
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"Fall has arrived full force here in Amsterdam which of course means the weather is...errrr...lets say less than optimal.So tonights practise was indoors. All nice and warm but unfortuna..."
Posted: by funkydred
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
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"I have cool red Concentrate staff which is getting blacker and blacker day by day.. I can remove the black loose stains, but how do i clean off the black burn't on parafin stains.pleae ..."
Posted: by superbeefy
Last Reply: by bender
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"Hey, I've been spinning the fireknife for nearly half a year now, I learned in Kona from the Island Breeze guys. Took me a few weeks to get a routine down, unfortunately I only did it c..."
Posted: by TeeJay
Last Reply: by tim_marston
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"Talofa everyone !There was a thread started by Historian which stated a couple of things were a little "off". 1) There was a comment made that the original poi were actually yams and th..."
Posted: by yonatan
Last Reply: by tim_marston
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"nice to meet you all, im yonatan from israel.ive been spining staff for 3-4 years and im 18 yrs old. I was wondering if anyone can give me some new tricks for single staff (not contact)..."
Posted: by omega117
Last Reply: by T&B
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"Ok something a group of us were working on tonight in perth.Has anyone ever done or tried staff rolls. It is basically a wrist roll with a staff over another staff.If anyone has any poi..."
Posted: by Richie81
Last Reply: by tim_marston
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"What do you think the bust liquid to burn is? Ive heard its kerosine since its thicker then meths or somethin but im not sure if theres other liquids that burn longer or work better.Any..."
Posted: by MadDogMike
Last Reply: by tim_marston
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"My son and I were discussing a Luau coming up in July for a friend and said "Why can't we do fire spinning for entertainment, that sounds cool!" So at ages 47 & 19 we've started spi..."
Posted: by pop_n_fresh
Last Reply: by tim_marston
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"i dont even know where to start realy, ive never done much like this except some diabalo when i was little sister just got into poi, and it realy doesnt attract me much, but ..."
Posted: by phenea1
Last Reply: by tim_marston
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"I go to a prity good performing arts summer camp and it has a great circus program. One of the hardest acts to get into is the fire staff and poi act. I have bin waiting and i am finaly..."
Posted: by imakokode
Last Reply: by Eveish
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"Thanx to RHD inspiration, we french spinners as Olive, Vince, Kevin, Steph and myself, started to work throwing 3 staffs.Here a short vid of continuous spinning with two kind of throws ..."
Posted: by Hubert_Cumberdale
Last Reply: by Eveish
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"Its bloody hard isn't it?When spinning single in the HP, swapping hands is necessary in order to deal with the fact that your body is in the way. Fine for single but that operation is e..."
Posted: by Cpt_Thunderpants
Last Reply: by mcp
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"hello i saw some videos on this site and thought i want to do that toso i took a broomstick and sawd it of at 120 cmMost of the time it roles of my thumbwould this problem decrease if i..."
Posted: by Chumpy
Last Reply: by pop_n_fresh
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"It came to me like a vision...a premonision...and it stands to be one of the most beautiful staffs ever!!!. With removeable fuel holding wicks, and look &lbr;censored&rbr; spectacular w..."
Posted: by tenticle
Last Reply: by [Nx?]
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"The basic idea behind this trick is to catch a vertically spinning staff on your foot, turn it horizontal for one full rotation, then turn it back vertical and flick it back into your h..."
Posted: by Mr_chaz
Last Reply: by afghan_bingo
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"hey i me and my girlfriend have just recently come up with a brainwave. I have been drooling over those gorgeous aerotech staffs for a while now...but can't quite afford the 350 , a li..."
Posted: by Richee
Last Reply: by ado-p
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"Name: Baton Twirling, The Fundamentals of an Art and a SkillAuthor: Atwater ConstancePublisher: Charles E. Tuttle CompanyPlace: Rutland, VermontYear: 1969I found that A.Jillings in Club..."
Posted: by Sporky
Last Reply: by Axe
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"I've noticed that when I do a burn off the flames start but tracking along the shaft of the staff towards the grip. I have a photo of it here. I was wondering if this was normal as I'm ..."
Posted: by Gnor
Last Reply: by Gnor
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"Has the heat shrink insulation covers been used to cover staffs before. It comes in funky colours and can be pretty snug. Might be an easy way to cover a large area of staff in great co..."
Posted: by Thumperabbit
Last Reply: by afghan_bingo
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"Well, i've heard a lot of talk about Planes, and as yet I got absolutly no e'fing idea what Planes are. I have tried various searches both on the web and on HoP. But no success. Any Hel..."
Posted: by bluecat
Last Reply: by spielstrasse
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"made new grips from wetsuit material(neoprene, i think). very, very fine)will tell you how they stand up to a weekend punishment at uberoz..."
Posted: by mcp
Last Reply: by mcp
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"Was bored enough last night to try and make a systematic model of contact staff. i.e. A way of writting down moves in a notation like siteswap for juggling. Though my notation is not ve..."
Posted: by drewjitsu
Last Reply: by i8beefy2
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"hello my flaming friends lolrecently i started spinning poi, not staves...but wait!! don't move this to the poi moves thread!!i have been practicing wushu for a long time now and spend..."
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