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Posted: by ImmortalAngel
Last Reply: by ImmortalAngel
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"Alright, I know there is many of them out there, but I went through about 15 pages of topics and didn't find what I needed to know.Now, I usually use the nice Ultra Pure Lamp Oil stuff ..."
Posted: by musashii
Last Reply: by vanize
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"It could be another one of those fire urban legends, but I heard about a fire flag used by some high school band that actually has fire flags(the pole kind), with no wicks! They were su..."
Posted: by funken
Last Reply: by DFZ
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"hi there i did a saerch but found nothing has someone tested the feraltec light stick "
Posted: by fireflyer
Last Reply: by fireflyer
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"Hiyas..Constructing my first set of poi fire wicks.I have the needed 2" Kevlar wicking and basic construction technique down, catherdral, accordian etc..Before I proceed and drills hole..."
Posted: by Raphael96
Last Reply: by fNi
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"What kinds of cameras do you use to get those great shots with the flame trails?Is it just using a slow shutter speed, or is there more to it than that?Thanks for the help!Raphael"
Posted: by RETTWINS
Last Reply: by MikeIcon
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"I want to make some fabric poi and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I was going to use tennis balls and sew fabric around them. Good idea? Thanks for any help.Jarrett"
Posted: by FireGirl_and_Pixieboy
Last Reply: by Paddy
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" Anyone, any help...Whats a burnoff? Please?? "
Posted: by MikeIcon
Last Reply: by Cody
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"So I wanna start on contact juggling. Whats the best size and weight of ball for beginning/learning? Any recommendations on a site to purchase said balls? Im also not looking to spen..."
Posted: by mo-seph
Last Reply: by Klaymen
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"Hi all,I've just made a pair of what I can best describe as Alien Sex Toy Poi, which are glowing sock poi using clear tubing and silicone sealant. There's some pictures and detailed ins..."
Posted: by misshappypants
Last Reply: by Big Andy
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"or the 24"??Do you recommend me getting the yellow practice poi? that you can add the fire wick? or should I just go with the Beginner, BallChain, Double Loop handle Poi?????"
Posted: by roberts
Last Reply: by roberts
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"im tring to figure out an inexpensive way to make hand lamps. anyone have any ideas?"
Posted: by striggy
Last Reply: by boomer235
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"so, aside from buying it online. does anyone know where i can purchase kevlar on the quick in So. California ? like, say, to make a set of poi this weekend? i did a few internet search..."
Posted: by Aleks
Last Reply: by Aleks
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"I have the light sticks... (from a poundshop how impressed am I!) and I need to make poi out of them any ideas... if I was in US I'd order from this site but I'm in UK and can't afford ..."
Posted: by _Poiboy_
Last Reply: by Klaymen
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"I'm maknig a staff for my friend (from an aluminium broomstick) and we need something to use for weights at the ends.I need some cheap material to use (not kevlar), any ideas?? "
Posted: by fnord108
Last Reply: by fNi
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"I'm new to spinning, and still trying to decide what sort of wick I should get/make, and I'm leaning towards either a cathedral fold or monkey fist. What do you all think about these k..."
Posted: by _VT_
Last Reply: by RavensHeart
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"Would it be safe to use half of a plastic milk jug for a fuel bucket? Right now i'm useing a water catcher thingy for plants as a fuel bucket and was wondering if the grade of plastic t..."
Posted: by legionvampire
Last Reply: by Dentrassi
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"i am trying to make my own fire poi,i am using a cage but i have no idea what typre of padding to use to adsorb the flamable liquid,what do people surgest? "
Posted: by Fireflye
Last Reply: by Fireflye
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"I feel that I'm ready to start shortening my chains while I am spinning but instead of finger loops I have biker gloves connected to my chains. Would this make it more difficult to sho..."
Posted: by striggy
Last Reply: by Bird
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"this is my first time experimenting with color. i read the faq and threads but haven't seen this long does the mixture generally last? for example, will the solution of ch..."
Posted: by Fireflye
Last Reply: by Fireflye
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"I went to the crossroads website and found some information on this but it seems like a lot of work. I have a 5ft. aluminum pole about 1 inch in diameter. Is there an easier way to co..."
Posted: by mtx98tib
Last Reply: by Raven_WolfeRun
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"when i first started doing fire spinning a few months ago i did some research and decided on using kerosene for my fuel. Now that i have been spinning for a bit and looked over some mor..."
Posted: by s-p-l-a-t
Last Reply: by Bird
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"hello... playing with fire for a bunch of hours last night and sitting too near a dip jar I believe I inhaled too much low odour kerosene fumes. Thus I feel poisoned this morning... dr..."
Posted: by Eleutherios
Last Reply: by Big Andy
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"Anyone know where I can buy quality leather double loop handles for my poi?"
Posted: by misshappypants
Last Reply: by MikeIcon
Views: 1939    Replies: 3
"I made sock poi with tennis balls... and the socks have "heels' does this throw off the direction at all>? Also, I added change to the tennis balls for extra weight which feels Grea..."
Posted: by ado-p
Last Reply: by ado-p
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"Quick question folks. I have found that my staff seems to be soaking up fuel inside the tube. I jus noticed the other day how heavy it was getting (I took off the wick and a whole load ..."
Posted: by Mags The Jedi
Last Reply: by MiG
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"Hey hey spinning-folks,I just wanted to pick yer collective brains to find out whether people prefer chains (of whatever type) on their fire-poi, or cables. I have monkey fist poi on c..."
Posted: by Durbs
Last Reply: by chavid
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"I really need to get a job that actually entails doing work...I thought it might be useful/interesting to put up a list of the different types of poi available, their pros and cons and ..."
Posted: by DeepSoulSheep
Last Reply: by DeepSoulSheep
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"Everyone agrees sock poi rock. And I'm sure loads of people have figured out you can tie the ends together and have a meteor. I stumbled over some other things there last night though. ..."
Posted: by Originall
Last Reply: by bender
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" Hi Gang!I have found these Rechargeable Strobo-Pois on their website : web page - they look amazing ! Does anyone has any experience with them , I am ..."
Posted: by _Poiboy_
Last Reply: by Dunc
Views: 2205    Replies: 2
"can it hold my beamers? I don't want to switch my #15 if the #13 will break apart. "
Posted: by _Clare_
Last Reply: by _Clare_
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"Hello there lovely poi-ers,After a couple of years with my trusty leather poi handles, the leather is now totally wrecked. I'd love to get some new leather ones, but here in good ol' No..."
Posted: by _Poiboy_
Last Reply: by Mr_Jedly
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"why don't you have ones at the shop?they'll look very pretty.I'm hoping to get a pair if you'll make them. "
Posted: by _Poiboy_
Last Reply: by Kombi guy
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"I searched the shop and found out the necklace glowsticks (and the green\red 6" glowsticks) disappeared, so did the orange beamers...BTW, I think you should stock some non-fire staves t..."
Posted: by MaskN
Last Reply: by Rainbow
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"I was in JuggleArt the other day and I came across a "Light Stik" Basiclly its a rechargeable glowstick which changes color...... I think it changes due to angle and speed but im not su..."
Posted: by Tamim
Last Reply: by Tamim
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"Hello everyone, I have a pair of beaming poi, aswell as a pair of SS ball bearing chains from HOP with the Single loop handles.Now my problem is, when I attach the Beaming Poi to the ch..."
Posted: by Shark
Last Reply: by _Aime_
Views: 6115    Replies: 44
"I have made wicks from kevlar and towels. I was wondering if anybody uses denim? or any other cheap materials?"
Posted: by borismcnorris
Last Reply: by borismcnorris
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"Hi everyone! HAs anyone ever bought the poi handles from They don't look as string as the ones in the HoP shop, but they're cheaper and i wouldn't have to pay as much ..."
Posted: by poikid
Last Reply: by MikeIcon
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"Hello all. Please dont refer me to any of those other flag stuff, I've been looking for about an hour and its just not what I'm trying to find Unless ofcourse I missed one on this par..."
Posted: by robotface
Last Reply: by Cody
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"Why not use a metal tea ball (those balls made out of screen or usually metal with various holes cut in it) for the core and stuff it full of cotton, drill two holes in it to put the br..."
Posted: by PsychoTronic(old)
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 877    Replies: 1
"hello It is not easy for me to have cards for buying thing from HOP. Is there any other way I can buy them?Someone help me please....? "
Posted: by MikeIcon
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 3251    Replies: 14
"Ok, so I just got an awesome idea. Imagine a pair of sock poi (made from real socks). You stuff another loose sock or two inside the poi socks, then insert a nice sized sponge. Soak ..."
Posted: by MillenniuM
Last Reply: by FireMecca
Views: 11231    Replies: 28
"I purchased some 2.5" monkey fists from HOP about two months ago and have since burned them for about 3 sessions, with an average of 6 or 7 burns per session. I was spinning them today..."
Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by Singed Piper (formerly Mark1)
Views: 2538    Replies: 17
"so i was showing the tepooka video from poi in the park to a friend today and there is this bit with this all of blinding light running round and the only thing we could come up with wa..."
Posted: by bluecat
Last Reply: by phidauex
Views: 1723    Replies: 9
"anyone used a mask for playing with fire? like a surgical or innercitycyclist mask?cause i am desperate to play with fire again; to the point where i have had to leave fire gatherings b..."
Posted: by adamrice
Last Reply: by phidauex
Views: 3339    Replies: 28
"I am forwarding a message I received. Looks interesting: quote:Last night some of us ran burn tests with Biodiesel on fire toys with good results. Biodiesel is a *NON TOXIC* liquid der..."
Posted: by PsychoTronic(old)
Last Reply: by Charles
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"hello!I will try to make 2 staffs.Not the big ones but the small(you know the ones that you can play them both) what size is the best?Big kevlar or small(i mean thin stripe or fat ) "
Posted: by guppi
Last Reply: by guppi
Views: 2302    Replies: 7
"A fellow poi spinner build himself some pois from "StrobeFX" light wands. These toys are absolutely AMAZING. They have a gazillion different light patterns (well ... 12 ... but they ca..."
Posted: by Tao Star
Last Reply: by bluecat
Views: 1391    Replies: 2
"ok, sorry if this has been discussed $h1tloads, but i did a search and couldn't find what i wanted so there. i want to make a good staff for contact, but i don't want to light it so i ..."
Posted: by MikeIcon
Last Reply: by onewheeldave
Views: 1884    Replies: 8
"So tonight I came up with the brilliant idea to wrap a towel around my Kevlar cathedral wicks to produce bigger flames. I havent burned them yet but Im sure everything will work out ok..."
Posted: by Squeegee
Last Reply: by vanize
Views: 1316    Replies: 2
"This is a topic I've read about, but have never received a solid answer: Does biodiesel (pure B100) destroy kevlar (pure or mixed) wicking? What is your experience? Any comments are ..."
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