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Posted: by EnigmA
Last Reply: by Pele
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" ME and eyestorm are thinking of aranging a gathering of poi twirlers to meet somewhere. If you live in toronto and twirl poi or want to learn please contact us we need suggestions on w..."
Posted: by EnigmA
Last Reply: by Girl From Mars
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"It looks like theres only three people twirling in toronto me eyestorm and firefly. so I guess there won't be an army of people twirling in Brendens backyard."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Tiki
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"Hi there, I've read the previous BM topics and I've decided to go this year. All I need to know is.... everything you can possibly tell me about it!first of all, does anyone have any o..."
Posted: by Nokomis
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"I know there has to be some fire freaks heading out to this years national in Washington/Idaho, I'd love to hear from you!"
Posted: by Plazma
Last Reply: by adamrice
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"speaking of first performances as mine is tommarrow, how did everyones first performances go??? any misshaps, unforgettable moments, and how wuz the rush?? plur! ------------------My..."
Posted: by Galaxie
Last Reply: by Galaxie
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" Wow dudes, hummm...right on fer sher!!!!I didn't think I was gonna be the first one to do it. Ok, here I am from Princess of Wands to Galaxie (in the memory of my first burn in the sha..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by flash fire
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"Garbo and I have a proposition for all of you BUT there are entirely too many for me to email directly so here's the deal....if you are interested in what I have to propose (shhhhhh! It..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"Curious as to how many POIers are going to be at the European Juggling Convention in Rotterdam in August, besides myself. Ben"
Posted: by Girl From Mars
Last Reply: by flash fire
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"HEY PELE. WHERE ARE YOU???? well if you see this post please email n8 about june 3rd. we've been trying to get a hold of you and n8 has emailed you a bunch. please hit us back ASAP. if ..."
Posted: by Anonymous
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"Well this is a tragety, I will arrive in Italy on the 7th of July and I will be there to the end of July. Anybody going then or is from Italy that wants to get together while I am there..."
Posted: by Phyzerium
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"Today (saturday) i had the best time of my entire life. DEMF had to be one of the coolest things ive ever been too. Great music, great people, great times. The mood was so uplifting,..."
Posted: by Superman
Last Reply: by psychomonkey
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"ill be on my honeymoon that week, and we are going to Italy. We are staying 6 days in Rome. We are going to take a day trip to another town, not sure which one yet. But i thought it wou..."
Posted: by Anonymous
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"Hey there everyone, if your down Melbourne way, in Oz, you can catch Fireworks and Afro funk at Scubar, Lonsdale St., City, every last Saturday of the month.Next shows on the 26th of Ma..."
Posted: by Iandd
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"You must know by now, evry Monday night in the Meadows at the top og middle meadow walk, lots of fire, beltane folk, jugglers, drummers, random people, luntatic with a fire bike, acro ..."
Posted: by Anonymous
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"Hey All!At this point, myself and four (possibly five) other HOP members will be meeting up in Byron Bay this weekend for a spin and catchup, and I was wondering if anyone in the area (..."
Posted: by salamandra
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" we havw chorographed a show using fluro and fire, salamandra has been together for 3yrs and are active , with performances booked into the year, we consist of a team of 4 twirlers an..."
Posted: by Buzz!
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"The BuzzPoi group is touring around this summer in Europe. We will be going through Holland, Germany, Switzerland,France,Spain,Portugal,Italy,Croatia, and wherever else the wind takes u..."
Posted: by melissa
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"the cirque du flambeopa! Jill Brazilwe're putting on a fire show this saterday at western washington university. for those of you who are unfamiliar with the cirque they are definatly a..."
Posted: by Le Skunk
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"Calling all NYC metro area natives. Brooklyn's right around the corner. come check out fire performance by yours truly and sweet honey (we will be doing poi), and some circus legends,..."
Posted: by Anonymous
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"Greetings,Here's the show I've been producing for the last some months. I'm also performing as Miz Kianna. Hope to see you locals there. Diana*****A New Vision of Circus Theater...THE N..."
Posted: by Buzz!
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"O.K. so, the van needs a little more love before we depart...We will be teaching (for free!) and selling (for cheap!) poi and juggling stuff again this weekend.Both Saturday and Sunday ..."
Posted: by Buzz!
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"We will give one last free workshop this weekend on Saturday. We will be at the stone circle on the South Bank, just east of Waterloo bridge, from 2:00 until 6:00.We will have Poi and J..."
Posted: by Buzz!
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"This Saturday we will be at the concrete circle just East of Waterloo bridge on the South bank from 3:00 until we get sick of the assuredly gray and cold (if not outright pouring) sky. ..."
Posted: by Spinsta
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"Hey guys!It's that time of year again when the Advent'jah festival hits Brisbane, bringing some of the dance music industry's finest acts. Heating up the action will be the festival's ..."
Posted: by adamrice
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"I just heard about the following:----Club, Fire, DanceSteamboat Springs 1st Annual Circus Arts FestivalJuly 7, 2001Steamboat Springs ColoradoWe are currently looking for acts to perform..."
Posted: by Buzz!
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"This Saturday we will be out again at Waterloo Bridge on the South bank (just east of the bridge) giving a free workshop. We will be there from 2:00 till dark (rain, i've learned from l..."
Posted: by crispyx
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"Saturday April 14th in Oklahoma is the 8th annual Burning of the Bunny, members of my troupe MONK will be spinning as well as some Oklahoma locals. Anyone in the region is welcome to j..."
Posted: by Buzz!
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"All right! That's it! Enough of this weather! The last couple of days have seen a little sun and have given me hope! I hearby declare a glorious weekend of sun and poi on this Saturday ..."
Posted: by j.bird
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"Hey there fire lovers,If you are in the UK and near Norwich Norfolk, check out our performances at:Earlham Park, Norwich, Anti GM fair April 21stGissing Hall, Norwich, summer solstice,..."
Posted: by vyvyan
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"Whoa, March is a busy one folks and sees Vyvyan at The Armadale on the 17th, Jinn, Aradia and Vyvyan at the Whittlesea Festival on the 18th with full percusssive back up. Vyvyan has sco..."
Posted: by Clo
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"We are gearing up for this year's Beltane Fire Festival in Edinburgh, now in its 14th year!This massive celebration of the arrival of summer attracts an audience of 10-12,000 each year ..."
Posted: by Twilight
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"This is a notice to let everyone know that Incension is now holding weekly practices from 6-11 every Tuesday. Around 10 or 11 each practice, Incension and anyone who cares to join them..."
Posted: by Finn
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"For those of you in the Sydney area...The Wick Effect (Flash, Frenzie, Finn, Spence, Ben &lbr;Stomp&rbr; and Toby) have their first gig on Saturday 10th March. It's a Trancendance ful..."
Posted: by dangerboy
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"Hey all you west coast tree-huggers! There's going to be a benefit night for the Western Canada Wilderness Committee this coming Saturday at the Cambie2 in Esquimalt. There'll be two ba..."
Posted: by bec
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"Next moon fest on 10th March celebrates the Element of EARTH - bring fire toys, drums, instruments and your beautiful selves to this celebration of life, nature, and the arts - always l..."
Posted: by ALIBABA
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"i dont like doing this but do feel the need to point out that you probabaly live in the united kingdom or great britain(depending what you think of the whole ireland thing).i too live i..."
Posted: by Chris @ Fireworks
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"Hey guys, a new Indie/Alternative night is opening the 23/2 at Tatou in Lt. Lonsdale St., Melbourne City and Fireworks will have residency as special guests. The grand opening will see ..."
Posted: by maeon
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"Hey I just thought I'd drop buy and let everyone know about the upcoming Moon Festival. If you're in Brisbane, drop by. The moon fest is a wonderful gathering of all sorts of firey pe..."
Posted: by Charles
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"Amazing news. I have got the opportunity to put a proposal for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the Athens Olympics after our victory at the Sydney one with 170 Fire preformers.Gi..."
Posted: by Frenzie
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"Not much of a performance, but a get together for anyone who wants to come along and have a play with other people. Range from beginners (me) to more experienced people.if u want to com..."
Posted: by Chris @ Fireworks
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"Hey guys, just dropping you a line (especially pyros and M.F.B. members hear in Melbourne) to tell you the fire breath at the St. Kilda festival has been pulled over an argument about s..."
Posted: by vyvyan
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Posted: by fireboy
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"any one out ther in australia in new south wales intersted in making a fir group email me."
Posted: by The Cabiri
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"Invitation in a can... sorry for the 'propaganda-sounding' verbage here.This event is ALL AGES. woohoo!Consolidated WorkspresentsThe HEAVEN AND HELL BALLA New Year's Eve ExtravaganzaSu..."
Posted: by rob
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"A big shining hello 2 allWell the festive time is upon us ,and that basically means some rest,and recouperation,(or not!)b4 the celebration of the end of the year,and the start of 2001(..."
Posted: by danthehat
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"Oooops, I can't work out how to reply to the last message. So I will just start a new topic...I think.Anyway, the Drome has now moved to Thursday nights. It has turned into a full on ..."
Posted: by Chloe
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"Hey Simos.Glastonbury is a yearly music festival hosted on Michael Eavis's farm land pretty near Stonehenge. It's very well known and has been going for quite some years, normally its i..."
Posted: by Keith
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"If you're anywhere around the Baltimore area for New Year's you can come down to the Inner Harbor area for the New Year's eve parade, during which Ginger Petunia (from Richmond), a guy ..."
Posted: by vyvyan
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"Hi there, anyone in Melbourne Australia come check out the Fireworks phenomenon at these gigs:15th December, Fireworks goes pagan for the Midsumma Witches' Ball, held at Montsalvat in E..."
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