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Posted: by Noona
Last Reply: by Spiral
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"The poi thief was on the loose again last night.. (damn why does it always have to happen to me) So this is a shout out to all the poi-ers that had the pleasure of spinning in the ra..."
Posted: by MrConfused
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"...with a spare seat in their car? I'm not a scary axe murderer or anything I really want to go cos I can't go to the next couple, but the trains are shit on sundays, and I would hav..."
Posted: by Foobz
Last Reply: by Wikkaman
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"Hello EverybodyWhen cleaning up the field after poi in the park we found somebody's French 'Examination Grammar In Action' Text book. If the owner gets in touch I'm more than happy to..."
Posted: by byron76
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"Any spinners going to union grove North Carolina for Smilefest? (june 6-9) Its the place where i learned to spin!!!!!"
Posted: by SteelWngs
Last Reply: by SteelWngs
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"The Starwood FestivalJuly 23-28, 2002 Brushwood Folklore Center - Sherman, NYImagine a vacation in another realm, where many realities meet. A place where Scientists sit with Shamans an..."
Posted: by Charly
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"Friday, May 31, 2002 8:00pmOrigins II- An Evening of Mythology & Music, presented by The Anunnaki ProjectTo be held indoors at the Fremont UNconventional Centre - 160 N. Canal Street, S..."
Posted: by Brige
Last Reply: by LobsterChi
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"Has there been any gatherings or will there BE any gatherings in NYC where fire twiling will commence? I started twirling (non-fire) about 3 months ago and it's awesome...I hope to be ..."
Posted: by Glåss
Last Reply: by DarkFairyQueen
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"eek. Please watch this space to find out if the tuesday nights at the viaduct will be happening for the next two weeks.I'll put up a message here as soon as anything is confimed. by mo..."
Posted: by Earlybird
Last Reply: by Earlybird
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"Hi there! Liqui-phi Fire Productions are running some Gold Coast based Fire workshops over the next few months, in conjunction with the Mt Tamborine Evolution Festival. These workshops ..."
Posted: by Axis
Last Reply: by PK_
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"Saturday the 1st of June anyone?How about Hamstead Heath this time?Get involved! Bring it on! Axis."
Posted: by master sodium
Last Reply: by Benstickin
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"just wondering how many people on this site attend/spin at burning man. only 123 days left until we go home"
Posted: by Tig
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"Does anyone know about the gathering that is supposed to be taking place in Durango Colorado this summer? If yes please let me know. If not please let me know too. And if it isn't ha..."
Posted: by gooble
Last Reply: by gooble
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"Is anyone aware of there existing a world record for fire twirling (ie number of people fire twirling at once)?We propose to make or break this record with the help of tv and an amazing..."
Posted: by SmokyDavy
Last Reply: by Knagi
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"Does anyone know if there's an american juggling convention, and if so, where is it? when is it? does it involve poi and staff too or do they keep 'em seperated?"
Posted: by Glåss
Last Reply: by Dom
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"hello all, The other thread just got a bit too long with 100 posts of organisation to wade through. Here is the official whats going to happen notification thingy: Staff and Poi in the ..."
Posted: by Bender_the_Offender
Last Reply: by arsn
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"In a long time to go,at a midnight premiere,far, far away...Yeeeeah baby! Join us, in the name of Jar Jar and use the powers of Force for much silliness and mayhem. This will be the mos..."
Posted: by vitalyo
Last Reply: by Mass Destruction Worldwide
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Posted: by audax
Last Reply: by audax
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"Every Monday Fire at South Beach park. At the end of South Terrace. Near South Beach Fremantle. Monday. After sundown. All welcome. Meaning just rock up. All toys poi staff diablo unicy..."
Posted: by Bender_the_Offender
Last Reply: by bender
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"woot! another excuse for outdoors shenanigans, now with enzyme super action yessir ok boss! quote:"Reclaim the Streets" Street Party – Help reclaim ourstreets for people (instead ..."
Posted: by .:* Moon Pixie *:.
Last Reply: by .:* Moon Pixie *:.
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"Hello beautiful people!This is my monthly moon letter that goes out to all the Moon Fest subscribers... Next Moon Fest is on Sunday 26th May, in the usual spot, in its usual lo..."
Posted: by diddly
Last Reply: by Wikkaman
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"Travelling circus, cannibals and shakti sound are doing a drum n bass/dub party in central london. 3 rigs plus fire performances, drumming and poi welcome. Bring a beautiful attitude!..."
Posted: by Noona
Last Reply: by Dom
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"After we've twirled on Clapham Common till our arms have dropped off and every last hair on our body is singed, what is everyone planning on doing afterwards?It would be cool to get the..."
Posted: by Knoxious
Last Reply: by PK_
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"Yep, we're not far off having a workshop every night of the week now! (How lucky are us Londoners? No wonder Cantus doesn't like us!) Tuesdays at the Viaduct, Vauxhall.Wednesday's at th..."
Posted: by bec
Last Reply: by Wikkaman
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"Here's the story... we have been asked to perform at a MacDonald's McHappy Day or something on the 18th May...For a few reasons we'd never do it*it's for MacDonalds and we are vegans.. ..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by PK_
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"I'm going to reading festival this year for the first time, and was wondering if anyone knows about whether it is worth taking my firetoys?"
Posted: by FireTribe@Dalnet
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"If N-E-1 uses Mirc u might wanna hang out in FireTribe on the DALnetserver, as an complement 2 this messageboard..."
Posted: by Frenzie
Last Reply: by Frenzie
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"Well as the weather is warming up and the days are getting longer, Wednesday nights in Camperdown park should start ramping up again!Come down to the park from about 7pm, bring your toy..."
Posted: by Juz
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"Hello Is anyone bringing Fire Poi or going to the Essental festival tomorow (Monday)?i realy whant 2 take me fire poi but B\F dosent reckon i should Was wondering if i did, woul..."
Posted: by Kinudin (Soul Fyre)
Last Reply: by Kinudin (Soul Fyre)
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"LLcoolpat and I were talking on the phone and he thought of getting together on Fiesta Island. We randomly threw off a few dates and March 4th starting at 7:30 worked the best.So I was ..."
Posted: by greenfyregirl
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"Hello west countryers! Ive just read the Glastonbury thread and someone mentioned a festival in Bristol this bank holiday. Will it be good?!! and what sort of thing is it?"
Posted: by Katinca
Last Reply: by bender
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"Just wondering whos going off the Board?I know that from the last 2 years that I have been there have been highly talented fire-spinners there, and some exceptional performances by the..."
Posted: by .:* Moon Pixie *:.
Last Reply: by kAte*
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"Would you come to a Moon Fest in Winter?It doesn't acsually get that cold here in sunny Brisbane, So what do you think? Can we brave it? "
Posted: by yabyum
Last Reply: by wulff
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"Trent and I are planning a party in Dallas this summer, specifically for poi spinners. We're looking for a venue, and considering Hawkwood. How extravagant this is, will all depend on t..."
Posted: by Purple_Haze
Last Reply: by Axis
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"on the weekend of the 11th i think it is me and a few friends r planning on going to the heath for a spin.if any 1 fancys joining us there is a section on our webby that will b updated ..."
Posted: by munchkin
Last Reply: by Starburst
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"Hi All I hope that all you spinners and twirlers will be coming to the Cannabis March on May 4th...The march leaves Kennington park at 12 pm sharp and heads to Brockwell park where ther..."
Posted: by el beardo
Last Reply: by Deviant HPC
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"I got hired by Insomnia to do a bit of stilt walking/fire eating and fire spinning at camdem palace in london last saturday. went ok, but it was quite empty, so there weren't too many ..."
Posted: by Frenzie
Last Reply: by Frenzie
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"For anyone that is interested or going, the Wick Effect will be doing 3 fire shows through out the night at this party!Look out for us!"
Posted: by yabyum
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"Trent and I are planning a party in Dallas this summer, specifically for poi spinners. We're looking for a venue, and considering Hawkwood. How extravagant this is, will all depend on t..."
Posted: by Spiral
Last Reply: by Random
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"Right, is anybody up for sorting out and getting together for a beltane fire festival? I've got no ideas for location, but somewhere a reasonable sized bonfire could be lit would be coo..."
Posted: by bec
Last Reply: by .:* Moon Pixie *:.
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"Next Moon Fest will be on Sat 27th April from dusk (about 6pm these days) in Lower Moora Park, Shorncliffe (Brisbane, Aust.)We will also be holding workshops in the afternoon in both st..."
Posted: by bec
Last Reply: by .:* Moon Pixie *:.
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"just a quick reminder...Moon Fest is on *this* Saturday night (ie 27th April) at Shorncliffe Beach (Brisbane, Australia..*)We're also running workshops in the afternoon (fire twirling &..."
Posted: by Drea
Last Reply: by John Netterwald
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"apparently bender tells me someone on this board is from austin?and there's a little twirling scene in austin?although i'm not currently in austin, i'll be there in about 4 months, (whi..."
Posted: by Kat
Last Reply: by Cassandra
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"Hi FolksWhen is the next fire fest in the london area? Also if anyone feels like meeting up in Clapham Common some fine sunny day for someone to practice with, get in touch and we can m..."
Posted: by Naivar
Last Reply: by Frenzie
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"Hiya all,I have just discovered the beauty of the Art of Poi and fire breathing, and was wondering if there were any gatherings occuring in and around the city of Sydney in the near fut..."
Posted: by PeDey
Last Reply: by bender
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"WEll there seems to be a lot of people who use poi but why arn't ther any in my area???? anyone interested in a get together to do some serious damage ???? "
Posted: by Queen V
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"im in an all girl band called PASSIVAGGRESSIFIST and i would like to invite anyone who likes fire to my show this Sunday April 28th at the ballard fire house its our 4th show and i will..."
Posted: by Wikkaman
Last Reply: by anniesparks
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"Does anyone know what the score is with Summer Solstice at Stonehenge this year? Is it on? Are non druids allowed? Are the druids allowed? Granted it is on it would be nice to link up w..."
Posted: by Wikkaman
Last Reply: by Thistle
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"Does anyone know if Exodus are doing anything this year? The Free The Spirit by the M1 in 2000 was ace! Did anyone go?"
Posted: by TwirlyVic
Last Reply: by Cantus
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"hey all, came back form london yesterday (not long enough to catch up with peep)and was overjoyed to see people in parks spinning and stuff. MAD!londoners are lucky peoplevic xx"
Posted: by Wyrmwood
Last Reply: by nihema
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"A friend of mine living in Koolewong was lamenting the other day about how he has no one to twirl with So if you are a twirler and live around that area and want to meet up or know ..."
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