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Posted: by Atacan(aka muaddip)
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" Does anyone know about the burning bizarre convention? says there will be one on 2009 Sept. 25-27. But the web site seems to be not updated.thanks,"
Posted: by Blue sunshine
Last Reply: by Blue sunshine
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"So it's getting close to that time of the year again, i just got my love for poi re-kindled and am putting in some hard work trying some butterfly hybrids and lot's more stalls, this go..."
Posted: by mapleleaf
Last Reply: by Kero
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"hi, im new to poi and im looking for some people to get together and spin with. I live in San Diego. are there any people/clubs/events around here? "
Posted: by TheWibbler
Last Reply: by Kero
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"Anyone interested in a 4-6 month performing contract in Doha, Qatar from 1st October 2009 at approx. 2250/month.I've just been sent this and it sounds fun:(ps just contact them directl..."
Posted: by poifull_spirit
Last Reply: by keyarghah
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"Hi, Unfortunately due to being away (from internet too) recently and my complete noobieness I didn't get my stuff into gear and get tickets to Common Ground!!!If anyone knows of one spa..."
Posted: by Kit
Last Reply: by the_mods_stole_my_name
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"monday nights! middle meadow walk!from about 10ishtheres also tollcross have a circus skills thingy from 7 till 9 in the community school 1 for concessions 2 otherwiseEUJS! Edinburgh ..."
Posted: by kresiva
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Posted: by LazyAngel
Last Reply: by Motley
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"Alien Jon is going to be teaching 2 days of workshops in Cambridge! Day 1 is aimed more at beginners/intermediates and day 2 at intermediate/advanced. Saturday 25th July:12.30-2.30pm# &..."
Posted: by Nate
Last Reply: by Minirose
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"anyone who can do anything remotely to do with fire and lives near exeter come and join me and a few ppl for a massive spin we'll probably be meeting around 6ish give me a ring if you'r..."
Posted: by Frodo
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"If you live near bournemouth and wanna spin then me and adverse camber can generally be found on the beach to the left of the pier every tuesday night from 7 - 8 ish... so if u fancy co..."
Posted: by Jpunk
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"Any of you lovely people going to Womad this weekend? Sound off nice and loud so I can find you at the weekend!"
Posted: by bbrittanee
Last Reply: by bbrittanee
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"Anyone hitting this up ?This will be my second year Soooo excited ! anyone lives in the area and or who can travel to make it out to this 4 day event - ..."
Posted: by G4dget
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"Calling All Artists! Parisole Arts Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to art awareness, and artist education, collaboration and promotion presents its first annual artist workshop, Mixe..."
Posted: by hamamelis
Last Reply: by blu_valley
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" Wondering who else is going to this? Not been before.. I'm heading down from Bristol early friday afternoon, if anyone could use a lift then.."
Posted: by dane
Last Reply: by dane
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"Nick Woolsey of Play Poi and Alien Jon are coming to the U.K On the 20th and 22th of July they will be running workshops in Calne, near Chippenham. Venue Calne Town HallProvisional Timi..."
Posted: by fujisawa
Last Reply: by DarrenM
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"Alrighty, I searched through the Official Roll Call and didn't seem to find anyone in the Tennessee area. If you guys are out there, I'm looking for a group/club to join! I'm aroun..."
Posted: by Kubefuism
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"Anyone here headed down to West Virgina for the All Good Festival coming up this weekend? I know I'll be in attendence with my poi. Hopeing a spontanious workshop pops up."
Posted: by Sayyida
Last Reply: by wicca15
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"There is a relatively new fire academy in dayton, ohio called pyrokinetika. we gather once a week (the day varies according to everyones schedules) if you would like to join us, more in..."
Posted: by Shion
Last Reply: by Shion
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"Hello, It's about time to start this thread.Yes, We have JFF this year too.More information will be comming soon, but this is what we know for sure now. we hope to see spinners from ove..."
Posted: by jameson_stl1
Last Reply: by PiliKoko
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"Do you live in the midwest US? Do you spin or are you or your friends interested in spinning Poi or Staff? Would you like to learn more from exceptionally skilled and experienced perf..."
Posted: by PyroWill
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"Hi Guys,Very early to be posting this but wanted to know not only who's going but also if anyone knew anything about tickets or registration yet, their site says February we'll know yet..."
Posted: by Sir Nuggit II
Last Reply: by Sir Nuggit II
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"It's been a while since I spun with any of you but I've recently recruited two of which has gone on to recruit another two.Seeing as the sun is here (I've ordered it for ..."
Posted: by annabod
Last Reply: by TheDee
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"Hi everybody!We're pleased to announce that you can now pre-register for BJC 2009.Like last year, you can pay by credit card, or use our shopping cartto make a form you can print out an..."
Posted: by ufo8mycat
Last Reply: by newgabe
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"Hi there,Experienced performers required for a wedding on the 11th July (Sat) north of Preston in an amazing stately home just off the M6.A half-hour performance requested, will be paid..."
Posted: by torchlein
Last Reply: by torchlein
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"Nick Woolsey of Play Poi and Alien Jon are coming to the U.K For those of you who do not know Nick, he is one of the most experienced poi teachers around, and has travelled all over the..."
Posted: by AlienJon
Last Reply: by newgabe
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"Update!Nick Woolsey and I will be offering poi workshops in the UK from July 15th to 26th. The locations are: Brighton July 15th - 16thCalne (in Wiltshire) July 20th - 21st Manchester..."
Posted: by mattbassman
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"Hi guys,It's Southern Lights 2009 announcement time Firstly, the dates are 12-14th June.We have a new site on the grounds of a beautiful stately home in a little village called Kimmerid..."
Posted: by tigerface
Last Reply: by jo_rhymes
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"Heya,Does anyone have any news about Play festival this year? I've heard great things about it but cant find any info about it for 2009?toodlepips xxx"
Posted: by Loewan
Last Reply: by Seye
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"The new venue looks pretty good, as long as it doesn't rain. Loud music can be played later into the night and the festival will be split into smaller theme-based "villages".S..."
Posted: by Melvoelker02
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"Hello everyone I just wanted to post this for all to see. My friends are putting this on and it is going to be amazing. Please check it out. Here is the website.www.synergymusicfestiv..."
Posted: by kylie1
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"Hello!I am looking to meet up with other firey folk that live in Penrith or the surrounding area. I have searched and searched and thought that I would be able to find a meet up that d..."
Posted: by CareyBear
Last Reply: by kylie1
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"If anyone's in that sort of area (Richmond, Windsor, Kurrajong etc)& knows of any semi-regular fire dancing nights - or is interested in one coming to be.. Have recently moved out there..."
Posted: by Point_Blank
Last Reply: by Sheree_McNatty
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"Hey all,For all of you in the Queenstown area we've just started up a weekly jam session at Earnslaw Park every Wednesday night from dark til whenever.See you thereSimon"
Posted: by FireGroover
Last Reply: by FireNix
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"Check it out we put our heart and soul into this project!! Home of Poi will have the dvd up on their website soon.. This was an amazing learning experience Thanks,LesterFire Groo..."
Posted: by Hubert_Cumberdale
Last Reply: by Rellizate
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"It's the UKs biggest free one day festival and it's coming to a town near you (Ok.. I lied... It's in Cambridge really)Go on, it's free... you know you really want to!Here's some BBC pi..."
Posted: by edward mccaughan
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"(the short version: circus meetup on the hoe at 1pm on sunday 14th july)Devon jugglers! plymouth poi spinners! south west circusy peeps! want to meet up with a bunch of other sexy circu..."
Posted: by StageCraft
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"17th - 19th JulyLast year was the first Tullamore Juggling Convention and it totally rocked, This year we are continuing to promote Physical Theatre in the midlands by hosting workshops..."
Posted: by performance_psycadelic_A
Last Reply: by anders_oberg
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"Ey Yo!I am a girl from sweden me end my friend are locking for a great experience...du you have any idea what we can do or live...we dont have so much money so we live back packer life!..."
Posted: by T&B
Last Reply: by Robster
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"WE'RE SLACK DON'T BELEAVE ANY ON THIS THREAD (apart from maybe the most recent post)If you want to meet up with any smelly hippy fire spinners in bristol post something to ask when and ..."
Posted: by LazyAngel
Last Reply: by pineapple pete
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"couldn't find a thread or event for this: anybody else going?22nd-24th May and I have got our earlybird tickets "
Posted: by Sherab
Last Reply: by newgabe
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"Hello fellow spinners,I'm new here, so probably haven't been able to navigate in the right direction for the info I'm looking for but I really hope someone can help me or point me in th..."
Posted: by orangina
Last Reply: by splinterific
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"hey i'm in a small circus branched of from swamp circus, my m8 and I in cornwall- enland are coming over to Galway Jugling con in ireland at the end of the month 2 juggle and see friend..."
Posted: by CraigCole
Last Reply: by MagicStunts
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"Hi to all.My name is Craig and I am looking for PROFESSIONALDEDICATED performers (fire or not)to join my team (fire Performers) or to be subcontracted for upcoming events. This could be..."
Posted: by Rosherrim
Last Reply: by Rosherrim
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"Heya,I just wondered if anyone else would be heading to the free spinning jam session hosted by hosted by Perfect Circle Poi this Saturday, 23rd of May?It's at 2pm in Hyde Park, and ful..."
Posted: by Bubbles_
Last Reply: by willworkforfoodjnr
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"For those who don't know about shell island, it was an alternative last year due to Play Festival being canceled. Those of us who went had an awesome time and want to repeat it sharing ..."
Posted: by Skulduggery
Last Reply: by FireNix
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"Hello!I have a favour to ask. Are any of the Bristol Hoppers or any South Wales hoppers going to the Bungay Balls up Festival May 16-25th 2009?The lovely Motley (Tom Cull) will be there..."
Posted: by zyonchaos
Last Reply: by -sandy-
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"Hello all,We are having a function on the 3rd July 2009 and are looking for a couple of fire performers to put on a show in between band sets, and possible as a meet and greet aswell. I..."
Posted: by Durbs
Last Reply: by Brenn
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"I was contacted by a lady looking for some performers for her wedding on the 7th August in Leamington Spa - it's a bit too far for us Surrey-ers to travel up They provided the following..."
Posted: by PyroWill
Last Reply: by Motley
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"I have created a new thread for the 2009 Clapham meets which I hope will become a regular monthly thing again. I have created a public facebook page which people can add themselves to a..."
Posted: by newgabe
Last Reply: by newgabe
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"Hey Poisters! Following the first truly wonderful poi retreat, (Check out this excellent video a participant made. Nick Woolsey (Meenik here on HoP), is organising a second week of po..."
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