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Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by Asraiya On Fire
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"*edit*So to take this to another level ive created a facebook app that allows events to be added by country and state for every country in the world, anyone can add events in which then..."
Posted: by positivetouch
Last Reply: by Lara Prd
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"Poi Classes available in 3 levels. From the complete Beginner, advancing to dancing while spinning Fire Poi.Level 1 - learn the history and basic poi moves windmill, butterfly, weave a..."
Posted: by lachica
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"I've been looking for anyone that spins in Queenstown, New Zealand. Or maybe anybody can tell me some places to go to. Im looking forward to your replies.Thank you.Chika"
Posted: by catrigby
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"Fire dance lessons will be happening in Cairns from Sunday 25th January. The weekly one hour classes are part of a 4 week course and will be held on the Cairns Esplanade and costs $30 p..."
Posted: by tadpole
Last Reply: by Stacey Frost
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"Bit of a long shot, but if there is anyone in Zimbabwe who spins, give me a shout...Cheers "
Posted: by Asraiya On Fire
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"THE 2nd annual SEATTLE FLOW SHOWCASE ~ June 9th, 2016 @ Re-bar ~ 1114 Howell Seattle, Wa 9810121+ 2 shows ~ early set @ 7-9:30pm & the late show @ 9:30pm-12am ALL PARTICIPANTS i..."
Posted: by Jade
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"Hey all! for sometime now, the Fire and Drumming Christchurch page has been having events in Victoria square regularly on a Friday night, if anyone wants to come down feel free to! I ha..."
Posted: by Mint Sauce
Last Reply: by Seye
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" Manchester Spinners Meet up and stuff Hi all If you are looking for people to spin poi with in the North west this is the place to be.For any one new to this sight DONT READ..."
Posted: by Heorot
Last Reply: by robynreina
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"A weekend of fun, great shows, circus skills workshops, camping, games and a lively atmosphere for circus enthusiasts and absolute beginners! Come along and see some of the best contem..."
Posted: by HeadSwim
Last Reply: by hannahsu
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"Hi all,I'm new to the board but i thaught i would let people know about our regular Poi meets so anyone who wants can come join us! There aint many of us at the mo (cause Stoke-On-Tren..."
Posted: by Davethehat2002
Last Reply: by Filip Myk Myk Myk
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"Hi All !!!Well with the onset of spring Woo Hoo, we should be getting more POI stuff going in Southend.. Should all be having a ing good time soon.Get in touch and we'll aran..."
Posted: by yhvh83
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"Do you know about Flow Camp​?? Its a wonderful and grounded retreat in Kentucky every year in a beautiful spot of land. Take a second to check it out, come join us this year for anoth..."
Posted: by carruthers
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"Good Afternoon,I am looking for a fire poi performance to act as a finale to an event taking place at Cardiff Castle this summer. The event is called Walk Ten and is one of 17 sponsored..."
Posted: by carruthers
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"Good Afternoon,I am looking for a fire poi performance to act as a finale to an event taking place at Woolaton Hall this summer. The event is called Walk Ten and is one of 17 sponsored ..."
Posted: by carruthers
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"Good Afternoon,I am looking for a fire poi performance to act as a finale to an event taking place at Blenheim Palace this summer. The event is called Walk Ten and is a sponsored 10km t..."
Posted: by Ase Anthony
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"http://www.Minneflowta.comMinneflowta is a flow artists gathering, bringing the best in poi, staff, hoop, and juggling to the Twin Cities. The event includes workshops, a stage show, an..."
Posted: by Professor
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"Hi fellow spinners,I've been traveling around Asia this last year and have now stopped in Vietnam for a little teaching. I have been looking for anyone that spins in Ho Chi Minh City. f..."
Posted: by house_of_mill
Last Reply: by H4ck3d
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"I'm just going to leave this here for UCOF, he said it first."
Posted: by subaru66
Last Reply: by Hisano
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"sorry if this is the wrong forum...but getting quite stressed trying to find Poi's for my daughters (and myself) in time for xmas! Any ideas (please) where I can go to a shop (not inte..."
Posted: by Rowan Brown
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"Hi,Does anyone know of any spinning groups in or near Bordeaux?Thanks :)"
Posted: by phoenixfruitbat
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"Hey all, I'm gonna be in Melbourne from Friday the 7th of November to Tuesday the 18th. I was wondering if there was any spinning going on around the city or on the beaches at all durin..."
Posted: by stickman
Last Reply: by Mark Wildekamp
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" hi there, hey, is there anyone on HOP who is currently or shortly will be living in holland? just moved back home and i havent found the spinning community yet spinning on my own is..."
Posted: by mlt4tds
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"Hello Everyone,It is a struggle to find others who fire twirl regularly. There are no workshops or centres which others can meet. There are no classes for children or adults. We are rar..."
Posted: by smiley_dup1
Last Reply: by danielforbes1
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"Hi everyone,I have just moved to Townsville in Noth QLD, and I am trying to find like minded firey people to play with If there is anyone out there in the Townsville area that wants ..."
Posted: by Tanzen
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"Am curious if anyone here is spinning fire in Thailand."
Posted: by Rohana_Weaver
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"Under the Spinfluence Circus and flowarts Festival in Wellington NZ 28th-30th November 2014A weekend of workshops, performances, fire, aerials, music and more ....with international ac..."
Posted: by jmbaran
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"I am looking to assemble a number of performers at the Boardmasters Festival 2014.Wed 6, Thurs 7 August - Fistral Beach 1930-2300. Beach performances throughout evening.Fri 8, Sat 9, Su..."
Posted: by Jordy
Last Reply: by Jordy
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"**( YOUnitus2014: Bodhicitta)***We invite you all to join us on another miraculous journey of uniting minds, bodies, spirit, and stoking of the heart fire to share its warmth!!Magnolia ..."
Posted: by Sarah_Ellery
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"Hi all,If you are looking for a group in Cumbria, then please check out this site or just type in spinning in cumbria in to FB and you will find us!https://www.facebook.com/groups/42952..."
Posted: by Singed Piper (formerly Mark1)
Last Reply: by Patience_Engstrom
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"I live in VT, and have only met 5 spinners in my life, not counting those i taught. only one of them is better than me. is anyone here from VT or somewhere close by and willing to sho..."
Posted: by Spin Off
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"Spinoff Performance, a Midlands based circus performance group, has a large number of events coming up may-july this year and we are looking for a load of performers to help us fill the..."
Posted: by AlecTronic
Last Reply: by GOT?POI
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"Hey there, everybody! I just came over to Paris and was wondering where are all the french fire performers to find!?! I am member of the austrian group Cosmic Circles and do really hope..."
Posted: by Element
Last Reply: by anthony_pena1
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"I was curious to know if anyone knows of any groups in the sacramento area."
Posted: by anthony_pena1
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"Is there any poi groups or people who do poi in the sacramento area. I've been wanting to meet other people who actually do poi nearby me and practice with others but haven't met anyone..."
Posted: by JoeTheTall
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"Hello people!If you happen to be in Ireland and around Dublin between March 28 - March 30.Come around to Larkin hall, Cathal Brugha St.To stay up to date, see the facebook page: http..."
Posted: by erinleigh
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"Help! I'm looking for Maori performers in Los Angeles for a photo book of Poi. I can offer professional prints of the photo shoot as this is a school project. Also I used to dance in Ha..."
Posted: by *poppy*
Last Reply: by Steph Malcolm
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"Leicester! Is there any kind of poi/staff/anything meet up in Leicester? I don't know anyone here that spins so it's just me in the back garden! Please invite me! I'll bring cookies! ..."
Posted: by Dispersado
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"Hey, I'm new to the art of poi, but I find myself slightly decent. I'm going to start going to Gasworks Park in Seattle everyday I don't work after about 5-5:30 and start spinning until..."
Posted: by yhvh83
Last Reply: by yhvh83
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"The Flow Show 2014Flow Arts Showcase Coming to ChicagoSave the Dates:March 28th - 30thWe proudly announce that the Flow Show, a showcase of some of the country's best talent in the flow..."
Posted: by Ross Wheeler
Last Reply: by Ross Wheeler
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"Starting Camborne Juggling Club in Cornwall (UK) next Wednesday night at the Wesley Centre!Hoping for a good part of this to be poi sessions and can offer advanced-expert poi tutoring f..."
Posted: by Ross Wheeler
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"Any Cornish Spinners, Jugglers or any performers feeling this weather...? Get on down the warming GLOW SPECAL at Camborne Circus Jams this Wednesday night. We'll be turning the juggling..."
Posted: by vanize
Views: 3147    Replies: -1
"Hi guys - So I am FINALLY making it to new Zealand after 12 or 13 years of being on this forum. I'll be arriving the morning of new year's eve. are there any poi/fire performer gatherin..."
Posted: by phuzzz
Last Reply: by kitesurferdale
Views: 5332    Replies: 18
"alas eventhough i twirl every day, i have yet to meet many other that share my passion. can you buy nice yourng firedancers from the shop here? i need help to burn gallons of dank fu..."
Posted: by scamp
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"Hi guysPart time poister here, getting married next June and thinking about a poi performance :-D Please get in touch if you're a performer in the local areaLx"
Posted: by trimee30
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"hey all I am heading off to Phuket thiland in march patong beach and just wondering does anyone know 1 where can u go spin with locals or anyone there or 2 anywhere to find poi and fuel..."
Posted: by qualiarustle
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"Hello! I'm from the South bay in California and I was wondering if anyone knows of classes or places I can learn contact staff? I took the fire staff class at the Crucible, but it doesn..."
Posted: by linda
Last Reply: by joffjk
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"Every night from 5pm until about 10pm (unless it's raining), a group of local and foreign spinners and jugglers meet in a park, next to the Phra Sumen Fort and play. The fort is on th..."
Posted: by tattty
Last Reply: by Jamie Young
Views: 2439    Replies: 7
"Hi, i checked the meet others section on this site, and there doesnt seem to be that many people in kent fire twirling. I know that there are meetings in medway, but if anyone is intere..."
Posted: by Rovo
Last Reply: by PoisonDawn
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"Greeting fellow manipulators, for anyone located in the Northeastern US or anyone who happens to be traveling through the area there is a wonderful weekly fire gathering happening on Tu..."
Posted: by PoisonDawn
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"I recently discovered Albany Spin Jam. Does anyone have any information on this or go to it? I'd love to go to the next event"
Posted: by aaron780
Last Reply: by Scots fire
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"I just moved here from Vancouver, what's Edmonton have to offer for fire jams and spin sessions during the summer? I know things can be difficult with the fire ban but what do we have a..."
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