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Posted: by hazephase
Last Reply: by This Jaded Flesh
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"I would like to learn poi and would like to do shows and performances. If you are a poi artist pls let me know how you how long it took you. Thanks"
Posted: by Lil dan the fire man.
Last Reply: by Galphiegn
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"i am not that keen on the dance scene but poi does look good along to music. does any of you guys spin along to rock music eg, rage against the machine, the red hot chili peppers, etc.i..."
Posted: by philisweatly
Last Reply: by Pogo69
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"Hey Hoppers. My girlfriend is looking for an instructional belly dancing video and I was hoping someone out there has a favorite. I was looking around and was only finding poorly made..."
Posted: by bjrcboy
Last Reply: by Birdybop
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"To this song! I imagine a couple(perhaps my girlfriend and I someday?) With interlocking eyes and swirls of fire surrounding their bodies. Together as one, forever and always. Wh..."
Posted: by tim_marston
Last Reply: by tim_marston
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"I have been struggling now to correct my terrible posture now for a few years and don't seem to be getting very far at all.I tend to slouch with my head, should and upper back rolling f..."
Posted: by _Poiboy_
Last Reply: by aston
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"So I've been working a lot on body movement recently. I've improved a lot with poi and doubles, but I can't seem to figure out how to move well with contact staff. Any movement that's s..."
Posted: by Jeff C
Last Reply: by aston
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"Hey all I just started spinning this august and I think ive learned enough moves to start stitching them together (about 35 or so). Nothing too crazy, but some of the stuff at least loo..."
Posted: by Surrealicide
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"Helloooo there! So I'm about to join up with a fire troupe as a performer and a costume designer, I was just wondering what kind of fabrics ya'll would suggest that would be safe to use..."
Posted: by hazephase
Last Reply: by foggy sox
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"Which is the est Flow toy for performance"
Posted: by DyamiTK
Last Reply: by Sister Eleven
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" This concept of planes is taken from movement theory and I use it as a foundation for my understanding of all the object manipulation arts.Some terminology:A sagittal (wheel) plane is ..."
Posted: by FireTom
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"So here we are - welcome to Century 21... Acrobatics + Capoeira + Breakdance = TrickingTricking + Staff/ Poi = ?? ?? "
Posted: by DJ Aman
Last Reply: by JayKitty
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"Would sewing reflective tape be an effective way to keep tape on clothing yet being able to machine wash them or is there a proper alternative to reflective tape that you can sew on?"
Posted: by bentforkx
Last Reply: by _Poiboy_
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"Hello all,I'm interested in everyone's fire poi experiences in front of an audience, I've noticed that very complicated movements quite often go unappreciated by the average audience, w..."
Posted: by Lev
Last Reply: by Raoul_Hagenbeek
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"For the last week or two I've been training balancing on one foot then working that into poi, and it's starting to pay off pretty well.I mean, I've been training 1 foot balance casually..."
Posted: by eatsumskittles
Last Reply: by burning_ninja
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"So i was at a party last night poi dancing as i usually do, and this morning i was talking with one of my friends and he said that when i spin i have a very smooth classic style that al..."
Posted: by yinyangraver
Last Reply: by aston
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"Okay so hopefully this is the right forum and right place to discuss this. I searched and couldn't find a thread specifically on the how to's of choreographing a routine.In the past I ..."
Posted: by bossy
Last Reply: by MRC
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"ok so here's the story...I've entered into a local "got talent" kind of talent show and made it through the first round doing poi. So ive been told that i will need to do up t..."
Posted: by Such
Last Reply: by newgabe
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"The theme for 2009 BM is evolution. I can't think of any costume ideas!I was thinking I could have one costume where I dress toe to head and the costume changes as you go up. Like the e..."
Posted: by railspinner
Last Reply: by MRC
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"This thread is a discussion on the pro's and cons of using a character for public peforming rather then just being yourself.Im not to familar with theater so Im not sure if that's the r..."
Posted: by 16.15.8
Last Reply: by Pali
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"Hi there.What makes poi beautiful when spinning? This is just me being curious so no special reason Im asking this question.If you are a person that dont like poi and cant see whats..."
Posted: by Richee
Last Reply: by Richee
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"I had a bit playa with footwork and here are basic steps:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------STANCEWheel stance with legs close to each other wi..."
Posted: by mcp
Last Reply: by Pogo69
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"Meg's Academy of How to Move Good and Do Other Things Good Too. So back in the day I asked Drew what 'style' was. In our conversation, it came to be negatively defined. It wasn't a list..."
Posted: by 4LeafClover
Last Reply: by newgabe
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"So I have been doing poi for almost a month now. I am fairly good, the only things I really have a problem with is anything behind the back, and SOME complicated high reels. But I have ..."
Posted: by bossy
Last Reply: by fanged_angel
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"Hi everyone!I've got my first fire performance coming up in about a months time at a school formal. I'll be outside doin my stuff as everyone is walking in. So, what music would everyon..."
Posted: by STUIE
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Posted: by 4LeafClover
Last Reply: by 4LeafClover
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"I hope this belongs in this forum, because it has to do with choreography. So anyways, I just got back from a pretty interesting 'freestyle' session. When just practicing, especially wi..."
Posted: by aplastador
Last Reply: by Pele
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"I've been asked to perform at a luau, and I wondered if anybody had some advice as what music would be appropriate. I'd like it to have a Hawaiian theme but more than just drums, which..."
Posted: by Antti_Everything
Last Reply: by bender
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"Please forgive me but this is a bit of a rant. But everytime I hear any of these used for a performance I go crazy. Literally. I start chewing on chairs and strangling my imaginary frie..."
Posted: by Brenn
Last Reply: by bender
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"First post! Yay!Anyways, a question to kick off the new board:Do you draw from a style of dance or martial art when you fire twirl? Did either of the two disciplines lead you to fire tw..."
Posted: by LazyAngel
Last Reply: by Pyrolific
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"Something I started thinking about recently:when doing certain moves, I tend to hold my breath: for example, going for the first under arm part of the matrix.What I then tried to do was..."
Posted: by bentforkx
Last Reply: by bentforkx
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"I came across a line of PVC clothing recently, but I am concerned as to it's "flamability".... I remember reading previous postings regarding how easy various materials catch fire/maint..."
Posted: by purplesheep
Last Reply: by Bekar
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"Anyone got any advice of how to do clowning?"
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by Pele
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"Most of the people I see do fire fans seem to incorperate a belly dancing style, but i am wondering, what else could you use as your base? Any thoughts? My dance skills are a little i..."
Posted: by Geeza
Last Reply: by Fearpig
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"I have been asked to spin fire at a roller disco event in Leeds and thought it might be fun.The only problem is I am not that great at roller skating. I can spin poi whilst walking or ..."
Posted: by tennis
Last Reply: by marcbs
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"I have noticed recently in my area that new poi spinners are about as common as...erm...a really common thing, i also noticed that many of the new up and commers are learning from what..."
Posted: by daisylou
Last Reply: by daisylou
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"Just incase anyone is interested, I have listed this auction this morning on ebay for a remnant slight seconds piece of awesome fire printed 100% cotton fabric which could be used for p..."
Posted: by poicrazy
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"The problem is that using kerosene is producing a lot of smoke and smell. Is there a particular fuel that can be used that is less problematic but still effective?any ideas are welcome!..."
Posted: by Durbs
Last Reply: by Charles
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"Following on from Meg's dance vs tech vs movement thread, this arose as a seperate issue which to save her thread being dragged off topic, I thought I'd create a spin-off discussionSo, ..."
Posted: by Ronopotamus
Last Reply: by Felixwah
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"Quote Wikipedia:&lbr;Quote&rbr;Popping (a.k.a. hitting) is a funk dance and street dance style based on the technique of quickly contracting and relaxing muscles to cause a jerk in the ..."
Posted: by bluecat
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Posted: by Stone
Last Reply: by Pele
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"Wanta improve your footwork, but find all that dance jargon gets in the way? Then, I was thinking if we pooled our dance tips then it might make it easier to visualise some of the danc..."
Posted: by Pyrolific
Last Reply: by newgabe
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"Hey All,If you could go to a festival where the main focus were dance and movement - what kinds of things would you like to learn? Also - would it be worth it to you to pay a lot more t..."
Posted: by FireTom
Last Reply: by Gnor
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"Right now I hold metres over metres of beautiful fabric for costumes...Whereas some will just end up in (skin-tight) overalls, some desperately wants to be converted into opulent costum..."
Posted: by Dan25000
Last Reply: by Felixwah
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"i posted this about an hour ago, and for some reason it's not up anymore. so i'm going to post it again.i need some tips on how to liquid dance. can you some people give me some beggi..."
Posted: by ElectricBlue
Last Reply: by ElectricBlue
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"I have been getting into making a lot of circus/ spinning costuming of late and I was thinking that there must be some other hoppers that do this kind of thing as well. I know there hav..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"So over the weekend I had 2 re-enactment events to attend. It was a busy weekend but I managed on sunday to catch a fire Poi demo at the second event. The performers started out with pr..."
Posted: by UCOF
Last Reply: by Gnor
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"The description of this forum reminds me of this clip. The relevant bit is one minute in.ta. Petey."
Posted: by mcp
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Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by shoonya
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"So ill just start by saying that with all forms of self expression there is no right or wrong. this however is my style which i am refining in which there are rights and wrongs. everyth..."
Posted: by DocLiquid
Last Reply: by dj_retro
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"Hey just wanted to know if there were any breakdancers out there that have begun to incorporate poi moves into there breakdancing routines as I have. If so let me know what you've come..."
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