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Posted: by pyroPLUR
Last Reply: by dartard
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"Hey people! Ive been spinning for 3 weeks and although I have afew moves they arent even and symmetrical. My planes go off as soon as I do any tricks although I can spin against the wal..."
Posted: by Firefly777
Last Reply: by wowlijetgold
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"Can someone please share with me is it possible to transition to the windmill when spinning a butterfly or 3 beat weave?Would you just reverse 3 beat weave or split time into it?I only ..."
Posted: by EpitomeOfNovice
Last Reply: by wowlijetgold
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"Okay, I'd love to do this fountain thing, but alas the videos are over my head. Is it really a 3 beat weave in four positions? I'd have to be weaving really fast to even get it to work ..."
Posted: by doubleohseven
Last Reply: by kuro
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"so i have been spinning poi for several months and have started to learn flower but i have trouble keeping my planes straight what should i do "
Posted: by ohfillypoi
Last Reply: by neonraze
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"There's no vidoes on how to spin with lace and LED sticks. There's just sock and ball! I'm a fav or LED sticks not fire and balls nor hulas. But I don't notice videos on glowstringing!"
Posted: by EienRozen
Last Reply: by neonplaylist
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"I'm having trouble advancing in poi, because I keep looking up tricks randomly, and not understanding previous movements. There are plenty of tutorial video sets on Youtube, but I haven..."
Posted: by se7en
Last Reply: by ColtonB
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"Just curious. I know I like the water flowlights...what goes well with it? I'm thinking either Sol, Fire or Earth..."
Posted: by HeffeHeffeHeffe
Last Reply: by HeffeHeffeHeffe
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"ok so ive been working on it not even sure if its possible but wat ive got so far is butterfly in front of me and then take it over my head and hold it there in the now upwards butterfl..."
Posted: by Pawn28
Last Reply: by aston
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"Hi all My son who is 8 years old and 49 inches tall has been practising staff moves with an old broom handle of mine. I would like to get him a proper staff but have no idea how to buy..."
Posted: by tanz
Last Reply: by tanz
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"Hi all you spinners.Im just asking about linking 3bt weave forwards to the same move backwards. I've watched meeniks youtubevideo, but it didnt help much. So does someone of you have so..."
Posted: by momohappysan
Last Reply: by momohappysan
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"i ve practising for 500 hours, but still not as good as i expect,just wanna ask guys here, how many hours do u think neccessary to be a professional poi dancer? 1,000? 1,500? 3,000? it ..."
Posted: by ChainsawBaroness
Last Reply: by aston
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"I am new to poi and got my poi about 2 -3 weeks ago. I can now do few tricks but having trouble with two beat weave. I start out in forward split time and start to cross but almost alwa..."
Posted: by Chris Phoenix
Last Reply: by aston
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"I'm trying to understand plane shift. I saw one mention that said with practice it could be done quickly.Doesn't a weave basically involve a plane shift? When I do a weave, I more or le..."
Posted: by Stnd54
Last Reply: by oscurochu
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"I've noticed that with my poi, once I got to a level where I could comfortably dance around to music I lost a lot of my motivation to put in the effort to learn new tricks or properly d..."
Posted: by Bouwe
Last Reply: by oscurochu
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"hey guys,I just started playing around with poi, and i decided i'd try learning the buzzsaw, but it's proving a little difficult: the poi don't stay in the "buzzsaw-plane" if..."
Posted: by Jacob_Cooley
Last Reply: by oscurochu
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"I've watched videos and read the poi book and still can't seem to grasp these. I haven't felt more frustrated by a trick. I can't give up on it because it seems that weaves are a lot o..."
Posted: by Yuta
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"Hello, I am Yuta from Japan.I and Okotanpe made charity online lesson for 3.11. Tsunami victims.It's all free lesson and you can request moves that you want to learn.*We will choose a c..."
Posted: by tonicflower
Last Reply: by meshunderlay
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"...So, let me get this the two beat weave basically the same as crossing over in same time but obviously the only difference being split time? Because I can do it with eas..."
Posted: by GoldenKrispy
Last Reply: by TurtlePi
Views: 36820    Replies: 38
" Hello everyoneWell, my problem is the backward weave, i have been trying all morning to pull it off, but no matter what i do they always end up spinning forward doing a forward weave ..."
Posted: by Dark_Dancer
Last Reply: by thirteen
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"Despite watching various tips and lesson vids, I can't get my wall plane spins to spin straight up and down like an l instead my poi are spi spinning like / no matter what speed I spin..."
Posted: by Seaspray
Last Reply: by hooza angel
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"Hey, was practising doing the Butterfly today and noticed that I had a very, very bad habit of the poi colliding and flying in different directions. Thankfully none painfulThe cause of ..."
Posted: by Darren
Last Reply: by hooza angel
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"i have no idea how to do the windmill...ive tried so many times to get into it and i always mess up!!! if anyone could help me that would be great...please be patient..i have only been ..."
Posted: by HashiKun
Last Reply: by Astephy
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"Is there any tricks that are useful to learn before doing other tricks? for instance i think learning how to do butterflies first is probably easier than doing low waves >.< im no..."
Posted: by hooza angel
Last Reply: by hooza angel
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"i think the tutorials in the library are great, but i was wonderin if u could put some up that had glow poi or flowlights so could see it a lil easier? som of the poi are hard to c, and..."
Posted: by _Poiboy_
Last Reply: by Ash3s
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"So, 2011 is starting soon, what's everyone's goals for this year?I actually did most of mine this year, maybe because it was Poi goals and not Staff goals My goals:1) Do the poi courses..."
Posted: by Stacie_Harrod
Last Reply: by Jameth
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"Hi I've recently just got my first set of sock poi and have no idea how to hold them. I looked on the "How To" part if this website and the diagrams looked nothing like what I..."
Posted: by HavoK
Last Reply: by Ash3s
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"I started with the Glow poi so I didn't burn myself alive lol. I've had problems doing th basic butterfly move. I'm doing it the way Diane says to do it in the tutorial but i still ca..."
Posted: by dandipoi
Last Reply: by Didgeridude
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"I've been in a rut with poi for the last while, and I was hoping someone could point me towards the next logical move. I do: 2-beat, backwards3-beat, backwards5-beatHip/Shoulder reelsBu..."
Posted: by Runemist34
Last Reply: by Didgeridude
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"Hey guys,I've been away a while, school's kind of kicking my rear, but I'm really feeling the itch to start spinning again.I have a question, though (okay, a couple questions), and I th..."
Posted: by qwertycoder
Last Reply: by co
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"Hey everybody i remember seeing a spreadsheet with moves down the side column and modifiers along the top (forward reverse isolated ect)"
Posted: by JoshDG
Last Reply: by co
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"I can spin nice and flat with same direction wall plane and different direction same time wall plane but when it comes to, slit time spinning my right hand poi is nice and flat and the ..."
Posted: by Dark_Dancer
Last Reply: by co
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"I am just about to start to learn poi and am looking for classes but havent been able to find anyone locally yet.As I dont have a DVD burner to burn dvds from online vids, and my pc is ..."
Posted: by meshunderlay
Last Reply: by Smurf24029
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"So, I just recently learned to do a split time TTN 3 beat weave, and it occured to me, "why not try for 5 beats".Now... when I was doing a regular TTN weave (together time), I..."
Posted: by _Poiboy_
Last Reply: by mazda
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"This is the same as the staff goals thread, but for poi.Basically, write down some of your goals for your poi spinning this year.Anyway, here are mine :1) Work on my dancing2) Play with..."
Posted: by nico_Baeyens
Last Reply: by nico_Baeyens
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"i haven't seen anybody doing a split time butterfly weave or is that called diffrent??my idea is that you do a split time butterfly in front of you then you turn around 180 degrees and ..."
Posted: by momohappysan
Last Reply: by momohappysan
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"hi, i m new here,and a poi beginnger.yesterday when i was pratising, i hit my lips with my iron poi,bleeding a lot, the lucky thing is i didnt hurt my eyes,so i wanna ask, how do u prot..."
Posted: by Amathria
Last Reply: by Amathria
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"Okay, so I've searched the forums to the best of my ability, and google for that matter, and I can't really find anything on this. I've seen it in video's and I've even played with it a..."
Posted: by Waddell
Last Reply: by nikeshoesforsale
Views: 1798    Replies: 4
"So heres a challenge to all, try clapping your hands with some while doin your moves, even if they don't poi or if they do, start with your dominate hand and then rotate but don't let y..."
Posted: by Pyrolific
Last Reply: by nikeshoesforsale
Views: 20483    Replies: 38
"Hi Guys.I got bored yesterday afternoon, and I was looking at circular motion with ActionScript, so I knocked up a poi simulator that interactively allows you to adjust hand and poi rot..."
Posted: by Amathria
Last Reply: by nikeshoesforsale
Views: 2121    Replies: 11
"Okay, so, I've been spinning about 6 months. Some weeks are busier than others but I think I'm doing pretty good with my comfort level while spinning. I also came to find out I have pre..."
Posted: by DragonOnTheMoon
Last Reply: by nikeshoesforsale
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"I think you are supposed to turn, but I don't know if that is exactly right."
Posted: by Ringshadow
Last Reply: by nikeshoesforsale
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"I'm finding myself kind of directionless on what to learn next, so I figure hey, I'll ask for opinions.I'm a noob and I have to take this slow because I'm not exactly the most coordinat..."
Posted: by mixXxedUPgirl
Last Reply: by nikeshoesforsale
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"i've watched the instructional dvd i have over and over and over and i cant quite get it. she says "the poi don't change direction, you do"but do your wrist movements change d..."
Posted: by Lye
Last Reply: by nikeshoesforsale
Views: 4309    Replies: 24
"I was wondering if anyone knew when I should turn with anti-spin flowers. Do I do the last beat down when I turn or towards the direction that I am going. Like. I'm doing antispin flowe..."
Posted: by EpitomeOfNovice
Last Reply: by nikeshoesforsale
Views: 2671    Replies: 11
"Ok after watching a ton of videos of people spinning and I see no actual tutorial based around this I was wondering if doing the spiral wrap overhead is easier to get into and gain mome..."
Posted: by LoneHowler
Last Reply: by nikeshoesforsale
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"I'm brand new to poi and I bought myself a awesome set of glow poi in socks. I practice with them tuned off. I find I work well with this, but the second I turn them on the move which s..."
Posted: by poiologist
Last Reply: by nikeshoesforsale
Views: 2154    Replies: 17
"IM NEW AND IM THE BEST EVER!!!! ok not really. lol. ive been doing poi for about 5 or 6 months now and i finally decided to sign up here so i have other people to talk to cause watching..."
Posted: by SpinnerofDetroit
Last Reply: by nikeshoesforsale
Views: 10476    Replies: 37
"I didn't see one, and I thought it deserved its own thread. For when you see a move you really like, but can't wrap your head around it. Then you figure out how or see a tutorial, and y..."
Posted: by JoshDG
Last Reply: by nikeshoesforsale
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"Before I start this I would like to say that if there is something like this already I do apologise, I did search numerous times and came to no luck.I'm having problems with plane contr..."
Posted: by T-S-A
Last Reply: by nikeshoesforsale
Views: 9831    Replies: 27
"So in most of the performance videos I have seen, very few people have done much BTB spinning.How much do you use BTB stuff when spinning and do you think it's essential? Or just someth..."
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