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Posted: by Malcolm
Last Reply: by Lucas Mettler
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"If the move is already existing in the library of poi moves and if under a section "Beginners part 1", "Beginners part 2", "Beginners Weaves", "Beginners Butterflies", then it will be c..."
Posted: by stankovanikca
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"Hi there!I am spinning for quite short time-4 months maybe.I already can do some beginner moves as windmill,weaves etc. but Spiral wraps just fascinate me, so i tried to learn them, but..."
Posted: by humanspin
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"Hello I am looking for information about playing poi with the head, Pungmul is a traditional dance of Korea with ribbon hats that looks like pois. Some Pungmul documentationWikipedia ..."
Posted: by DrexFactor
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"I'm starting a series this week on how to do gunslingers, starting with entries and exits I'll also be covering spiral wraps, weaves, and flowers with this type of tether manipulation. ..."
Posted: by poinoob
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".. i just busted out the poi again after a hiatus. I can feel the muscle memory. Its almost organic. But my planes are sloppy. Any body got a good plane practice thats not boring.."
Posted: by Chris206c
Last Reply: by Chris206c
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"So has anyone ever done a BTB 7 beat weave?I finally figured out a way to do it. Although,Since I am totally self taught, and I only recently discovered what poi is actually called, I..."
Posted: by DrexFactor
Last Reply: by fran.var.vil
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"This article is mirrored on my blog. If you were are the recent Kinetic Fire Festival or have spoken to either Charlie Cushing or myself face-to-face in the past six months, it's entir..."
Posted: by rustyrayz
Last Reply: by Chris206c
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"Sorry for the fuzzy quality. What is this move? It's like a huggy crosser iso thing.. I can't find anything about this move. for all the assistanc..."
Posted: by li.ob.86
Last Reply: by li.ob.86
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"Hi everybody. I've been an poier for a long time, but I've been a little shut off lately, more or less doing my thing/nothing the last couple of years. Recently I got some sort of poi r..."
Posted: by timmeh
Last Reply: by Skateboardkid
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" i've had an amazing opportunity to travel the us this year; and still doing it! here's a little video from when i got to hang out at the vulcan for a while "
Posted: by MajinFlow
Last Reply: by timmeh
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"So where the hell is everyone learning to play with 3 poi at a time? I can't google search it (only comes up with 3 beat weaves), and videos of people are awesome but sometimes I just n..."
Posted: by timmeh
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"Hi! I had the amazing privilege of visiting Ukraine for Kiev Fire Festival! here are some videos of the journey i was lucky enough to have. the first 7 videos are from festival adventur..."
Posted: by SamEuphoria
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"Anyone tried these? I had a pattern i guess i wanted to share.4 parts: 1. First half of zan's diamond (vertical, diagonal, horizontal, diagonal) vs. box mode 4 petal antispin2. Second h..."
Posted: by poismylove
Last Reply: by SamEuphoria
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"So, i was wondering what everyones faveorite move is? i know theres alot of them, but try to think of one haha "
Posted: by rustyrayz
Last Reply: by rustyrayz
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" video, between 0:30 and 0:34. I have spent so much time trying to figure out how to do what he is doing and my brain cannot decipher what is going on. Pl..."
Posted: by DrexFactor
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"A number of years ago, a gentleman by the name of Adam Dipert showed me the basics of how trig functions could be used to model basic poi flowers. In the years since, I've used these ba..."
Posted: by H4ck3d
Last Reply: by MajinFlow
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"Hi,I think I'd like to connect Poi with alternative body activities,includig Yoga. Anyone tried to incorporate both? I've created Poi'chi befor a while, but want to movethis even furth..."
Posted: by Az
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" "
Posted: by joffjk
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" "
Posted: by timmeh
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" "
Posted: by Christy Wright
Last Reply: by beaniebob
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"Hey there - Been spinning Poi at while now. Shooting a fire promo with a local videographer soon, and wanting to learn how to create the a fire circle around me as I spin, seen a few Y..."
Posted: by nulleamai
Last Reply: by joffjk
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"this is first time that i'm posting in "advenced poi moves"... :-)I hope my english is good enough...So... Throws:In my opinion throws are a new, great, funny way to use poi. ..."
Posted: by edirian000
Last Reply: by corestripe
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"ive been trying to learn behind the back poi tricks for the last 5-6 months and still i cannot do one, ive got the fundamentals down for the behind the back 3 beat weave but my HUGE con..."
Posted: by ToyTreason
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"&lbr;video:youtube&rbr;UhAGiQds3NYYay for 4 poi/double meteor :)"
Posted: by timmeh
Last Reply: by timmeh
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" "
Posted: by Dave Statik
Last Reply: by jalarcon
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" "
Posted: by timmeh
Last Reply: by jublian
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" My newest video"
Posted: by Carnivale
Last Reply: by beaniebob
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"Hi guys, I've been working on a move for a while, and was hoping I might get some direction on it. I've searched around for tutorials, but I don't even know what to call it. It's sort o..."
Posted: by DrexFactor
Last Reply: by carrie32
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"This is a tutorial series on how linear extensions can be used to break down everything from flowers to polyrhythm hybrids and third-order motions. The lesson get broken down with the a..."
Posted: by synndarella
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
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"Didn't realize I can be a slow learner till I tried this move Im using sock poi, also tried on cones - Ive been trying for so long, beginning to wonder if Im just using the wrong tools ..."
Posted: by Patiencepie
Last Reply: by southafricadude
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"I have been practicing the spiral wrap and have the problem that when I unwind from the wrap, the poi are not unwrapping at split time as they are going into the wrap. They are unwindin..."
Posted: by synndarella
Last Reply: by timmeh
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"So I Finally got myself some contact poi. I went with the 72mm ball.I've found it its' not that easy to roll them along your arm! I thought they'd just do it themselves tbh.. well.. hop..."
Posted: by timmeh
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" "
Posted: by the squirrel
Last Reply: by synndarella
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"i have discovered you can do alot of the tricks with your feet. watch the 2 and 3 beat in the link below youtube"
Posted: by sticklefifer
Last Reply: by southafricadude
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"I was watching the following video... around 1:06-1:07 there's a move that looks like a horizontal oval type of move, or a compressed reve..."
Posted: by timmeh
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" -- enjoy! "
Posted: by nupo
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" Vulcan Tech Gospelthx Lorq & Noel"
Posted: by sticklefifer
Last Reply: by sticklefifer
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"I'm looking for some kind of instruction or video on how to "pass" a five-beat weave in front of you from one side to the other. It creates this great "wheel of fire"..."
Posted: by nico4141
Last Reply: by synndarella
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"In the past week i have been trying to get the one handed butterfly down. i manage to pinch the poi with my pinkie but they collide every time after a few seconds. If anyone knows how t..."
Posted: by tracetheface
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
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"hi friends. i've been playing with this idea for a while and thought i'd share to see if anyone else has found success or done more to explore the idea.a while ago while working on five..."
Posted: by Zaltymbunk
Last Reply: by Mtnsailor7
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"Hi everybody !I would like to share some stuff about what could be called third order motions. Currently, we usually know and use second order motion, which are basically relations like..."
Posted: by GinOokami
Last Reply: by Charles
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"SO. I was able to get the normal 1.5 down easily enough(not sure why it's in the advanced section, but hey), and I was curious to see if anyone had tried to do it backwards. I've tried ..."
Posted: by Dave Statik
Last Reply: by beaniebob
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"Hey guys! This is my submission for the Kinetic Fire Tutorial contest. Please help me out for a chance to make it to this amazing festival. All you have to do to show your support is li..."
Posted: by Mark Jackson
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"We can all agree that spinning poi is really fun and there are so many styles out there, but one place I don't see enough people exploring is under the legs. Almost every motion that yo..."
Posted: by iSp1nF1re
Last Reply: by chilittlewolf
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"ive been spinning for almost a year now and starting to integrate 3D into my flow but also trying to learn what i guess would be called combinations or versus. for example a CAP vs hori..."
Posted: by DrexFactor
Last Reply: by DrexFactor
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"Help me find out! I'm trying to grab a good sample size of responses to this form to find out if there's any link between lateral dominance (being left or right handed/footed) and the d..."
Posted: by synndarella
Last Reply: by beaniebob
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"Hi guysIve been using Rice in the tail end of my socksBut Ive been eyeing up the ball handles lately Do they make good counter weights or are they too lightWhat do you use and roughly h..."
Posted: by Leogan
Last Reply: by lawliet
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"I recently got the hang of anti-spin flowers and during the past couple weeks of refining the move while turning my body I noticed that my left shoulder pops slightly. It happens mostly..."
Posted: by plombir
Last Reply: by Ruze
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"HI from Voronezh )))))) (Russia) "
Posted: by Richee
Last Reply: by Midkiff
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"Notcomelan3 turning,that has wall plane similar to inversion.lightning,:R"
Posted: by nu
Last Reply: by nupo
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"P'oi chi is a form of spinning mainly focusing on stretching routinesand patterns rather then classic Poi routines and patterns or objectmanipulation techniques. It is one of the low 'e..."
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