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Posted: by EddieGoJam
Last Reply: by ferrez
Views: 453    Replies: 2
"Does anyone on here spin in Central Jersey? I usually spin alone or friends just watch, but no one really appreciates it like other spinners... and I find it extremely educational to wa..."
Posted: by Smurf24029
Last Reply: by Argistof
Views: 607    Replies: 3
"I have looked to find anyone near me on here but no hope. I know there are people in Seattle but it is so hard for me to make it past fife that its nearly impossible. Just want to meet ..."
Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by ben-ja-men
Views: 768    Replies: 4
"My girlfriend and I are heading to the fullmoon party, anyone else going?"
Posted: by Capt.Alien
Views: 234    Replies: 0
"I am backpacking South America this summer and I would like to find some fire jams in the southern hemisphere. Anyone know where to go?"
Posted: by nulleamai
Last Reply: by nulleamai
Views: 4943    Replies: 20
"Hi all!I'm planning a eurotrip in july and agoust from Italy to Finland with an auto-self camper.( something like this http://autoselfcamper.blogspot.com/)I wish to go to the Ejc and th..."
Posted: by Ash_Cyber_Hippy
Last Reply: by MikefromGlos
Views: 990    Replies: 13
"Heya, so basically Im trying to start up a spinning team in the South of the UK and am looking for spinners that can flow to join with the possibility of peforming in clubs and such in ..."
Posted: by Madzzz
Last Reply: by Mr_Joe
Views: 381    Replies: 2
"Hai!I'm moving down to Brighton in two weeks, and I would love to meet some spinners or groups, to generally get to know people down there, learn some moves, make friends etc. The only ..."
Posted: by alex_atwood
Last Reply: by JaredW
Views: 347    Replies: 1
"Pretty boring out here in Odessa noone that I can find spins poi, juggles, or does freestyle nunchaku. Anyone here or near Odessa/Midland/Lubbock or very near that does anyone the abov..."
Posted: by Florence1schreib
Last Reply: by Poje
Views: 363    Replies: 2
"I live in Tempe, AZ over the summer, and want to know if there's anyone in the Valley I can practice with "
Posted: by yhvh83
Last Reply: by ChinChinni
Views: 662    Replies: 5
"So here is the deal. I am coming to Amsterdam in May. For about 2 weeks and possibly going to Prague or London. I am looking to see if there is any fire performances going on around May..."
Posted: by RunningAemok
Last Reply: by Ariel_Edwards
Views: 874    Replies: 8
"Looking to meet up with some others in the Tampa Bay area. Would love to get together to practice and hang out."
Posted: by bluemaggie
Views: 192    Replies: 0
"Where are you people?"
Posted: by Kezzauk
Last Reply: by derelict dancing
Views: 445    Replies: 2
"HeyI've just dusted off my poi's after they have been resting for quite sometime!I would love to know if there are any regular meet up's here in Wellington NZ? I'm pretty rusty and woul..."
Posted: by Dandemonium
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 2718    Replies: 4
"Just moved back to Adelaide and keen to get back into all things firey(after the fire bans are over, of course!). Is Friday night under the bridge still happening these days? Thanks!"
Posted: by Mucky
Last Reply: by Mucky
Views: 627    Replies: 5
"Hey, MAXX just updated updated the Pittsburgh thread, so I thought I'd follow suit and add one for my side of the state. I'm the ringleader of our little practice group; most of us do p..."
Posted: by johndhaive
Views: 193    Replies: 0
"finally i'm in the west coast and im in oxnard... anyone spinning in this area?"
Posted: by mark_tracy
Last Reply: by Dave Statik
Views: 931    Replies: 2
"Just seeing if there are some fire spinners out there in maine that would want to spin fire soon. the weather is better, and i have a new set i want to burn up"
Posted: by Rives
Last Reply: by meshunderlay
Views: 449    Replies: 1
"I'm heading up to Manhattan for a few days and was wondering if any one wanted to meet up in or around the city."
Posted: by woodlandfairy
Views: 252    Replies: 0
"Looking for a poi teacher in Fort Worth, have dance background.Please pm if interested.Thanks, K."
Posted: by Mr Majestik
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
Views: 1859    Replies: 18
"ok SO!im leaving this friday and this is the basic itinerary:Jan 27 - RomeFeb 18 - Lugano & LucerneMar 1 - berlinMar 4 - IrelandMar 31 - manchesterApr 7 - BJC !!!!!!!!!!!!!Apr 11..."
Posted: by WaK
Last Reply: by A=PoiRsQuared
Views: 959    Replies: 1
"Ello. My name's WaK. Any spinners from or near Northern Colorado?? Preferably Greeley, Fort Collins, Loveland, Johnstown, and Milliken?? I'm looking for people to spin with...I spin soc..."
Posted: by gypsykt
Last Reply: by Smurf24029
Views: 777    Replies: 3
"Hi guys,Wondering if there is anyone in the Aberdeen area that would be willing to offer lessons in poi? I'm not very good at all but I'm not a complete beginner and can produce most o..."
Posted: by fireelf
Last Reply: by WaK
Views: 497    Replies: 2
"anyone in wyoming spin poi? we have a group of 4 fire spinners in cheyenne and we are looking for more spinners in our area"
Posted: by gubster
Last Reply: by Seye
Views: 325    Replies: 1
"Ok- so i have looked around and all the posts seem to be really old, so i was hoping someone can point me in thei direction of where i can find out more on learning Poi in Edinburgh. I ..."
Posted: by Grottbags
Views: 199    Replies: 0
"Hey I am originally from Derby, but lived in London for a while. I don't have lots of free time, but would like to meet up for fire spinning and summer spinning when the weather gets b..."
Posted: by mikesnail
Last Reply: by letitburn
Views: 753    Replies: 5
"Hey All,A couple of years back i remember an active poi group used to spin on thursday nights near the river in guildford. Does anyone know if this still happens?CheersMike. "
Posted: by _Poiboy_
Last Reply: by liquidtrance
Views: 4254    Replies: 21
"I'm currently saving up for a big trip around Europe for the summer.I'm planning on visiting these countries (and festivals), and possibly doing a few workshops wherever I can find a ve..."
Posted: by HooperActive
Last Reply: by T-S-A
Views: 530    Replies: 2
"Hello!Are there any spinners in the Stoke/Staffordshire/South Cheshire area? Anyone know of any regular meet-ups or groups?Thanks!HooperActive"
Posted: by Rury
Last Reply: by liquidtrance
Views: 1125    Replies: 8
" Yo anyone in or around the glasgow area, preferably more to the north side, but happy to meet up with anyone.17 years old, new to poi and looking for someone who can show me a couple o..."
Posted: by 420orion727
Last Reply: by Refuge Crew
Views: 716    Replies: 2
"Hey, I've been living in Riondel (tiny little town just outside of Nelson) and I've yet to meet any other spinners... I mostly spin staff but I do dabble in the art of glow-poi.Anyone a..."
Posted: by eca
Last Reply: by eca
Views: 324    Replies: 2
"This summer my buddy and I are traveling west through the US. Ok, so we're just going two states over.We are leaving June 24th.Anyone between Minneapolis, MN and Bozeman, MT who would l..."
Posted: by Nonsense
Views: 242    Replies: 0
"Helloooo I just recently moved to Cary NC from Arizona Im trying to find some people to spin with If there is any spinners around (Cary, Raleigh, Chapel Hill) area dont be shy and hi..."
Posted: by Cool Samwise
Last Reply: by ben-ja-men
Views: 2327    Replies: 7
"Helloo everyone,Im a Sydney twirler (poi mainly, bit of hoop and staff) who is finding herself having to move to Canberra next year (2010) for uni and was wondering if anyone knows of s..."
Posted: by jarle
Last Reply: by ben-ja-men
Views: 469    Replies: 3
"Hey All!I will be going to Matsudo, Japan with Scouts from the 25th of July through to the 5th of August. While half of that will be spent at camp, the other half will be with host fami..."
Posted: by Sherab
Last Reply: by ben-ja-men
Views: 650    Replies: 4
"Hello fellow spinners,does anyone know of any juggling conventions/workshops/events or any 'get together" where I could hook up and learn new stuff with fellow spinners going to ha..."
Posted: by lady_lou
Last Reply: by treloar
Views: 867    Replies: 5
"Hi everyone! I have just settled in Byron Bay, I know there is a spinning scene here but just wondering if there are any regular meets happening. I have heard of a few things about but ..."
Posted: by Seridia
Last Reply: by liquidtrance
Views: 489    Replies: 2
"Hey yall!Haha, no. I'm not from Scotland. I'll be moving there in September. To Edinburgh, specifically. I'm looking for anyone else out there who does poi/fire spinning to see if I can..."
Posted: by Pommy Bubbles
Last Reply: by liquidtrance
Views: 611    Replies: 4
"Hey, I'm michael, I spin poi and staff at the moment, I'm looking for people to spin with.Can teach, keen to learn."
Posted: by xgurl3eb
Last Reply: by AlannaLP
Views: 400    Replies: 1
"Hey there, my husband and I recently moved to chicago (technically oak park) and we're looking for any spinners who'd want to get together. Anyone in the area willing to teach us some ..."
Posted: by maus
Last Reply: by keyarghah
Views: 830    Replies: 8
"Hey guys! Not been on here for a while....but its good to be back!My boyfriend and I are gonna be heading out to australia around the end of march beginning of april, and will be travel..."
Posted: by squatter
Last Reply: by Norwich Circus
Views: 506    Replies: 3
"Hey! I've just moved to Norwich; if you fancy a burn or a chill out in the park then get in touch. CheersSquatter"
Posted: by Sherab
Last Reply: by psy-cookie
Views: 2365    Replies: 5
"Dear fellow spinners,im gonna be in Thailand for the next few months and really need to learn some new moves, I am stuck in old school land! Help!Does anybody know where and with who I ..."
Posted: by KittehRaver
Last Reply: by KittehRaver
Views: 670    Replies: 3
"Hey is there anyone from the Brownwood, San Angelo, Abilene area in Texas? Willing to learn anything and everything!"
Posted: by EmmCeeeFF
Views: 335    Replies: 0
"During my travels over the past couple of years time and time again I have come accross groups of jugglers who meet on a regular basis for general practice and just to meet up with like..."
Posted: by Adventuredan
Last Reply: by FireTom
Views: 721    Replies: 3
"Hey All my names Dan i just joined this wicked website. Im an Australian living in Aachen Germany. i haven't yet seen any other spinners in the Area. So if your near by and you want to ..."
Posted: by feelscape
Last Reply: by FireTom
Views: 689    Replies: 3
"Hallo!I was wondering if there are people from Bremen, Germany active on this board?i spin most of the time alone of with my room mate, and now we met another guy who spins aswel but it..."
Posted: by JoshuaAM
Last Reply: by FireTom
Views: 353    Replies: 1
"Hey guys I'm heading to Thailand from KL in the next couple of days where I will be studying to get my yoga teaching certs. As I will be on Ko Phangan I wanted to go to a few parties t..."
Posted: by Dragoneye
Last Reply: by Dragoneye
Views: 521    Replies: 2
"Jugglers Backpacker Dragon Wellcome Home in Germany. .&lbr;/b&rbr;&lbr;b&rbr;"
Posted: by Ashmore
Last Reply: by Ashmore
Views: 2617    Replies: 16
"Hi Everyone,If there are people living in Holland nearby Rotterdam; let me know!!I think it would be great to get together and practise.I've just started with poi, on my onw. Am curious..."
Posted: by brenonfire413
Last Reply: by JaredW
Views: 1029    Replies: 10
"Hey all! I'm new to Poi but thorougly loving every minute of it! I live in Oklahoma. If there's anybody living in this state, in Arkansas, Kansas, Texas or Missouri, give me a shout!"
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