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Posted: by ZeppelinGirl
Last Reply: by aquastar86
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"I'm new to poi, and love it! I would love to meet others in Austin, Tx. who spin! So, if you know of any shows or would just like to say hello hit me up! "
Posted: by DJTimesTable
Last Reply: by hoopninjaLBC
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"I know I am new on this forum and did not want to jump right into making my own post but this is why I joined this sit and have not had much luck so far trying to find anyone...I am new..."
Posted: by Scottie~MacK
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"Hey there! Looking for people to spin with around Truro/Halifax, Nova Scotia. I know, I know, winter is here and spinning outdoors may not be too attractive. But who knows maybe someone..."
Posted: by TABjuggler
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"The Orlando Juggling Club would love to have more poi spinners come out to our meetings. If you live in the area, get in touch with me if you want to come play We are also looking for U..."
Posted: by burningoftheclavey
Last Reply: by burningoftheclavey
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"Hey guys,so finally my itchy feet are being relieved (YAY!) and I am heading out to New Zealand arriving on the 10th september, hoping to spend the first month in the north island befor..."
Posted: by Casey_Catto
Last Reply: by hyperlolli
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"Hi!My name is Casey, I would like to learn how to spin fire poi. If there is anyone willing to teach in the central florida area and/or if there are more spinners willing to get togethe..."
Posted: by Stephanie_Goggin
Last Reply: by meshunderlay
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"Looking too talk too other People who do poi or any other fire dance styles in the denver metro area'ish >.<Been trying too meet them on my own but found it hard so here I am."
Posted: by Midkiff
Last Reply: by Calibud
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"yeah just wonderin if there are any spinners in southern illinois?"
Posted: by Calibud
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"I know this is HoP, but every Sunday night at the Koken Art Museum in St. Louis they have a warehouse open to all types of spinning. My sister took me last Sunday and at first I thought..."
Posted: by LaLaLand
Last Reply: by 3Hana3
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"It's getting so lonely here in Zagreb. So it you're in/coming to Zagreb you can let me know and we could spin together. I promise I'll be on my best behavior. "
Posted: by WhangaAura
Last Reply: by WhangaAura
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"Hi Guys,I'm at the 19.11-22.11 in Melbourne and love to meet some other Poi Spinner to catch up and share experience.Are you interested in it or do you know a place where Spinner meet e..."
Posted: by cindysue21
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"hey all I have just recently moved to Whangarei and i am wondering if there are any groups that spin together on a regular basis or if anyone would like to get group together?I am an am..."
Posted: by johndhaive
Last Reply: by mArv!
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"i guess anywhere i go, i am the only one... "
Posted: by poismylove
Last Reply: by mArv!
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"is there anyone in any of these areas that spin. id really love to find some people to spin with it would be really cool "
Posted: by Troika
Last Reply: by poismylove
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"Hey everyone, I'm going to be in LA, Longbeach area more specifically, on Halloween weekend. anyone know of something going on that pertains to spinning? I might have a free night and t..."
Posted: by Nikadi
Last Reply: by Mcbear
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"Are there any spinners about Clacton area? Or up to Colchester? Just moved back to Clacton and would like to meet some other spinners and improve my own skills!"
Posted: by Poppy-rose
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"Hello!I am a promoter for a night in Swindon called Lovelove. We are currently in the process to get a night out in Ibiza next year and to make the event a success, we need to do someth..."
Posted: by FireSoulBG
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"Hello.I write this to present my group.My name is Victor and I'm owner of group of artists named Fire Soul. We are from Bulgaria and we work with fire, stilts and acrobatics.You can see..."
Posted: by Buci
Last Reply: by amalthea
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"Hi everyone,I'm having hard time to meet fellow spinners in South East Asia.I'm keen to meet up and practice together...I'm currently (and semi permanently) in Singapore/Malaysia. I tra..."
Posted: by sam_morris
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"Hi all, I'm a brit who's just moved to amsterdam, and trying to find some fellow spinners? Anyone out there? Drop me an email!Sam"
Posted: by TechSpec
Last Reply: by meshunderlay
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"At the philli art museum there will be juggling and open burn out back till 5pm."
Posted: by kubikub
Last Reply: by DJTimesTable
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"Hey, if there are any spinners from (cough) a location found between LA and SD, me and another guy from my school have been trying to round up some people to start a practice group with..."
Posted: by fireburner
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"hay there im looking for a group of ppl who would want to meet up and spin. i dont like to spin alown as i dont no if im doing it right so if no any one who would wanna meet up let me n..."
Posted: by juggalotus
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"people around sacermento lets chill and Rave"
Posted: by thefutureisred
Last Reply: by Sister Eleven
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"Hey! I'm new to this forum and also new to spinning. Just got back from Burning Man and camped with a bunch of people from the Fire Conclave. My goal is to learn as much as I can and ma..."
Posted: by Jeth
Last Reply: by aston
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"Im slowly getting back into poi and looking for some other people to burn ith. Anyone in and around the port elizabeth area in South Africa? Was kinda hoping to start a weekly beach gat..."
Posted: by poismylove
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"So i was thinking, it would be cool to start a meetup for people around the ventura county, l.a, and valley areas maybe every other week and we can pick different locations every time, ..."
Posted: by Miguel_Guerrero
Last Reply: by poismylove
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"I know that this coming Saturday there will be the Glow Santa Monica event, with art exhibits/pieces made to glow in the dark. I am looking forward to new ways of spinning and dancing w..."
Posted: by Midkiff
Last Reply: by jeggienbudd
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"hey is there any spinners in southern wisconsin? i am working here for the next 3 to 4 weeks off and on and would like to have someone to spin with if possible i am in madison, beloit, ..."
Posted: by SupahSpecial
Last Reply: by EpitomeOfNovice
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"I used to spin (fire, LED, and ribbon) quite a bit back in the day, and now I'm getting back into it again. I just recently moved into Richmond, VA (from a not-very-far-away other part ..."
Posted: by ma'tina
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"Hello Swiss People......i am a firedancer since about 6 years.....and i will be in Zrich, Switzerland in Oktober so i was wondering if and how many firedancers, -spinners, -jugglers ar..."
Posted: by babajaga
Last Reply: by meshunderlay
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"I am gonna be in New York in about one week for two weeks.I would love to meet some of you guys.hugs"
Posted: by Zekajunguy
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"hey, im just geting into fire arts and looking for people down in new orleans eather to learn or practice fire arts with. Currently i have some exprence with poi, fire breathing,glow st..."
Posted: by fireburner
Last Reply: by fireburner
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"hay looking for spinners in london and was wondering if ppl could tell me places, address and poscods please xx"
Posted: by evilangel69er
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"hey i looking to meet people who spin fire ,poi ,staff what eva u love spinning drop me a line trying find ppl to work with as set up either a show or just local meet evry month or sumi..."
Posted: by nulleamai
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"Hi to all turkish spinners! I'm going to do a 5 mounths erasmus in istanbul, are there turkish spinners on this forum? :-)Contact me please! I wish to spin more possible! :-)"
Posted: by fireburner
Last Reply: by fireburner
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"hay there i dont like to practice spinning on my own as i dont really no if it looks right and i would love to be able to practise with other spinners so if there is any body how would ..."
Posted: by joii
Last Reply: by joii
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"Why, hello there!I've been reading these forums for a while, but I'm not so much for the posting. It is a truly dire need that drives me to it now.So... some of you may know that over ..."
Posted: by bluemaggie
Last Reply: by bluemaggie
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"Hey everyone!I am moving to London in September for studies and I was wondering if anyone knows if there is any upcoming street show there,juggling,theatre and stuff.Please let me know ..."
Posted: by the_mods_stole_my_name
Last Reply: by the_mods_stole_my_name
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"Hi folks, I'm setting off on six months of travels in August. starting in California USA, skipping through the far east and ending up in New Zealand/ possibly Australia. I'm looking fo..."
Posted: by max65810
Last Reply: by yhvh83
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"Well I already made a topic but I cant seem to find it now. Only thing I find is stuff from 05. This forum stuff confuses the hell out of me. I prefer to spend my time spinning. But hey..."
Posted: by Staggnant
Last Reply: by Jered_Spins_Poi
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"I didn't see a recent post for the Denver, CO area. So here's a new one. ;-)I've been spinning poi for several years, contact staff for the equivalent of a couple of months (and not ver..."
Posted: by Nedine__OBrien
Last Reply: by Nedine__OBrien
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"Greetings all! Myself and a couple of friends are trying to start a group in the Devizes / Swindon area. Are there any already established that we could join instead? Or are there th..."
Posted: by Psykosis
Last Reply: by Psykosis
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"Hello, how do? Im not new 2 spinning fairly advance. Im from coventry, can do brum and warickshire. Desprate for a burn with some new people."
Posted: by WhiteNyte
Last Reply: by Brad_Bagby
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"I am Daniel A.K.A. "WhiteNyte" A.K.A. Forum Administrator for KC Drum and DanceFor several months before creating the new forum KC Drum and Dance, I had been trying to learn ..."
Posted: by Renfried
Last Reply: by Brad_Bagby
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"Greets from the heart of the US. Looking for some poi and fire arts enthusiasts here in Wichita. I can be reached at"
Posted: by Nate
Last Reply: by D3l1r1um
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"i'm going to be venturing across the pond pretty soon, i'm of course going to philadelphia PA, sinking springs to be exact, i'm willing to travel to meet object manipulators/lovely peop..."
Posted: by Mark_Getman
Last Reply: by D3l1r1um
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"Any spinners around watertown new york want to collaborate?"
Posted: by T_RavE
Last Reply: by Chris Bailey
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"Anyone know of any fire spinners in milwaukee? been spinning for aboot a year and looking for some other cats to collaborate with "
Posted: by Rovo
Last Reply: by Chris Bailey
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"So I've just confirmed travel dates to Thailand for September 7th thru November 2nd. I'm hoping to meet up with as many spinny-folk as possible and would love any info other travelers h..."
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