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Posted: by Athenyx
Last Reply: by johndhaive
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"Hey, I'm hoping to find some people in the Norman Oklahoma area who would like to spin this summer. I want to learn some new tricks and have fun with others who share my enthusiasm for ..."
Posted: by orangina
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"hey i'm in a small circus branched of from swamp circus, we're in cornwall- enland and coming over to ireland 2 juggle and see friends.i specialise in poi, stilts and abit of hat and ac..."
Posted: by philisweatly
Last Reply: by philisweatly
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"Just moved to south-west Iowa and spin all by myself Been off an on with it for about 10 months. Just wondering if there are any events or other spinners in my area!Peace"
Posted: by the happy man
Last Reply: by Nicoladewsnip
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"hey,me and a couple of friends are looking to meet up with other spinners or jugglers in our anyone here going to the colchester sixth form or institute this year, or already th..."
Posted: by SHIN MASTA
Last Reply: by Puff
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"Hello,Thank you kiwis, HOP, specially to ,, oh I can`t explane17th NewZealand Juggling festival was so beautiful peaceful festivalmissionbay firenight members,, Tuesday also,, ponsonby ..."
Posted: by Millle
Last Reply: by HoP_Nick
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"I am coming to Barcelona in 10 days from now and I am craving to buy some originally made poi, because mine is homemade and it is not very suitable for me. I am trying to find on the in..."
Posted: by squatter
Last Reply: by squatter
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"Hi,I've spoken to the district voluntary service type people about setting up a community spinning/circus group and about getting funding etc... so if anyone's in the area who can spin,..."
Posted: by Chloe'
Views: 555    Replies: 0
"Anybody from the South Dakota area??? Not many people in Pierre and it's getting kinda lonely..."
Posted: by R0cketSh1p
Last Reply: by R0cketSh1p
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"Hi guysI created and account a while ago but cant remember the details, so I created this one but anyway, I'll be moving to NZ in the next few months currently applying for my passport..."
Posted: by Wraith_Dividend
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"Please can someone from chichester tlak i feel so lonley down here all by my larry"
Posted: by Bekar
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"Hello, dear Friends! First of all, sorry for my scrappy English... 8)I am a leader of spelling fire-theatre troupe. At the end of April (27...30) we all are going to visit Prague and to..."
Posted: by SHIN MASTA
Last Reply: by Point_Blank
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"hello I`m SHIN from Korea and I`m come NZ 3/9 for travel with learning poi and I visited HomeofPoi office and buy some toys and I just come from NZ juggling festival now and I meet good..."
Posted: by Moka
Last Reply: by duvan
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"Still tentative at this point in time unfortunately, but if I'm able to get a job very soon and certain other factors come into play, I'm going to be off to Berlin for a visit to the Jo..."
Posted: by firedancer502
Last Reply: by sichainey
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"Hey guys, Im a fire poi-er and just moved to Southampton for uni. Came from Brighton where there was always loads of poi events and meet ups. Anyone out there a southampton poi-er?? Or ..."
Posted: by johnpeter
Last Reply: by MikefromGlos
Views: 462    Replies: 1
"Hi im looking for a guy from chili who left new zealand to go to Sweden does any one know him and got a email adress? thanks"
Posted: by purple_flames
Last Reply: by purple_flames
Views: 873    Replies: 2
"hey everyone! I've moved this to this section so sorry if you've seen this post before...basically myself and my friend would really love to start spinning, is there anybody in the Mers..."
Posted: by DeepSoulSheep
Last Reply: by keyarghah
Views: 1118    Replies: 11
"Hey Guys, I'm back in Oz....for a year this timeI'm uber keen to catch up with old friends and meet new ones while I'm here.I'm currently setting up in Sydney and plan to be here till J..."
Posted: by Zuzka
Last Reply: by Mucky
Views: 909    Replies: 1
"Hi I am going to Istanbul in March (from 11. to 17. March) and I was thinking about organizing a little fire session...I would really love to meet new spinners from my favourite city......"
Posted: by S3KnoT
Last Reply: by Gnor
Views: 952    Replies: 5
"Hi friends and family alike...Names shane, 25 y.o male, coming west for the first time and am looking to meet fire spinners and so on...Also, if any kind hearted friends out there have ..."
Posted: by Shuki
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"Hi all,I'm looking for Ryan from South Africa.Sould be about 32-33 years old.We were doing Poi in israel and in South Africa togetherin the years 1995-1996 .Shuki."
Posted: by Luna19
Last Reply: by Soverntear
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"I have had a set of poi's now for a while but haven't been able to teach myself. Mostly due to lack of know how. Is there anyone out there who is willing to teach me? We can discuss com..."
Posted: by logansrun
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"Hi all, I am moving to Rockhampton QLD in a couple of weeks and curious if there are any other members there that want to start a weekly meetup at all? Or if there is anything going alr..."
Posted: by Curar
Last Reply: by Puff
Views: 978    Replies: 3
"I'm planning to take a Vacation to New Zealand as a surprise getaway for my wife. I want to do it in December. I don't want to be in the cities though. We love the scenery and beautiful..."
Posted: by SHIN MASTA
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"I`ll travel NewZealand and I want to learn poi I`m Korean (south) and 23years old (M)If it possible, I want to have happy time with poi friend. after juggling festival, 3/22~ 4/22 in th..."
Posted: by jarle
Last Reply: by jarle
Views: 1013    Replies: 6
"Hey all, I am going for a trip up to Sydney for a couple of days at the end of February to climb the Harbour bridge, whoo! Any twirlers up there want to meet up for a spin on Saturday, ..."
Posted: by Mr_Joe
Last Reply: by SHIN MASTA
Views: 1187    Replies: 8
"Right, I've decided to get my arse out of the UK, it needs doing I've been preliminarily approved for a working holiday visa in NZ but apart from that I've not really gotten very far,..."
Posted: by davidravensdad
Views: 567    Replies: 0
"Hello to everyone in Dallas and the greater North Texas area. I am brand smegging new to poi spinning and reaching out to all in the area."
Posted: by coincidancer
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"hello friends !I am looking for a professional fire troupe from Southern Spain to include in the line up of a little fire festival I am organizing in Southern Italy in late summer.we ar..."
Posted: by FreakFlier
Last Reply: by catana
Views: 919    Replies: 1
"Yo just got to the island, on Oahu for now. Will be in the honolulu area for the most part. Occasionally on kauai. Send me a pm I'll be here for atleast a year"
Posted: by borganique
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"i'm interested to know who and where you all are, and where we can all meet up.i'm happy to run clubs anywhere in cornwall from st austell downwards."
Posted: by HoP_Nick
Last Reply: by newgabe
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"Hello all.I've been working at hop for almost 3 years now,making toys and packing orders,and just love the community you all share(altho i haven't been very active at posting messages i..."
Posted: by OldLadyWinchester
Last Reply: by firedog
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"I recently moved to Whitehorse from Ontario and I'm looking for any spinners in the area. maybe show me some new moves or teach me how to practice properly in -40, lol."
Posted: by squatter
Last Reply: by squatter
Views: 1436    Replies: 7
"hi, i've just moved up to putney vale (between kingston and roehampton/putney, and would love to find out about any regular meet-ups that are happening around the area. there's stupid a..."
Posted: by orangina
Last Reply: by darrenconlan
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"Hey going to see soulfly at bristol academy on 3rd O feb,dont wana sound like i'm full of my self or nething but I'm realy good at poi and never met anyone round cornwall that good, any..."
Posted: by sanhador
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"Greetings all - I've just dived back into spinning after 4 years off - I've been trying to find anyone in C. Springs, but no luck - anyone on here spin in the area?"
Posted: by Thurisaz
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"Hiya, any meets in or around Canterbury in Kent?"
Posted: by jon357910
Last Reply: by WizzYo
Views: 820    Replies: 1
"I live in Anacortes witch is close to seattle and no one really spins around here, so im looking to find a fire jam or just people that injoy spining to meet up with and well, spin lol."
Posted: by smashme1984
Last Reply: by smashme1984
Views: 695    Replies: 4
"Any spinners from Singapore? Or headed down to Singapore and is interested for a session or two, or more.24, male, average to lousy spinner.. lol. Loves to spin by the beach."
Posted: by spacey
Last Reply: by _Clare_
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"&lbr;color:#330033&rbr;&lbr;/color&rbr;&lbr;font:Times New Roman&rbr;&lbr;/font&rbr;&lbr;i&rbr;&lbr;/i&rbr;Hello everybody, im thinking of going on a little adventure to Belfast and w..."
Posted: by abruxa
Views: 387    Replies: 0
"hey! i'm going to brasil next month and searching for people spinning poi there...someone would like to spin with me?"
Posted: by MikefromGlos
Last Reply: by Nixi_the_Pixi
Views: 10726    Replies: 69
"Hello all you lovely peeps Been mighty mighty well dead here lately. So heres the idea basicly a theard that allows us to organise *Decent meets* (unlike gloucester park)So anyone here..."
Posted: by Analemma
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" How's your Flow? Would you like to Spin Fire better than you do? I would.Would you like to add a meditative and personal growth aspect to your Flow Arts practice?Andy House and Burni..."
Posted: by katielove
Last Reply: by hanr
Views: 887    Replies: 3
"hello peoplei'm currently from watford, herts, and was wondering if anyone knows of any clubs around this area to join, or just any people wanting to organise regular meet-ups to learn ..."
Posted: by ngst
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"Hello! All Poisters near South Urals Mountain region (Chelyabinsk city district) are welcome to play a poi holidays. Call +7-919-3202298 for contact."
Posted: by mattfreedman
Last Reply: by Tempest_Firefae
Views: 629    Replies: 2
"I am spinner traveling through Europe as part of an extended journey around the world in search of adventures, personal growth, and new poi moves. Over the past year, I have participate..."
Posted: by AlannaLP
Views: 315    Replies: 0
"I will be in Seoul from December 23-January 24 and then I will be heading to the Tokyo area. I do fire poi and fire fans and I'm looking for friends to play with while I'm traveling. Gi..."
Posted: by Naina
Last Reply: by Naina
Views: 737    Replies: 2
"Hi there I'm new in these forums and I'd just like to know if there's any poi lessons in Sheffield (where I'm new as well) to fill my time off. I'm Spanish and I've been in England for..."
Posted: by Pirate_Pete
Last Reply: by newgabe
Views: 494    Replies: 2
"Afternoon all,I've been given a set of poi by my housemate and don't really know what I'm doing with them.I'm looking for classes/workshops to attend in the Brighton/Hove area. Does any..."
Posted: by nicoles
Last Reply: by AlannaLP
Views: 2920    Replies: 4
"Heya~I'm a new member of the site, recommended by a friend to find info on fire spinning internationally. I'll be heading to Japan this October, for about three weeks, and I'd love to s..."
Posted: by bliss2006
Last Reply: by AlannaLP
Views: 1274    Replies: 2
"I am gonna stay in Seoul, South Korea for a pretty long time.Are there poi spinners? If anyone has any contacts, please let me know... It so lonely here without fire(("
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