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Posted: by Dom
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"Welcome to the new Meet Others forum.The forum is aimed at helping you find fellow spinners all over the globe, local to where you live and where you're travelling. This is in addition ..."
Posted: by EddieGoJam
Last Reply: by willmad
Views: 25130    Replies: 25
"HELLO! Calling all Central Jersey Spinners! My name is Eddie G and I live near East Brunswick. I need some people to show the fire spinning love because I pretty much just go out and pr..."
Posted: by Zephyilei
Last Reply: by Fiona Jane Rose
Views: 1775    Replies: 7
"Hi! I've been spinning poi off and on for about 10 years now, and consequently I have picked up a number of pairs along the way.I've also moved to many continents in that time, and I'm ..."
Posted: by Yerren Van Sint Annaland
Views: 1120    Replies: 0
"Hey all,I am just about to move down to Dunedin, and am hoping to find a group of spinners down there!I find that without others interested in it around me, I lose inspiration, and so w..."
Posted: by almundis
Last Reply: by VanessaT
Views: 5461    Replies: 4
"hello all! I'm new to the forum but have been spi9nning for years. I'm going to be moving from england to utrecht in holland and am looking for a new group of fire spinners to meet up w..."
Posted: by feigner
Last Reply: by fireflow365
Views: 2107    Replies: 4
"I live in West Asheville and don't have anybody to spin with.Anybody want to get together and light some poi on fire or just goof around with some moves, hit me up!- Bert"
Posted: by Yawer
Last Reply: by Rozack
Views: 8207    Replies: 28
"Hi to everything) I'm been spinning with fire poi for about six months in my country, but in next month I will come to Dubai. I'm haven't any friends, who spinning in UAE, and want to f..."
Posted: by AlienJon
Last Reply: by Jesse James Bradford
Views: 649    Replies: 1
"Any Poi peeps in Shanghai or Hong Kong? Inquisitive Alien's want to know! Reply to this thread and/or PM me if you live in or frequent the areas of hanghai or Hong Kong!"
Posted: by EricScirE
Last Reply: by EricScirE
Views: 544    Replies: 1
"There's 4 of us flying out.. We land in Dehli and then headed to Goa.. depending on how it goes, I'm likely break off for a Bollywood visit in the rough 3 month trip this'll turn into...."
Posted: by glisglis
Views: 278    Replies: 0
"Hi there! I am very into Poi for a while and keep practicing it for 2 years now. I moved over to the States (Richmond, VA) for one year since November 2016 and am looking for some group..."
Posted: by pegisusskis
Views: 788    Replies: 0
"Does anyone know of any poi classes in Christchurch, or give lessons themselves? I'm quite keen to advance my skills but video tutorials aren't my cup of tea, especially seeing as I lik..."
Posted: by KingBranno
Views: 914    Replies: 0
"What's up guys, just moved to Amsterdam and I'm looking for people to spin and learn with so hit me up and we'll get spinning, peace."
Posted: by jake_schultz
Views: 435    Replies: 0
"Hit me up"
Posted: by koopen
Views: 733    Replies: 0
"Looking for any individuals to meet up in High desert area. (Victorville Hesperia, apple Valley) Message me or comment, lets set something up!"
Posted: by Epi
Last Reply: by Geecore
Views: 2969    Replies: 3
"Hey, I dont have any spinning mate and i'd really like someone experienced with fire poi that can give me tip with spinning and safety etc. I have never spun with fire before and I dont..."
Posted: by lachica
Last Reply: by Genevieve Aurelie
Views: 2270    Replies: 1
"I've moved to Queenstown, New Zealand, and wanting to find out if there are any poi spinners in my area?"
Posted: by Kero
Last Reply: by SurgingSD
Views: 1305    Replies: 1
"Need to meet some more poi spinners in SD.My friends and I are starting up a fire troupe and Teaching the circus in a few weeks and we need more people.I'll try and remember to check he..."
Posted: by dooomye
Last Reply: by filz
Views: 792    Replies: 1
"Hey guys, A friend from san francisco introduced me to the amazing world of pois and now that it became my favourite hobby, I'd love to meet some other people to poi with and learn from..."
Posted: by Lukas_Bliss
Last Reply: by Kutulu
Views: 1052    Replies: 1
"Hey Guys,Just wanted to know if any Prague Spinners (apart from Brighter than a Thousand Suns) are out there???CheersPS: I'm ready anytime for a nice contact juggling+spinning+anything ..."
Posted: by vmercado
Views: 1072    Replies: 0
"Hello everyone. My Partner and I will be traveling to Sydney. As of yet we have no plans and we are looking to meet new people and have fun experiences. My Partner is my safety, and ..."
Posted: by JimmyBee
Last Reply: by John-o Collier
Views: 1452    Replies: 2
"Hey,Anyone in Chiang Mai now or in the next couple of months want to hang out and spin some poi together?Jimmy"
Posted: by zartnew
Last Reply: by lunakitty90
Views: 1955    Replies: 1
"anyone in the cincinnati, Ohio area? I'd love to get together with some people to practice!"
Posted: by annacustard
Last Reply: by Fraser Stockwell
Views: 1713    Replies: 4
"Are there any spinners out there in Hertfordshire? I do poi and would love to meet up with anyone who is in to spinning things. Lets find each other! x"
Posted: by firedreamer
Last Reply: by mai.leoncito
Views: 3629    Replies: 7
"I'm wanting to take some poi lessons...I am very green! the mount royal classes conflict with my schedule. Does any one else teach or know of someone who does?Thanks for your help!!"
Posted: by Zunei
Views: 1869    Replies: 0
"Hee hoo fire lovers! Any fire spinners in the netherlands? I do fire whip and im looking for some spinners to jam with when i come back from travelling. Contact me if your interested!"
Posted: by P34NU75
Last Reply: by Terry Brand
Views: 3932    Replies: 15
"is there any spinners in the UK around the midlands area???"
Posted: by skylar
Last Reply: by Terry Brand
Views: 2419    Replies: 13
"Hi all recently moved back to the west midlands and wonderd if any body fancied meeting up i do poi by the way sky"
Posted: by HummingBee
Views: 528    Replies: 0
"Hey, I am moving to Edinburgh in September. Anyone interested in getting together and learning poi spinning? I am not very good at it (yet) so if someone wants to tutor me in exchange t..."
Posted: by Ryan Brooking1
Views: 2148    Replies: 0
"Hey guys, my name is Ryan and am 23.I have been Fire Spinning on and off since I was 15, learnt enough to impress my friends but unfortunately I stopped learning there. I still get out ..."
Posted: by Vrog
Last Reply: by adeleanderson
Views: 1498    Replies: 3
"Hello to everyone! And more specifically anyone in the Austin area. Where to begin. . .About two months ago I made the move down to Austin and loving every bit of it. I have been fire b..."
Posted: by komiyan
Views: 4305    Replies: 0
"Hey everyone! I'm currently on exchange in Kyoto, Japan and recently picked up my poi again. I've seen a lot of people with poi by the riverbank, but I'm always too shy to say hello. So..."
Posted: by Chey420
Last Reply: by Patrick_Pulliam
Views: 505    Replies: 1
"hey what's up, I just moved here from Dallas. Looking for a spinning scene around here. PM me or reply here please."
Posted: by georgeisnoisy
Last Reply: by karendunn
Views: 774    Replies: 1
"Hey :) I've just moved to Leeds, I'm living by Leeds College of Music. I am looking for some people to spin with, I've only got glow poi with me and I'm still a beginner, but I wantto p..."
Posted: by AliceJones
Last Reply: by OllyFireSpinner
Views: 1922    Replies: 5
"I checked out the thread list and it seemed like the relevant ones were pretty old. I'm looking for some one in the central Florida area to spin with.Must be kid friendly. Preferably ..."
Posted: by JustTheSpin
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 537    Replies: 2
"Don't know if i'm in the wrong here. (While creating a new theme) I arrived to London not long ago and while I used to spin poi (3 years ago) and had forgotten it, i'd really like to me..."
Posted: by Sean_Dunn
Last Reply: by Dave F
Views: 798    Replies: 1
"Anyone know of anything in relations to fire spinning around and in Birmingham? ive been spinning for a few years now but the people I started with have stopped and I want new people to..."
Posted: by Shaunii
Last Reply: by tongs
Views: 518    Replies: 1
"Hey :) I am new to spinning and would like to eventually learn fire poi or fire arts, like fire staff and fire fans.Are there any spinners in the GTA area or in the London, ON area will..."
Posted: by meranda.carter
Views: 374    Replies: 0
"Hey guys! We are just getting into Nelson and surrounding area and I really want to find other fire performers while I'm here!! Currently I fire eat and breathe, I also spin hoops and f..."
Posted: by AnonymouslyChase
Last Reply: by TRIXENOL
Views: 690    Replies: 2
"Okay so Im looking for spinners in fresno who are willing to share some skillz... "
Posted: by JonnyRok
Last Reply: by Darren
Views: 2351    Replies: 5
"Hiya!Ive been been spinning for a couple of months now and noticed a considerable lack of other spinners in my area. While I may not be able to meet up with people right now (sort of bu..."
Posted: by barefoot_travel
Last Reply: by Darren
Views: 985    Replies: 2
"Hey there, if anyone is aware of a particular forum or site where I can find a current poi community in south africa I would very much appreciate it. Indeed if anyone erring this is in ..."
Posted: by mistresswang
Last Reply: by mistresswang
Views: 633    Replies: 1
"Hey everyone, I'm originally from Los Angeles County but I've been living in Queenstown New Zealand. I've been wanting to go to the HOP store on the 8th of Feb and wanted to meet with a..."
Posted: by Shiver
Views: 414    Replies: 0
"Hey there!Anybody from Bavaria and/or Upper Austria here?I'm from Simbach/Inn and I would love to find other spinners around here"
Posted: by ilovethefire
Last Reply: by Ewan_Black
Views: 1179    Replies: 4
"hey guys are there any of you in or around oxford, that meet up. I havent found many places where people spin in groups yet, think it would be reall cool. if any one has info on whereab..."
Posted: by Zephyr17
Last Reply: by sonjarainbow
Views: 1646    Replies: 5
"Hey everyone, I am going to be moving in around heidelburg germany, only guy I know who spins, or actualy know at all there is my buddy Freddy... anyone around the area?"
Posted: by gm879
Views: 328    Replies: 0
"Where are all the lethbridge fire spinners ive been out of it for a while looking to get back into it"
Posted: by Schapo
Views: 534    Replies: 0
"Hey I'm on zanzibar until august 2016 and looking for people to play poi/staff /to juggle together. I'm living not far away from stonetown - but here's everything not far away :)Schapo"
Posted: by devon
Last Reply: by Devon_Cellars
Views: 728    Replies: 1
"hey HOPersI play poi every day, but all by myself!it'd be cool to meet some poi people to play with and get some feedback and wisdom fromI live in Calgary near the U of Cif there's anyo..."
Posted: by aquastar86
Views: 516    Replies: 0
"Hi HoP community!Looking for all the NYC spinners who would love to meet in Union Square or Washington Square Park for a spin. I do poi mainly, and a little bit of hoop but all spinners..."
Posted: by Des Troy
Views: 525    Replies: 0
"Im looking for someone to practice with and learn with who can help me out who can go to Middlletown Ohio easily since I can't drive to other locations due to medical issues. If you are..."
Posted: by ickleAme
Last Reply: by eniebauer
Views: 1030    Replies: 2
"I've just moved to Germany from Edinburgh, and wanting to find out if there are any poi spinners in my area? I mainly do ribbon poi/sock poi. I'm interested in doing fire poi (I have ..."
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