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Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by poismylove
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"Article moved to here"

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Posted: by Dom
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"Welcome to HoP's social forum!The social forum is the place for chat and forms a large part of our open and friendly community. After all we can't just talk about poi and staff spinning..."
Posted: by strugz
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"Hey boys and girls - ive not been about much for the last month, for many reasons: holiday, play, started new job etc - its all very exciting However because of one thing and another i ..."
Posted: by kendramchatfield
Last Reply: by KindaichiShota
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"Hi there. Someone just told me about using magnets to make a regular belly dancing sword into a temporary fire sword. You use strong magnets to hold the wick to the sword then go about ..."
Posted: by Trybal Wolf
Last Reply: by KindaichiShota
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"Hey fellow Flow Artists,Here is an essay I wrote last year about the benefits of the Flow Arts. Feel free to leave any thoughts, experiences, ect. that you have.The Physical and Psychol..."
Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by KindaichiShota
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" the things that can be done with a little editing, talk about creating unreal expectations for people to live up to"
Posted: by jessicaoscar03
Last Reply: by KindaichiShota
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"Christmas is on the way! I want to buy a iPop Bluetooth Speaker for my best friend who likes music very much. Do you think this gift is suitable for him? Or do you have other good sugge..."
Posted: by Joey Frybarger
Last Reply: by KindaichiShota
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"Hey guys. Just want to pass on my V4's to someone looking to get into poi or wants this model on the cheap. I'm selling them on eBay at the link below."
Posted: by nkkmccu
Last Reply: by Wouter Buijze1
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"I've been spinning with contact poi for a while and feel I finally deserve some decent LED poi but don't know which ones to get. Either pod poi or Emazing's new Epoi would have been my ..."
Posted: by MoyMoy
Last Reply: by Wouter Buijze1
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"So we've been using lamp as fuel put have noticed we're having bodily allergic reactions to it. It's nothing serious but my chin starts to break out in zits after about 15mins and my hu..."
Posted: by Ryan_Fletcher1
Last Reply: by KindaichiShota
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"Hey everyone, so I've been spinning poi for about 4 years and am looking to get into performing. I want something other than just spinning going for me, and want to combine it with nor..."
Posted: by Belite
Last Reply: by KindaichiShota
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"Any idea what these are called, or what a set of them would cost?"
Posted: by petesmith7895
Last Reply: by KindaichiShota
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"Hi All, I just want to ask if someone ever tried using medical cannabis? I have read many articles suggesting highly concentrated cannabis oil can be effective and alternative meds for ..."
Posted: by robertmcelhaney00
Last Reply: by KindaichiShota
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"Is it ok to use a eucalyptus based lamp oil to spin, i know anything citranilla is wrong but i was wondering abut this"
Posted: by jessicaoscar03
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"As christmas is coming, We're going to organize a small dance party. Then we need a special Disco Ball lamp, it must have brilliant lights and Multi stage modes. Can someone give me a a..."
Posted: by Cgoll
Last Reply: by KindaichiShota
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"So I'm wanting to tour the US hitting up as many cities that are big on fire spinning as I have time for, where should I go? What are the best places for it? What do and don't you like ..."
Posted: by _VT_
Last Reply: by BradCrocker
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"I just saw a commercial on t.v. about being able to search fire breatheing on I,myself think that was a very bad idea because of youth decideing "hey, that sounds like a cool ..."
Posted: by Paddington Bear
Last Reply: by Jon
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"Okay so i know things similar to this have been done a few times but im looking for people to act as sources for my EPQ report. The current title i want to run with is "The benefit..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by RichJessen
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"Well, this topic has been bandied about a bit lately, but it's a bit different for me. See, I'm a doctor, so a career change is not really much of an option.So at age 31, I have comple..."
Posted: by Malcolm
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"From Reuters: They are the latest in ongoing efforts in the airline industry to manage the use of lithium-ion batteries, which are known to combust and are used in many devices, from ph..."
Posted: by Malcolm
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"There are three manufacturers fighting over a single market segment.There are many segments and opportunities in the LED market. Some have more sales opportunities than others.The singl..."
Posted: by Malcolm
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"Boy Zone. This latest photo competition is one for the guys to enter. Sorry ladies, Only guys in the photos for this comp using any manipulation/flow products. For example Fire, LED, Ju..."
Posted: by Malcolm
Last Reply: by pidgecitysky
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"Since 1998 we have had a discussion forum on HoP. It was a very active meeting place until Facebook came along. Last month we changed our server updating to the latest version of php an..."
Posted: by SamEuphoria
Last Reply: by gita
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"this hasn't happened to me *yet* while it's on fire. but while practicing with the fire poi, i got nailed in the eye. and i collapsed on the floor because it was so painful.has this hap..."
Posted: by Rozy
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"Hi there my name is Rozy. I am fairly new to poi but I think I'm in love. It would be great to meet with some local folks and share ideas. I also had a chance to spin fire this past w..."
Posted: by chezrae1
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"I have been asked to teach poi spinning at a new dance studio and the owner is requesting that I have instructor insurance. I am having a very hard time finding coverage even if I expla..."
Posted: by Marcosm23
Last Reply: by Seye
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"Just had a quick question not sure if this is common. I'm fairly new to poi I've been spinning a little under two months. I've realized when I do close contact tricks such as spiral wra..."
Posted: by Kendal Turner
Last Reply: by Christen Watson Salcedo
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"I am part looking for a suitable alternative to fire fans for inside performance. I have yet to come across an LED version. Does anyone have any recommendations for giving unlit fans a ..."
Posted: by Hawked Hobbit
Last Reply: by klacek
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"I assume parks are out. What kind of places are usually good to go light up without legal issues getting in the way? I want to hang out with some friends and maybe burn for them in a co..."
Posted: by Kenneth
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"I have recently received a few cases of feedbacks on pod poi not turning on or intermittently turning on from my students (I am running a small poi academy). Rather than send back to Ho..."
Posted: by randomblink
Last Reply: by randomblink
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"Someone who performs on the street is a street performer. Someone who does parlor tricks is called a magician. Someone who is ordained is called a Reverend, or Minister.Is there an offi..."
Posted: by Hexenmeisterin
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"Hello everyone,I was wondering if anyone had any experience using any of the following methods to remove excess fuel from fire poi and what your experience of using any of them are? i.e..."
Posted: by H4ck3d
Last Reply: by H4ck3d
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"This year spinning theme is "back to the roots".Have your own? Share it!"
Posted: by BoA
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"Hi there,my Name is Nikolaj and im about to travel to Australia for 1 Year or More. Im a Poi Spinner for 3 1/2 Years now and i also do Contact Juggling for 1 and a Half year.Im interes..."
Posted: by contactking
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"hey guys I am planning to travel to Italy for this years EJC. it will be my first holiday in ten years and my first time traveling abroad ! I have sorted flights in to venice and entry..."
Posted: by shadowdream
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"So, I'm performing for the first time this summer, and I'm picking up some underpinnings for my costumes.So I have a question for the ladies who perform.. What do you wear? It's virtual..."
Posted: by grgrsr
Last Reply: by darione
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"Hi Community,first post here :) Anyways, I was wondering what kind of methods you use practice, I bet there are many tricks out there. I have tried and put a round aerobie frisbee on th..."
Posted: by frankarmendariz
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"Hello there, i live in northern new jersey close to manhattan, i have not met people in jersey who spin props, and there are no spinning communities around here that i have found, so i ..."
Posted: by irenevonfrieden
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"Wondering if there are any other spinners in Greece right now. I am currently living in a very remote place, so no chance to meet anyone.Peace xIrini"
Posted: by GentlemansRevolt
Last Reply: by Eric Shibuya
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"In a week or two, I get to stop wearing the stupid medical boot that's been stopping me from dancing and spinning. I'm excited about that, but I need to be sure to not re-injure myself...."
Posted: by Dunc
Last Reply: by UCOF
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"You know in the older days, it used to be all about the Aussies doing their thing, the Europeans being all geeky, and the Americans going faster with less control. Things have certainly..."
Posted: by Skateboardkid
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"8 bit graphics arn't the best, but you could do anything you wanted if you could get into and re-program it.One of the presets under long exposure looks like fish swimming, other graphi..."
Posted: by rsteve388
Last Reply: by graham young
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" Where do you go to spin? A park? A friends house? Certain festivals and if so which festivals are open to having spinners? Are there any places you would suggest not to go and spin? (..."
Posted: by Katrina_Rachel
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"I'm working a fire show in Nassau, Bahamas on New Years and trying to figure out if white gas (camp fuel) is available for purchase? Or if there's a safe way I can bring it via plane? I..."
Posted: by mixinluv2u
Last Reply: by UCOF
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"Just curious, how do you guys view glowstringing?couple questions to focus/start off the discussion:Is glowstringing and poi one and the same or different? If it's different then how d..."
Posted: by Amanita
Last Reply: by Marhoumi
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"I've got a question you might be able to help with- I'm asking here because I got chewed out and freaked on over at Dubai Tripadvisor. (Some of the regular posters there tend to get qui..."
Posted: by mlt4tds
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"Hello Everyone,It is a struggle to find others who fire twirl regularly. There are no workshops or centres which others can meet. There are no classes for children or adults. We are rar..."
Posted: by idealistico101
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"Hi guys!I am writing a book and to spice things up I´d want to add some funny quotes.- John Doe is a presenter of a big tv show and famous for his witty remarks.- I would write similar..."
Posted: by M3rl11N
Last Reply: by Nikki5
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"Anyone on for meeting up and doing some poi.It seems a non existent pastime these days....Cheers,Merlyn"
Posted: by BellaEmber
Last Reply: by BellaEmber
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"When you want to light your poi (Cathedral) for the first time, is there a demo video that shows the complete process?Is there a diagram that shows the poi wick and the best place to li..."
Posted: by Matthew Porter
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"Greetings HOP, my name is matt and I am an amateur fire breather. By amateur I mean that I haven't starting using real fuel(I heard paraffin is the best choice) I practice with water an..."
Posted: by Noah Galan
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"im pretty muscular and I cant seem to do the moves taking more flexibility ( waist wraps ) like my arm muscles plus back muscles are in the way it wont go that far. Im wondering if anyo..."
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