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Posted: by Eternal_
Last Reply: by D3l1r1um
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" Been spinning for 3 and a half months, filmed myself to see what it looked like, and then threw in some music, pretty happy of the actual result, even though a lot of it is sloppy..."
Posted: by TrippinSmurf
Last Reply: by SpinnerofDetroit
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"There 3/4 inch braided rope, 20 inch long wick lots of fun hehe"
Posted: by artnonstop
Last Reply: by artnonstop
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" staff`s juggling in russian fire show with staff`s juggling "
Posted: by Rives
Last Reply: by SpinnerofDetroit
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" "
Posted: by 2bags
Last Reply: by hexagonic
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"Hey there,I haven't posted here in a while. I've been doing some poi with hoops recently and I've made a rough vid. It's also got a bit of partner poi with hoops and some hoop juggling...."
Posted: by 2bags
Last Reply: by Sister Eleven
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"Hey there,Here's a tutorial vid on how to do a five beat weave with hoops if anyone is interested: there's lots of other poi-style hoop mov..."
Posted: by Dave Statik
Last Reply: by Dave Statik
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"Just a simple vid of me spinning during the Portland Maine First Friday Art Walk. There were two clips of me spinning, the ONLY clips i have of me spinning fire. I threw together a vid,..."
Posted: by Yoshiky
Last Reply: by NwNinja
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"This is a video I made from rush I shot in january/February 2009. It's kind of old but I think there are some ideas which can be developed further Here is the link:"
Posted: by Tankboy
Last Reply: by [ Unregistered ]
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"Hey guys,Just Started a new vlog.Check it out "
Posted: by Matthew_Helton
Last Reply: by Leslie_Helton
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"This is me with some chosen family. Another vid with a funny ending.... "
Posted: by alain_frederickx
Last Reply: by [ Unregistered ]
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"hello my names is remy i'm a spinner in france video"
Posted: by Peter_Walker
Last Reply: by SpinnerofDetroit
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" guys just the first of hopefully many to come of just some of our spinners doing what they do! This is one of mine, no music just a small ..."
Posted: by Analemma
Last Reply: by Tankboy
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"Good evening,just stumbled upon those ones and please let me know if it has been posted before. One video of a performance and the other one showing how to actually learn firedancing ....."
Posted: by Chris_Vaughn
Last Reply: by Chris_Vaughn
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"meteor videos lately are kinda lacking on the more complicated spinning so i decided to post one of mine but my camera only records short videos but theres a few on my youtube account u..."
Posted: by Midkiff
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"This is my buddy flippit0360 at his house this is me at his house"
Posted: by Ase Anthony
Last Reply: by Ase Anthony
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"This is my fire spinning super move! Does anyone else have Special Moves that they usually do?? SHARE THEM!"
Posted: by BlackQuilt
Last Reply: by bjrcboy
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"Or what the glowstringers would call... handles right? Anyway, here's a little sampler of some of the stuff I've been working on to utilize the different colors.Please, tell me what you..."
Posted: by mcp
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"No Meg, only Poi, 100% of the time..."
Posted: by yhvh83
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"One of many to come clips from spinning off and on throughout the summer, enjoy!!"
Posted: by Enthusiadam
Last Reply: by BlackQuilt
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"Nom Nom Nom"
Posted: by [ Unregistered ]
Last Reply: by Pyrolific
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"I've found this video from "Loooop" partner Poi group and I'havent seen it and want to share: Also this group produced a DVD:nice,"
Posted: by Grace Mili
Last Reply: by [ Unregistered ]
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"To look in mode HD ( youtube )Lindzee : bolas , poi , magnetic baton - Tribute / Hommage"
Posted: by NikoFLOW
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" Duo Flow Feat. tricking team Unito at European Juggling Convention 2010. A.K.A UniFlow. Last act of the convention performed in the wind of DO..."
Posted: by mcp
Last Reply: by Ronaldo
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" ra ra."
Posted: by DaG
Last Reply: by pineapple pete
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"*Want to get some stuff out there? don't really want to make a new thread?booyah, put it right here!*This thread is for people to post videos of themselves.Any ability level any quality..."
Posted: by Tony5280
Last Reply: by [ Unregistered ]
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"Hi there everyone! So i have been spinning a total of 3 months. Fire for one. Was hoping people will watch and give me some contructive critisism. For example one thing im aware of is i..."
Posted: by qwertycoder
Last Reply: by SpinnerofDetroit
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"someone told me once that they couldnt really tell i was doing tosses. how bout now! "
Posted: by WyattDavisSpins
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"just a mini tech blog..i was bored and decided to throw some stuff together.nothing special just old stuff.. keep in mind that knowing the names for tech stuff is not my specialty.. ..."
Posted: by joffjk
Last Reply: by joffjk
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"check out my video on the above topic"
Posted: by Scott_Hathaway
Last Reply: by Laasya
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"Hello there just dropping by with a video and a hello to the forums sorry if the quality is bad. "
Posted: by _Kaa_
Last Reply: by _Kaa_
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"my new video"
Posted: by AlienJon
Last Reply: by AlienJon
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"So, I've slacked a little on my nano-Tech blog (there is more coming soonish!)Instead I've been recording video class notes from my classes and workshops. They are basically a point by ..."
Posted: by Igneas Tempestas
Last Reply: by liquidtrance
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"Hi everybody!Since i've taken up Poi, my son Daniel ( 2 years old next week! ) has been fascinated by it and even before he was walking started spinning anything he can find with a stri..."
Posted: by chrizz
Last Reply: by chrizz
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"hello all,i've been playing around with my poi's for a while now but i'm insecure about my skills.only few people have seen me play but i nobody could supply good feedback.that's why i ..."
Posted: by ThaiTom
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"It was the first great gathering in firehistory and ab massiv input for everybody who was there. PART I PART II"
Posted: by _Poiboy_
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"Hi everyone,I just made a new video in Taubenloch, a canyon in Biel, Switzerland. Enjoy "
Posted: by AlienJon
Last Reply: by AlienJon
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"Historically, I've posted simulation videos, or nano-tech blogs without a lot of explanation in the videos themselves, letting people form their own opinions about what is in the videos..."
Posted: by SupahFresh
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"this is a video of me messing around with nick and g's antispin pendulum that they just a posted a video on, its quite fun to play around with, theres so many possibilities. http://www...."
Posted: by FireTom
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"will post here some vids of my Russian friends - who are quite underrepresented on this board due to language barriers.Spinners without borders Kiev Fire Fest U.S.S.R. Tech Fans ..."
Posted: by duiy
Last Reply: by Alana_Davis
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"this is a friend of mine in front of a large crowd of people, hope you enjoy it!"
Posted: by bluecat
Last Reply: by EpitomeOfNovice
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"HOP now automatically embeds youtube!!!!!what you have to do is create a proper reply, click on 'URL' in the Instant UBB Code section, and paste your youtube url into both the url and t..."
Posted: by BlackQuilt
Last Reply: by EpitomeOfNovice
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"Finally ordered some fire poi after nearly 9 months of practice. Any and all criticism is appreciated. Hope you enjoy!"
Posted: by EpitomeOfNovice
Last Reply: by brenonfire413
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"I know I have a long way to go, but I finally got more than myself standing and looking nervous spinning fire on film!!! Hope I have more confidence and less shyness to make the next on..."
Posted: by FireTom
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"Life in a day Ridley Scott and YouTube "
Posted: by Santiagopoi
Last Reply: by [ Unregistered ]
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"Hi Everybody! This is an extract from my performance with "Los hijos de la rumba". Nothing pretentious,just a little spinning improvisation. Hope you like it =) Link Sa...."
Posted: by FireTom
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"Shortly you may run into a problem regarding audio content on your YouTube videos. I haven't noticed it anywhere else yet, but it might (god forbid) only be a matter of time. (I made a ..."
Posted: by NikoFLOW
Last Reply: by NikoFLOW
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"passing clip from our last week rehearsal"
Posted: by Dave Statik
Last Reply: by Dave Statik
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"Hey everyone, I havent properly introduced myself, so i figured I'd do it here and post a video of where I am progress-wise.My name is Dave Statik. I live in maine (No its not a part of..."
Posted: by IanMichaelSmith
Last Reply: by [ Unregistered ]
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" is the first choreographed solo that I have been not unhappy about.Please comment and tell me anything you saw or felt while watching. I ..."
Posted: by cilinderfire
Last Reply: by Konstantin
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"Kiev Fire Fest 2010Home page: Watch out for further videos:"
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