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Posted: by steve db
Last Reply: by Cyberspin2000
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"What up dawgs,Bristol Hoop Massive:'Nuff Said."
Posted: by kostyalolxz
Last Reply: by SpinnerofDetroit
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"Hello HOP! I found some free time today and decided to make my first poi video. My name is Konstantin and I've been spinning for about a year now. This isn't the cleanest freestyle, b..."
Posted: by Sisu
Last Reply: by LazyAngel
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"I'm a belly dancer and I've moved up from candles and fans to palm torches and fire fans. This is a rehearsal vid, lit, for a rockabilly fire fan dance I choreographed featuring a ring ..."
Posted: by Ronaldo
Last Reply: by Ronaldo
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" are from k8. They were ok for a long time but one seems to be out of bateries to soon. Usually I don't like to throw them; they seem to b..."
Posted: by animatEd
Last Reply: by SpinnerofDetroit
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"Me again... "
Posted: by MELanholi
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"This is the best tech double staff video for recent time! "
Posted: by Zoxx
Last Reply: by [ Unregistered ]
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" is text in Russian in this video, but you can read a description in English below"
Posted: by Konstantin
Last Reply: by Vermin
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"HelloWe just took part in a local talent show semi-final this SundayHere's a video, hope you like it Now, there's a voting to get into final."
Posted: by Cyberspin2000
Last Reply: by Cyberspin2000
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" just thought I would share my video with all of you, just become a member after while off! looking forward to seeing all of yours!!"
Posted: by [ Unregistered ]
Last Reply: by Pyrolific
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" ---------------------------DOUBLE STAFF manipulation DVDBy NTNC production (Meg & Steve)---------------------------Is finnaly here!"
Posted: by Zephyre Phoenix
Last Reply: by aston
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"Aight. Video is due sometime this weekend. Here's mine. Voting has NOT started yet. Thank you Song: Closed Eyes Still Look ForwardBand: Chiodos "
Posted: by TABjuggler
Last Reply: by TABjuggler
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"I'm not sure if this combination is original or not, but I would love to see what others think about it, have already done, or think can be done with the combination of a 100mm stage ba..."
Posted: by ruvidan
Last Reply: by Sister Eleven
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"Good morning. Thought I would share a video...the quality isn't great and the sound is off by a second, but the art of nunchaku seems to be relatively quiet. I'm here to open it up, e..."
Posted: by Hosuke
Last Reply: by Hosuke
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"I research a new style of poi manipulation.When I find some tricks or ideas, I'll post my video here.I hope you'll enjoy : )-----**Tech blog**#1 Hanegi &lbr;August 24, 2010&rbr;http://w..."
Posted: by bls337
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"I <3 Double Staff. "
Posted: by Shion
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"I recently started this fire performance unit in Japan and this is the fire show we have done this summer at a Hotel near Tokyo.Here is the video of fire show. Hope you enjoy it Link:ht..."
Posted: by Troika
Last Reply: by Troika
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"Hey everyone this is my first video online. If you actually go to the video it explains everything about my independent research project. Sorry about the video quality I had to use my p..."
Posted: by imakokode
Last Reply: by Flint_413
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"Manda Lights is the name of our new professional fire team from France featuring Ima, Forka, Maelle and Meast Check out the full version of our first promo video: and our last gig ..."
Posted: by bluecat
Last Reply: by Analemma
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"I had a few days in paris recently, with some nice people. Here are some holiday snaps courtesy of Rastaxel "
Posted: by Ase Anthony
Last Reply: by Ase Anthony
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"In this Brand New Series I Share My TechFlow Poi Style Of Logic With Anti-Spin Variations and Transitions... Do you love a move and want new ways to use it??? Write in and give me ideas..."
Posted: by nulleamai
Last Reply: by nulleamai
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"Contact cord tricks, Last video in Italy for this year, probably, there are 4 or five "new" trick, some "contact cord" like, basically propellers based trick,movemen..."
Posted: by poismylove
Last Reply: by poismylove
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"decided to upload a video finally. tell me what you think.i would love some friendly criticism so i know what to work on and what looks good. im still a little noob at poi but im gettin..."
Posted: by SpinnerofDetroit
Last Reply: by [ Unregistered ]
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"I got home today and checked youtube and saw that Nick had favorited this video. It looked interesting and I watched it and I feel that it is something that all, especially beginners sh..."
Posted: by _Clare_
Last Reply: by _Clare_
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"Just thought I'd share some of the new FirePoise videos...Our new promo video: And our new video taken from the Electric Picnic Hope you enjoy them both!!!Also, if you have t..."
Posted: by AlienJon
Last Reply: by [ Unregistered ]
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"Here is a vid Meg took of me at Fire Drums '08. "No dancing, just tech" she said. So I refrained from dancing, and just geeked out. What she didn't bargain on was the repeat..."
Posted: by Ase Anthony
Last Reply: by poismylove
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"Check it out! Grimms Poi & Fan Burn"
Posted: by EpitomeOfNovice
Last Reply: by Refuge Crew
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" This is my first attempt at spinning in character/alter ego and maintain a feel or theme with music, body language, dress, and footwork. Let me know what it said to you or what im..."
Posted: by Yuta
Last Reply: by Sister Eleven
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"&lbr;2010.5.3 added&rbr;I will keep updating poicommunity videos here!When there are new videos or lessons and etc, I will update here! -----Hello HOP friends!I have finally released ne..."
Posted: by Casz
Last Reply: by poismylove
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"I just got my new Wolf Poi in last week and for the first time ever got video of it. It's been almost a year since my house burned down along with all of my poi. I think I did a pretty ..."
Posted: by Paperdoll
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" My performance at Mozaika festival at Vilnius, Lithuania. Total Improvisation Hope you'll love it!18/09/2010"
Posted: by steve db
Last Reply: by Flint_413
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"Hey there,This is the video from this year's 2010 Spark! Circus project which is run by the lovely Andrea (BansheeCat if you're old school):'..."
Posted: by dream
Last Reply: by jessica_varnfield
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" Tim (Trees and Beetles) and Sandy's new fire promo... It's available in 1920x1080 for those of you with fast Internet connections."
Posted: by Santiagopoi
Last Reply: by [ Unregistered ]
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"Summer is ending, so i decided to realize a little summary of my poi research =) contact, spinning,throws, manipulation and a little bit of bodypopping. hope u like it ^.^ Sa - Summer ..."
Posted: by SpinnerofDetroit
Last Reply: by [ Unregistered ]
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"We all know the amazingness of Fushigi. Now we're ready for the new wave of... BANANASHIGI!You don't need training, you barely need practice. You don't even need hands! It's Bananashigi..."
Posted: by Yoshiky
Last Reply: by Sister Eleven
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"There is the second videos of PoIdeas. I made it with rushes I took in March 2009.There is the link : youll enjoy it "
Posted: by Noelski
Last Reply: by Noelski
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"New NOELTECH#7: FAN FOLDING WITH COREY!!! NOELTECH#7: COREY FAN FOLDING ---- WATCH ME!!! See you all at pcific fire gathering!!!!Noel Make more videos!!!Vulcan Tech Blog #7- cry your s..."
Posted: by Jered_Spins_Poi
Last Reply: by Ase Anthony
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"I recorded a poi video of some stuff that been on my mind for the last week or two. Id like some feedback and maybe some ideas. please chec..."
Posted: by Paperdoll
Last Reply: by Sister Eleven
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" So, here it is. Finally i've decided to share that video on my channel. It was very hard decision for me, because that performance at KFF'10 ..."
Posted: by Sister Eleven
Last Reply: by e6
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"Fresh off of Drex's YouTube channel. Smurf, you should dig this. "
Posted: by kevstaff
Last Reply: by kevstaff
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"Moahaha!Here is our last video! "Probably the best video in the world" NY Times"Absolutely" CNN of it (well, all of it actually) is ..."
Posted: by Ase Anthony
Last Reply: by Ase Anthony
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"This was shot at BM 2010 and I got messed with by the onlookers. Awhile back I was asked to post a burn like this... so here is my first double staff double poi burn. "
Posted: by DrexFactor
Last Reply: by [ Unregistered ]
Views: 1094    Replies: 2
"Fresh back from the playa and have some vids to share! I didn't get out as much as I wanted, but still managed to capture some great performances. Here they are more or less in chronolo..."
Posted: by Min.d_p.huQ
Last Reply: by Min.d_p.huQ
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"I'm feeling very accomplished for my first year of fire poi and am completely in love with the art and everything I can take out of this truly creative passion we all share. Please watc..."
Posted: by bjrcboy
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"I just got back from my first Burn yesterday - AMAZING! Here are the only two shorter videos of me playing with fire. It was my first time using the clubs, oh so much fun.Clubs- A littl..."
Posted: by yhvh83
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"Spin for a party - great crowd and decent quality few rounds of breathing a last spinhttp://www.y..."
Posted: by Santiagopoi
Last Reply: by [ Unregistered ]
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"My little extract from the TJC2010 gala. Poi spinning, throws, contact and little bit of manipulation.Sorry for drops and the bad quality, hope u like it Sa - Gala at the TJC 2010 Sa....."
Posted: by Mr_Chutney
Last Reply: by Mr_Chutney
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"Find here any moving pictures I get around to posting from now on.Current offerings are:05/09/2010My sister her then fiancee asked that my wedding present was a poi performance. Sprink..."
Posted: by Flint_413
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"Here is the vid I took tonight in my back yard. It gets easier to see once the blinding amazingness of my fire power goes down a little bit."
Posted: by Angeliq
Last Reply: by triptrician
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"Here's link to my new fire poi video. It's my very first one so I would appreciate your comments."
Posted: by SpinnerofDetroit
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"I finally sucked it up and bought Isis Poi from Salza. I LOOOVVVEEE their heads and the chain is amazing. i love it more than the pro series chains from HoP! They are so ghostly light i..."
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