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Posted: by Jay2a
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"So, my friend got his own pod poi recently so he just gave me his old glow poi* for free. When I was spinning the glow poi, I hit it on something and now the knob** that turns it on and..."
Posted: by dotclgp
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 1326    Replies: 1
"Hiya.I'm thinking about turning my staff into a fire toy. The idea would be to attach... something, to each end and create the illusion of a double sided scythe. The staff currently has..."
Posted: by SursieMerkel
Views: 979    Replies: 0
"So here lately I've been seeing many female performers using Grinders to make sparks with a chastity belt which I have wanted to try but I have no idea what it's actually called or what..."
Posted: by Tevin Fulton
Last Reply: by Tevin Fulton
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"I got my friend a pair of the 4 inch contact poi for his birthday and the very same day the rope came loose from the end attached to the poi (not the ball grip) I can't find how to cont..."
Posted: by JJLuu
Last Reply: by fran.var.vil
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"I was looking at the different ways to make your own sock poi, and I was wondering if instead of filling a tennis ball with coins and stuff if I could just use a lacrosse ball instead, ..."
Posted: by fran.var.vil
Last Reply: by fran.var.vil
Views: 985    Replies: 2
"Hello , I am very confused ... I can not tell the difference between this and the otherWhich is which???How to explain in paper??"
Posted: by RoxyCT
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 921    Replies: 1
"I'd love to throw a buzz saw (from backwards) into my routine but don't know how to transition out of it. Any help please?"
Posted: by thekid1990
Views: 889    Replies: 0
"hey i was just wondering what everyone thinks of shellite ? and the idea of a mix between shellite and ultra pure lamp oil ? and if so to what ratio does every like"
Posted: by lstroud
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 824    Replies: 1
"Hey all, I searched the forums but could not find what I'm looking for exactly. I guess i would consider myself intermediate with poi. I Have never had a pair of contact poi though, nor..."
Posted: by Frank Zizka
Last Reply: by Frank Zizka
Views: 1203    Replies: 1
"Does HOP newsletter cost"
Posted: by Brian Coiro
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 1238    Replies: 4
"Hey there!I'm buying the pro series fire poi but i want to buy the full set in a small so (22 inches from tip of wick to tip of fingerloops) but i also want to buy another chain so i ca..."
Posted: by Leigh Speed
Views: 994    Replies: 0
"I'm looking to find fire breathing lessons in north west of England"
Posted: by Patience_Engstrom
Views: 766    Replies: 0
"Hello,I recently moved near East Aurora, NY and am very interested in learning how to spin poi. I am from VT and was unable to find anyone there. I have a pair of beginner glow poi and ..."
Posted: by Gonff
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 823    Replies: 1
"i need help with the change from horizontal to vertical when doing the butterfly as he does at 1.50 it doesnt make sense to meee T^T"
Posted: by Mrdan
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 853    Replies: 3
"Hello, i am just starting out with Fans, however i am unsure which type of fan is the best for beginners. Could anyone recommend a good pair of fans for beginners please!Thank you!"
Posted: by Daenerys
Views: 1209    Replies: 0
"Just starting out with some pretty pink sock poi, and want to meet new people.Does anyone know of any poi classes in Bristol??Cheers! :)"
Posted: by john theiss
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 1451    Replies: 1
"Hello everyone, my name is John. My Poi interest started with a couple of my elementary students bugging me allowing Poi in our juggling and unicycle club. Our school club is in its ..."
Posted: by MajinFlow
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 1512    Replies: 2
"I'm branching out to 3 poi and am having a hard time finding tutorial sources that explain the insanity of the triplets. I've become pretty well versed with one hand but can't really se..."
Posted: by SHiLLySiT
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 796    Replies: 1
"Back in November I found some LED balls with selectable patterns on this website but they don't seem to exist anymore: http://www.homeofpoi.com/us/shop/listItems/Single-57oz-165g-LED-Se..."
Posted: by Cathy
Last Reply: by ZandE
Views: 680    Replies: 1
"Hi. I'm new to this but would greatly appreciate some advise. I have become involved in fire jumping my dogs with our group forming the only troupe in Western Australia. We have careful..."
Posted: by AlexD
Last Reply: by ZandE
Views: 2559    Replies: 6
"i was thinking about getting fire poi, but i cannot choose wether to get cathedral or monkeys fist fire poi. help please."
Posted: by ZandE
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 2462    Replies: 1
"So I received my first monkey fist heads yesterday ran to the store today n bought "patio sensations citronella torch oil" I've used tiki torch oil 100s of times in the past w..."
Posted: by Ashleighe
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 825    Replies: 1
"Hello all! I'm looking for recommendations on what fire poi set to buy:I grew up doing fire poi nearly everyday, including travelling in the Gypsy Fair. As an adult, I'm keen to get bac..."
Posted: by Nobbin_Hood
Last Reply: by house_of_mill
Views: 1071    Replies: 2
"I have the Standard LED Poi that come packaged with the Medium Cathedral Fire Poi, and the bottom battery is jammed and I can't get it to budge. I haven't been able to take it out to re..."
Posted: by iriko
Last Reply: by Dunc
Views: 1769    Replies: 4
"Dear colleagues,Fire show is an important part of the life of each of us: it is our job, our passion or just a hobby. Our friend Kostya from the group Fogo (Voronezh, Russia) is now in ..."
Posted: by PoisonDawn
Last Reply: by Catnip74
Views: 1112    Replies: 3
"I've been trying for a month now to figure out what the name of this fan move is, its hard to explain so I found it in a video. Can someone please watch this and tell me the name or how..."
Posted: by neothermic
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 587    Replies: 1
"Helloo!First post here and typically it's a question I predict the community will be able to answer very quickly, just havn't found the answer anywhere else yet...Pretty simple/stupid s..."
Posted: by ceoilgem
Last Reply: by ceoilgem
Views: 900    Replies: 2
"Hi everyone,Im new to these forums and i have tried to find spinners in Christchurch through these forums but cant find a recent one. Im hoping to learn staff (I have basic poi) and wou..."
Posted: by Amanda Shaylor
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 872    Replies: 1
"What do people think? Are 23mph wind speeds too high for a fire jam, which I'm planning for this Sunday?"
Posted: by sodasam
Last Reply: by sodasam
Views: 730    Replies: 2
"Hello Helpful Forum Denizens!Instead of buying the complete set of LED Poi, I thought it would be more fun if I was able to assemble it myself. I just wanted to make sure that I had all..."
Posted: by infurnex
Views: 589    Replies: 0
"Looking for some fire buddies living near gosport and Portsmouth any1 interested? Xxx"
Posted: by Bruno Vitorelli Tacca
Last Reply: by Bruno Vitorelli Tacca
Views: 2534    Replies: 1
"Hello everyone,First of all, it's my first time posting here, and I'm proud to say that a long time ago, I used to swing poi a little bit, and I learned it all from the videos from HoP...."
Posted: by LuBird
Views: 1970    Replies: 0
"I am starting to play around with tosses and throws -- my double finger loops have got to go. However, I am curious if there is a higher community preference between Silicone and wood ..."
Posted: by Taniapyro
Views: 779    Replies: 0
"HelloCan anyone recommend an insurance company in the UK who cover fire performance and circus workshops? I've used Towergate in the past but the quote I've just received was a little h..."
Posted: by beesharrar
Last Reply: by Flipy
Views: 1079    Replies: 1
"I recently invested in some Helix UltraLights (the stick LEDs). I am having some difficulty navigating through the different settings and unfortunately the guide that it came with isn'..."
Posted: by Stezzle
Views: 608    Replies: 0
"Hi all,I'm posting this on behalf of a friend but I was wondering if anyone knows of somebody who does fire poi lessons in the Warwickshire area to help them learn some new moves/tricks..."
Posted: by Neil_Carter_Jr
Last Reply: by Jharth43
Views: 805    Replies: 1
"If anybody spinning near Cleveland Ohio USA sees this post I would like to meet you. I have only met one other person spining poi in my area at the beach and have lost contact. Birds of..."
Posted: by EvilE
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 536    Replies: 1
"HI guys!I'm new here and I really want to try fire eating,but I don't have the slightest idea which fuel I should use...People recommend different fuels,and I can't decide...which fuel..."
Posted: by northwind28
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 860    Replies: 1
"Hi, I've been having a problem where my glow poi turns off mid use and I was wondering if anyone else has a solution to this problem. I've had them for four years but both have new bat..."
Posted: by Mini Mal
Views: 1860    Replies: 0
"Okay so I jumped in head first and have been eating fire with the stuff that I bought from 3 worlds for spinning. (please don't caps-yell at me :- )What should I be using to eat fire? C..."
Posted: by bigape
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 717    Replies: 1
"hello guys i was just wandering what cords should i use with the led poi ball and if ninja cords could be used, the reason is that the ropes usually used with led poi balls are thin and..."
Posted: by jdfaanc
Last Reply: by jdfaanc
Views: 571    Replies: 1
"Ok ladies and gents. I need much assistance. I have been putting off making an actual purchase on any poi in general. Instead I have just been going the cheap tennis ball route. But I b..."
Posted: by fiery dusk
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 997    Replies: 3
"So... This is the situation. I'm doing a show for my school and I've never performed by myself before. (I used to be in a cheer team) Anyway... Is there anything that I should expect? A..."
Posted: by spores 4 brains
Last Reply: by beaniebob
Views: 1407    Replies: 1
"My pod poi seems to be having kinetic awareness problems. It does not go through the mode unless I am spinning very hard. Does anyone know what might be causing this and how to fix it?"
Posted: by stevens.robert8125
Views: 857    Replies: 0
"I was just wondering if any one here has ever tried to use an alcohol based gel as fuel for any of their poi? The kind I mean is like the stuff you see placed under food trays at catere..."
Posted: by westop4no1
Last Reply: by westop4no1
Views: 891    Replies: 4
"Im starting to learn air wraps and no mater what i do it always turns into a orbital. I havnt learned how to do orbitals yet so its not mussal memory interfearing. Any advice to help ke..."
Posted: by AnonymouslyChase
Last Reply: by danielgranadas@hotmail.com
Views: 9939    Replies: 7
"Everything Ive found is incredibly over priced..and I havent even found Fire Buu Geng..."
Posted: by westop4no1
Views: 548    Replies: 0
"My names Parker im from Blue Springs and i want a experienced fire poi spinner around the first time i spin fire. Ive been spinning the unlit poi for a while but i still want someone t..."
Posted: by xristjana
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 655    Replies: 1
"namaste poi masters!picked up my poi today for the first time since I got them, been trying to master the butterfly.i can't seem to spin with my palms up and i was wondering if i was ho..."
Posted: by xristjana
Views: 528    Replies: 0
"Namaste poi masters! I am having trouble with my led poi as I cannot seem to spin with my palms up ? Trying to the 'the butterfly' and the video is saying to have palms facing upwards b..."
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