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Posted: by Paul OShea
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"Apologies if this has been asked before. So one of my pod poi is not charging. Noticed a few weeks back that it went out before the other so stopped using them for the night, went to ch..."
Posted: by arne.bischoff
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Posted: by scgward
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 114    Replies: 1
"Hello, my daughter is 9 and needs help learning new things with her flow wand. Is there anyone in the Tucson area??"
Posted: by panicatthediscogirly
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 170    Replies: 3
"Hi, i recently started learning and just ordered and received the wicks for my fans. I looked on youtube for tutorials on how to wick them and while there are a couple the spot that the..."
Posted: by Dnbullock
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 447    Replies: 2
"Hi! I'm new to fire spinning and have been learning for about a month now. I am finding it very difficult to deal with the heat of my fans. Every time I use them it hurts (they are not ..."
Posted: by kamao
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 1326    Replies: 3
"I'm confused.. I was under the impression that PodPoi came with a lifetime warranty but now i can't seem to find anything about it. Am I wrong or does my PodPoi have a warranty?"
Posted: by FireDragon
Last Reply: by gem_darwin1
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"Does anyone know what happened to Riz?I've ordered from him 3 times before and been quite happy with his product and delivery. My last order for 2 whips went unfulfilled. There were ma..."
Posted: by Sara Kreutz
Views: 176    Replies: 0
"Total Newibe here so forgive me if this is a stupid question. Anyone know where to source the airplane toys that are used to make bubble poi?"
Posted: by SaskoSchirmer
Views: 195    Replies: 0
"Is there any difference between them exept the shape ?"
Posted: by Kaylawillits
Views: 164    Replies: 0
"Hi!Currently looking for an angle grinding teacher...pretty hard in rural Canada.FIRST though, I'm looking for some info on what type of grinder and plates to get, where to get the meta..."
Posted: by ^^francesca^^
Last Reply: by pointlesscocoa
Views: 8466    Replies: 58
"i really want to get a tatoo on my lower back but i'm not sure what to have..........or if i should................or if iwant to die so early in life because of a tatoo (parental injus..."
Posted: by Kitsune34
Last Reply: by Kitsune34
Views: 128    Replies: 2
"Hi, everyone. I would really appreciate your help on this.It's been a while since I visited the site and I'm looking to edit my profile and check my messages. I can't find the dropdown ..."
Posted: by Kayleigh Grunsell
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"I had a tattoo on my foot four months ago and it's weird. I can feel it like it's still a scab, it's really shiny and I can't scratch it. I had an itch an gently scratched an suffered w..."
Posted: by Nicholas Hill
Last Reply: by Sakura Flame-boyant Dahmer
Views: 527    Replies: 1
"Hi,I was hoping some of your members might be able to suggest suitable fire performers in the UK for a photoshoot I am putting together. Any thoughts or input would be welcome.Kind Rega..."
Posted: by Ariana Lynn Flatt
Views: 233    Replies: 0
"Anyone have an idea on how to make a Levi wand out of an umbrella? Toying with this idea for a show"
Posted: by Timo Tuuling
Views: 185    Replies: 0
"Hey guys, so here is my story. I am touring around with an ice skating show as a technician and at the end of the tour we are going to have an inshow where all the cast and crew can do ..."
Posted: by pontii
Views: 262    Replies: 0
"Hi!I want to start making my own contact poi's, but im having some problems that i'd like to get ure help with.I got lots of material, probably not the best but I can always buy more if..."
Posted: by Antoine
Views: 273    Replies: 0
"Hi !I would like to know if there is a shop in Auckland where it is possible to fix PodPoïsThanks."
Posted: by elektra
Last Reply: by Kombi guy
Views: 1306    Replies: 1
"I'm wondering if you guys have any suggestions on fire fans to start out with? I don't have the strongest wrists so probably something more lightweight, maybe with an even number of spo..."
Posted: by Galathalion
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 2056    Replies: 25
"how do you get it and where does it show how much you have? thanks for any reply.. ^^ "
Posted: by Voodoo_Tuesday
Last Reply: by STP111
Views: 914    Replies: 1
"Hi, I'm considering a new set of LED poi. Which are the boldest and brightest on homeof poi? Thanks 😊"
Posted: by fran.var.vil
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 1231    Replies: 1
"inbox, and rss for my topics"
Posted: by Wraith
Last Reply: by WraithRE
Views: 1190    Replies: 3
"I didn't see this specifically...so I hope someone can help. I saw the page on colored flames, and I have bought the flame dye. It worked great. I was trying to get purple...It says ..."
Posted: by Savannah519
Last Reply: by Flow DNA
Views: 1163    Replies: 1
"I'm in love with my friends LED chain poi balls, and totally inspired by the contact poi balls. I'm looking to buy my first set for myself, (not sure what style to choose) and have been..."
Posted: by Jack
Last Reply: by Chen Po Ting
Views: 1018    Replies: 1
"Hey so i've been searching google for a while now and maybe i'm just not using the correct search terms but I can not find any tutorials/instructions on making a fire staff with knotted..."
Posted: by Denver00162
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 1012    Replies: 3
"So, I have been spinning fire for a while now and have been using L chains that i feel are a tad long for me. I understand the absolute best way to go about this would be to purchase so..."
Posted: by Merrick
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 1439    Replies: 1
"So I have been spinning dragon staff for about 3 months. Over that time I notice as I'm doing forearm rolls the grip rips hair out of my arms leaving these bare skin tracks in between h..."
Posted: by joehenry
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 920    Replies: 1
"Hi guys,I am making my first set of poi, and am using 2" wide kevlar.I have created my own little twist on the crown knot, and what this guy does here:Basically I'm using 3 pieces of ke..."
Posted: by Coryhupfer
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 1266    Replies: 3
"So the not so great poi I bought from emazing lights awhile ago just to dip my hands into spinning finally broke today. Well one of yhe battery doors cracked and wont go on so it wont l..."
Posted: by Marta Śliż
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 474    Replies: 1
"Hi, I'm searching for fuel/sth which will give me that sparkling effect on my fire gear:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4epqHhUJo8Does anybody knows anything more about this?"
Posted: by Haley
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 692    Replies: 1
"I want to buy a Concentrate LED staff, I already have a fire one which I love but it's much heavier. My friend bought the same (LED) one I'm looking at and we both find we'd like it to ..."
Posted: by alisamamos
Last Reply: by alisamamos
Views: 587    Replies: 2
"Hey Hooper's! I've been hooping for 3 or 4 months now. I can hoop on my waist, hips and neck. I can consistently do about 30 rotations on the chest so I figured I would try shoulders. I..."
Posted: by machingun1
Views: 596    Replies: 0
"Hi everyone. I have been in a rifle drill team for about three years now. I am wondering if there is a flowtoy similar to it, which I can transition to.I starded learning poi and I love..."
Posted: by KaylieKreatrix
Last Reply: by Kombi guy
Views: 1393    Replies: 1
"As a buugeng/S-staff spinner I feel like there could be lots more covered in the tutorials section. How do I do this? Who do I contact? I've searched the web-site and can't seem to find..."
Posted: by fran.var.vil
Views: 744    Replies: 0
"what is the difference?Which is best? why?Stealth Ninja V4 LED Poihttp://www.homeofpoi.com/shop/productDetails/Pair-of-Stealth-Ninja-V4-LED-Poi-with-Cole-CordsPair Ninja V4 LED Poihttp:..."
Posted: by Apple Discord
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 721    Replies: 1
"Hi all :) We're wondering if any of our clever spinners in here can identify the "flame flare" that can be seen in the promo vid on this page: &lbr;url=http://www.heartburne..."
Posted: by hoopbunny
Views: 702    Replies: 0
"Hey I have a question about the fire fan ring sizes! I am new to fire fans, and am looking between the spider fan and the regular 5 wick fan, but had one question. What difference do th..."
Posted: by Verde Verzi
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 654    Replies: 1
"Ello ! i recently received my flowlight staff and the flowlights came chained together .I want to change their order so they would be simetrical colors on each side, but i have no idea ..."
Posted: by alisamamos
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 846    Replies: 1
"OK, I am trying to learn wibbles because I think they look totally awesome, but I can only find a few videos on then and after watching all of them a million times I am still crazy conf..."
Posted: by fran.var.vil
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 840    Replies: 3
"Hi, i have a question over this.I found very many sites with images with 1:1, 1:2, 2:3 and other numbers, when explaining the flowers... The true, i dont understand this.What mean?"
Posted: by dpontalion
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 733    Replies: 2
"I can not find any help online on how to practice split time (not split time trick just spinning in split time) you have any tricks or tips to help me? Thx :)"
Posted: by Jay2a
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 765    Replies: 1
"So, my friend got his own pod poi recently so he just gave me his old glow poi* for free. When I was spinning the glow poi, I hit it on something and now the knob** that turns it on and..."
Posted: by dotclgp
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 1089    Replies: 1
"Hiya.I'm thinking about turning my staff into a fire toy. The idea would be to attach... something, to each end and create the illusion of a double sided scythe. The staff currently has..."
Posted: by SursieMerkel
Views: 768    Replies: 0
"So here lately I've been seeing many female performers using Grinders to make sparks with a chastity belt which I have wanted to try but I have no idea what it's actually called or what..."
Posted: by Tevin Fulton
Last Reply: by Tevin Fulton
Views: 584    Replies: 1
"I got my friend a pair of the 4 inch contact poi for his birthday and the very same day the rope came loose from the end attached to the poi (not the ball grip) I can't find how to cont..."
Posted: by JJLuu
Last Reply: by fran.var.vil
Views: 765    Replies: 1
"I was looking at the different ways to make your own sock poi, and I was wondering if instead of filling a tennis ball with coins and stuff if I could just use a lacrosse ball instead, ..."
Posted: by fran.var.vil
Last Reply: by fran.var.vil
Views: 806    Replies: 2
"Hello , I am very confused ... I can not tell the difference between this and the otherWhich is which???How to explain in paper??"
Posted: by RoxyCT
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 755    Replies: 1
"I'd love to throw a buzz saw (from backwards) into my routine but don't know how to transition out of it. Any help please?"
Posted: by thekid1990
Views: 729    Replies: 0
"hey i was just wondering what everyone thinks of shellite ? and the idea of a mix between shellite and ultra pure lamp oil ? and if so to what ratio does every like"
Posted: by lstroud
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 664    Replies: 1
"Hey all, I searched the forums but could not find what I'm looking for exactly. I guess i would consider myself intermediate with poi. I Have never had a pair of contact poi though, nor..."
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