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Posted: by flash fire
Last Reply: by Cantus
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"It has been noted that we've been "slipping into something a little too comfortable" lately, so I will take this opportunity to remind all and sundry that these forums are rated PG. So..."
Posted: by Dom
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"Welcome to HoP's social forum!The social forum is the place for chat and forms a large part of our open and friendly community. After all we can't just talk about poi and staff spinning..."
Posted: by A.c. Green
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"How do I balance a juggling ball on my nose and kick the juggling ball off my foot and try to catch it?"
Posted: by A.c. Green
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"How do I bounce a juggling ball off my foot and catch it while blindfolded"
Posted: by victimid17
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Posted: by A.c. Green
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"how can I do the under the leg juggling ball trick"
Posted: by =Flashpoint=
Last Reply: by PK_
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"Some Guy on Facebook told me to come back here. Anyone else pining for times past?"
Posted: by steven.songer88
Last Reply: by bartender
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"Hi im new to hear but id like some input i have been a parefin breather a while now went to classes 8 years now i ha e been in many shows but now i been trying yo advance my skill playi..."
Posted: by Patriarch917
Last Reply: by supersheep2
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" wanted to put this warning out to my bearded brethren. Be careful, or little muslim children will laugh at you."
Posted: by Malcolm
Last Reply: by Flow DNA
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"Oh no! The forum software is going mental with the 10,000+ replies to this post. So I have had to close it and start a new one.Congratulations to all for reaching over 10,000 replies.Le..."
Posted: by dianevargas113
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"I am a little bit lazy when it comes to cleaning the carpet. A friend of mine who works in a home inspection company told me three reasons why we should consider cleaning the carpet.1. ..."
Posted: by Cassandra
Last Reply: by outerkid
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Posted: by louisarankin87
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"Right so I've been spinning for like 2 years now I use LED glow poi because for some reason my family don't like the idea of fire poi :P even though I'm really keen to learn it. But i'v..."
Posted: by UCOF
Last Reply: by kevinsphysique
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"Ive been spinning poi for a good two years now, and I am always more than willing to teach anyone who wants to learn.Now a bit of background info: Sunbeam, Konsti (troubled badger notji..."
Posted: by Trippie Hippie
Last Reply: by kinnins3
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"Check this out!! A dating agency for your odd socks Go on, find your sock a mate for life. Where does the other sock go???? LOLTaking it easyTrippy --------------..."
Posted: by FireTom
Last Reply: by meyerflu
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"You have seen a funny YouTube video?Share it with us "
Posted: by WyattDavisSpins
Last Reply: by sheryl.hedlund
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"Hello everyone, there is no one here in utah to talk or spin poi with. no one here meets up and everyone has huge egos !!! So i came to HOP in search of a more organized and fire friend..."
Posted: by Lefteris
Last Reply: by kateysmaster
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"What do you thing about men piercing their belly buttons? To be honest I have only seen one man with his belly button pierced and would like to have mine too, do you thing it is too fem..."
Posted: by bryce1
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"A dash of wish, a smattering of wonder and a sprinkle of surprise. An open heart, a curious mind and an inability to tell the difference between your skin color, your constant dirt tan ..."
Posted: by sgdeatly
Last Reply: by KindaichiShota
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"Trying to find other flow artists here in the city."
Posted: by bluecat
Last Reply: by KindaichiShota
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"see i have no friends, thats why i envy pk so much. he's lovely, i'm going to miss him when he leaves on sunday. pk just to say i love you. R"
Posted: by amirthebear
Last Reply: by KindaichiShota
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"I wasn't sure if it was Kerosene, Lamp oil, or Parrafin.It wss my first time doing it and really dark. This happend 2 nights agoI ended up doing the flake breathing right but I swallowe..."
Posted: by nancyvinci92
Last Reply: by KindaichiShota
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"Mine is that of cute animals getting cyberbullied lit tho ;D"
Posted: by ray16092002
Last Reply: by Nathan Noble
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"I recently was introduced to poi and am now faced with the challenge of teaching myself. anyone know a good way to go about this?"
Posted: by vuhuyhoangk59
Last Reply: by crimhead
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"Hello everyoneI am a member of the forum, very interested in the exchange of knowledge with people. My name is Wiliam, I’m 22 years old this year. Very happy to make friends with peop..."
Posted: by justinr93
Last Reply: by trailatlas17
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"I decided to make some point out of sparklers and spun last night check it out let me know what you think and what's the strangest thing you ever made into poi?"
Posted: by EnigmA
Last Reply: by trailatlas17
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"Has anyone ever used poi as a weapon or even thought of using it as a weapon I think It makes a perfect weapon because It's easy to conceal, has good range, It's intimidating when swung..."
Posted: by flashinglites
Last Reply: by
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"Just wondering how many Stilters are out there and how many do it for fun and/or as a job? And also experiences good or bad and advice. I've been stilting for 3 years on 50cm stilts and..."
Posted: by RINSTIR
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"Whats the best way to do this with out making a mess. Swords have been a challenge for me and double wicked staffs."
Posted: by stano3b
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"I'm going to perform in a village that has a historical event soon and they asked me to adapt music to the same spirit. I said sure. But now, after I did some search I'm kind of despera..."
Posted: by Andrei_Koudaev
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"Hey guys, just want to share my Instagram account dedicated to fire poi. I hope you find it interesting! Please share yours too :)>Enjoy!"
Posted: by lldegregorio
Last Reply: by gal1
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"Hi Spinners!Can anyone tell me if they have ordered from a site (fire by riz)? Thanks!Larissa"
Posted: by HarrKaun
Last Reply: by sgdeatly
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"Hey everyone! I moved to Spring texas, just outside of houston a while back now and have been looking for spinners everywhere. I haven't had any sucess thus far. If you know of any gro..."
Posted: by christywhansen
Last Reply: by loismjohn121
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"Hi all, I am very happy to say that my sister is going to get married next month. This is really a big day for all of us. The house we live now is quite old. All the windows and doors a..."
Posted: by Nate
Last Reply: by GardyJo
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"right here's my problemi want my hair brrriiight pink but i have died it twice in the last two weeks with permenant die which cant be too good by itselfso tonight this being the second ..."
Posted: by borelais
Last Reply: by christywhansen
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"Hey, guys my dog just peed all over the carpet and now though the stain is gone, the carpet smells really bad. I am not a big fan of chemicals and I would like to get rid of the smell ..."
Posted: by Mynci
Last Reply: by christywhansen
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"Does anyone here find they have different personalities for different scenarios....I find when at work I am a serious, sometimes angry person (John prescott)when at home I'm generally r..."
Posted: by Alan
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"Im a fire/glo stick spinner and have tried eating fire. I would absolutly love to breath fire. help with fuels, torches, state of mind would be great! The sooner I can freak out my mom ..."
Posted: by DarrellEBradford
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"Hi, I’m here to get a few suggestions on mortgages. I’m planning to approach a mortgage service for the first time. Which mortgage do you think is suitable for me as a first t..."
Posted: by OhPoiMe
Last Reply: by oldschool.funky.diva
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"I recently moved to Salt Lake City from Colorado and found no one that spins poi let alone even knows what it is, this might just be the most non knowlegable poi state out there. Anyone..."
Posted: by Timmy
Last Reply: by borelais
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"Music to spin to, Tell us your favourite music to dance toHas anyone ever thought of making a "poiers" music album? A collection of music that's GREAT to poi to? What music would you pu..."
Posted: by serendipity
Last Reply: by 0range
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"I read the "how to keep people interested" thread and now I have to share this experience I have had a few times. It is quite the opposite of having trouble keeping people interested, ..."
Posted: by sam
Last Reply: by Michael Zen1
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"is this true ??i was wandering if these two prodducts were the same.This is because i asked about the pegasol one and was told that it cost $nz50.40 but now the other one (solvent 3440 ..."
Posted: by GardyJo
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"Hi there,I love playing poi though I am not a professional. I learned it online. My friends prefer to play poi whenever we meet. Last day we all joined at my house (my parents were not ..."
Posted: by hastyboomalert
Last Reply: by Senna
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"Hey guys.Don't want this to sound like spam, because well, it's not. I am selling a legitimate pair of Stealth Ninja V4 LED's on the cheap. I haven't poi'd in a while and am just gettin..."
Posted: by James Clarke
Last Reply: by rbuffriley
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"Hi, I'm I the Northern Territory for a few weeks and was looking for supplies. Happy High Herbs in Darwin looked promising but it's closed. Any suggestions? I'm going to Mindil Beach ma..."
Posted: by TigerFairy
Last Reply: by lucy_hughes
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" Hey everyone, if you are looking for awasome picteus of Led light users or glowstick users, go to and go to pictures and look in the two most recent folders, as you ..."
Posted: by Sunscreen
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"Inspired by a riff in the song "Jambi" by Tool, our team banded together to capture high speed footage of our friends Carl & Craig spinning fire. Thoughts & feedback appreciated. http..."
Posted: by BobbyFlowers
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"Not really familiar with this type of thing. I'm a spinner located out of Portland Oregon and recently have sorta rejoined my self away from my community and and now kind of looking out..."
Posted: by soulspinner
Last Reply: by ae5nl
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"looking for spinners to meet up wih in ohio, anyone out there???"
Posted: by fran.var.vil
Last Reply: by soulspinner
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"Hi guys, in my country the spinners are few... They are not connected, i have tried talk with them, but they answer listlessly.i always play alone and this is cool but it is sometimes b..."
Posted: by Submarine01
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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" I hit myself trying to do a leg wrap for my first time,can someone give me some helpful advice,to perform the move safer?"
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