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Posted: by cnvrsx
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"Hey there. I was wondering if anyone still does meet ups in &lbr;color:#993399&rbr;Melbourne&lbr;/color&rbr; in &lbr;color:#FF6600&rbr;2&lbr;/color&rbr;&lbr;color:#33CC00&rbr;0&lbr;/col..."
Posted: by KayBe87
Last Reply: by KayBe87
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"Sorry I dont have a good video at the moment but..its kinda likeWatermill at your waist into kind of a watermill around your shoulders (not actually behind your head..more around the sh..."
Posted: by Kesi Young
Last Reply: by Reno
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"I'v looked through the questions and answers in regards to blisters but they all seam to be about poi spinning.. I'm wondering about fire fan spinning.. I just purchased a set of the la..."
Posted: by twig
Last Reply: by beaniebob
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"I have been doing this for 11 months now, and in that time realistically ive probably done a about 100-150 hours of practice (not a lot i know) but I realised I only know about a dozen ..."
Posted: by the_village_idiot
Last Reply: by cnvrsx
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"hi i'm looking to start twirling either with a staff or poi and i was told i should check here if anyone knew of any groups i could go to in melbourne.. thanks"
Posted: by LMSP
Last Reply: by Diamondia
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"If there is anything you want to shout from the rooftops but dont have a ladder, then this is for YOU! (plus it is a lot safer than climbing on top of a building)"
Posted: by KayBe87
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"It was a pretty good time. It was a pretty secluded park on a side-road in town and after 9 pm so not many people were around. It was just my fiance, friend, and me. A few kids on bikes..."
Posted: by KayBe87
Last Reply: by KayBe87
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"Hey all,First post here and the first thing that I have to say is that although I am new...this seems to be one of the best communities out there. In all my time searching around online..."
Posted: by matt_Goodwin
Last Reply: by matt_Goodwin
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"Hey Jugglers and SpinnerI have just moved to Auckland to go to The University of Auckland and I was wondering if there are any social meet-up's for fire/non-fire jugglers and spinners i..."
Posted: by Apollo LoRusso
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"Hello! My name is Apollo, I am very paasionate and in love with spinning. I'm moving to Las Vegas in a few months and was wondering if anybody here could help me to figure out the fire..."
Posted: by @Brittyboo
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"Omgosh! Hi! Has anyone ever seen any of Kingsleys video's on YouTube? Because if u havnt then u hve not lived. Lol. Jk. But seriously if u havent seen any of his vidoes watch à few and..."
Posted: by muffin
Last Reply: by muffin
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"OMG I am new to poi, and I made some sock poi untill my stuff arrives from Home of Poi giggles, I wacked myself some good walups I thought I was going to have a goose egg on my forehea..."
Last Reply: by Bootylicious_@
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"&lbr;edited to remove email addresses at UCOF's request.&rbr;"
Posted: by shibiscuit
Last Reply: by Trybal Wolf
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"Hey there, I'm completely new to POI and everything. I have to give a talent performance in about two months and was wondering what kind of Glow POI I should buy. My goal is to learn en..."
Posted: by PaulaF
Last Reply: by PaulaF
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"Hi all, We're getting married Fri 7th March 2014 (yes, 4 weeks away!) in South West London. A friend of mine was going to do some fire juggling and spinning for us but he has had to re..."
Posted: by Madeleinejones
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"Hey! I'm new to Edinburgh and new to spinning poi. I was wondering if anyone did it here and if so where?I'd love to watch and learn off anyone around Edi who is loving spinning poi.Che..."
Posted: by 420BoNGHiTz
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"spinning fire on my 18th bithday"
Posted: by Brian_Johnson3
Last Reply: by H4ck3d
Views: 631    Replies: 1
"Hello Everyone!I can't find any good poi wallpapers, Does anyone have any they can share, or a link to some good ones?"
Posted: by emptyset
Last Reply: by Andrew_Scala
Views: 2889    Replies: 6
"how long do most of you keep your chains while swinging, and why. i usually keep mine as about 53cm which for me i from the tips of my hands to my shoulders, which alows me to swing th..."
Posted: by Sean_Dunn
Last Reply: by Sean_Dunn
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"Anyone know of anything in relations to fire spinning around and in Birmingham? ive been spinning for a few years now but the people I started with have stopped and I want new people to..."
Posted: by gypsylady958
Last Reply: by Trybal Wolf
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"Check out impressive fan dancer Angelica Faith!In the amber glow of firelight, dancer Angelica captivates audiences with a blend of refined technique, sensual moves, and passionate st..."
Posted: by LazyAngel
Last Reply: by tracetheface
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"Couldn't find any threads for this already - so thought I'd take the opportunity to say 'Well Done' to Malcolm and the rest of the web design team:The new site looks awesome! "
Posted: by Jade
Last Reply: by tracetheface
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"For spinning fire poi - we found that lamp fuel is the best. It takes a while to lite but when it does it lasts a long time! At first we were using camp fuel but its much too dangerou..."
Posted: by eonxxa
Last Reply: by smileshine
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"Hii, im from the chicago area and looking for anyone else practice with? i'm new to poi and staff. i attended the full moon jam on the 22nd and it was awesome and hope to meet more peop..."
Posted: by tracetheface
Last Reply: by tracetheface
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"heya everybody. it's been ages since i've had the time to really get out and do some juggling, so i decided to celebrate the break with some red rock juggling, picture attached.let's se..."
Posted: by Walkaways5813
Last Reply: by tracetheface
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"Hey all,I'm based in London (UK) and as you'll all imagine it's cold and/or rainy a lot of the time (especially at this time of the year). Unfortunately my flat is tiny and I can barely..."
Posted: by Trybal Wolf
Last Reply: by RaineStorm
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"I saw this TED talk the other day and found it extremely interesting. It is quite intriguing the way we perceive "normality". "
Posted: by Ryan_Gifford
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"Who's in Michigan trying to poi it up in the Detroit metro area?!?!"
Last Reply: by joseph_taylor
Views: 1621    Replies: 2
"heres the thing,I have never used any other fuel except normal lamp parrafin in the 2 years i've been doing fire poi.So far while on this site i have heard mention of people using keros..."
Posted: by ArtworkByAutumn
Last Reply: by corestripe
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"I just want to say how much I love HOP (Home of Poi)!!!! <3"
Posted: by J.Drake.K
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" &lbr;url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1auAg5zRSE&rbr;&lbr;/url&rbr;"
Posted: by PoisonDawn
Last Reply: by PoisonDawn
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"Is a year too early to go public with a performance, a crowd? a months? 2 weeks? :devil: :) :D :juggle: :help: :wonder:"
Posted: by faroutfire
Last Reply: by isaiah_hobbs
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"I just moved from ohio to North Carolina and now i dont kow any poi or fire spinners around; all i want it a friend or two to go to beach with and spin...if your a spinner in NC. text..."
Posted: by tracetheface
Last Reply: by PeaceLoveUFOs
Views: 3540    Replies: 17
"Just curious to see how other people first met with spinning culture and started spinning. What got you hooked?The first time I saw somebody using poi was when I was seventeen, at a con..."
Posted: by Devin Morgenson
Last Reply: by isaiah_hobbs
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"Whats your favorite genre to spin poi to!?"
Posted: by Theshadowsx
Last Reply: by Trybal Wolf
Views: 668    Replies: 2
"Oi, I am not gnna lie. I am a big guy! I think my waist size was a 44 at the moment. I am looking for some Comfortable clothing that doesn't restrict movement, I know at least one of y..."
Posted: by trimee30
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 622    Replies: 2
"Hey all What do we all do to make a show stand out from the rest"
Posted: by Theshadowsx
Views: 381    Replies: 0
"I just got into the spinning! I am looking for fellow Spinners in Northern California. If you know where Roseville, Auburn, and Colfax are I am in that large area. I would love to find ..."
Posted: by joukanen
Last Reply: by corestripe
Views: 593    Replies: 2
"Hi there peoples. There's been a discussion on face book about creating an international flow arts day on the 28th of June. I'm hoping to organize something over here in the UK and I'm ..."
Posted: by Dotdotdot
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"Hey! Bonsoir a vous sur ce blog autant agreable ! Je m'appelle SHANON J'aime:lire 424admireren allemand aimez vous ischa???"
Posted: by _Annie_
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"Hey Guys,I remember years back, that there was a social meet up at South Bank in Brisbane for spinners every monday night. I was wondering is it still on? Is there another place where p..."
Posted: by trimee30
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"Hey all just want to get some feedback i am doing a fire show in a couple of weeksjust want to know what you guys reckon it is a pirate them arty but not to sure what kind of music to g..."
Posted: by Justin_Ritchie
Last Reply: by corestripe
Views: 788    Replies: 2
"i bought the new stealth ninja v3s. i love em. only problem is im used to spinning contact poi and the weight on the ninja just isnt doin it for me. i really dnt wanna just glue a bunch..."
Posted: by ryan_sullivan
Last Reply: by corestripe
Views: 1416    Replies: 3
"So I came up with the idea of making a pair of sock poi made out of the same material as hacky sacks are made out of, only problem, I have no clue how to do such thing. Anyone out there..."
Posted: by Deaths_love
Last Reply: by beavis
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"First id likie to say I know this isnt the help forum, but im posting here because it seems the help forum doesnt get a lot of traffic. My name is Aaron. I live in Auckland NZ. I am try..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Wes Dean
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"I know here within the states that what people do for Halloween changes from region to region. For example, where my sister lives in Florida, they do not trick-or-treat at all. And wher..."
Posted: by SouthernLight
Last Reply: by bt_photo
Views: 1498    Replies: 4
"hello all, I found this site while I was looking for Light Painting gear...sort of interested in using Fire pois in my photography. I use LEDs and Steel wool at the moment...anyway I am..."
Posted: by oscurochu
Last Reply: by Rebecca_Huffman
Views: 4908    Replies: 19
"I'm still quite new to poi. I have a back yard, and plenty of room to practice but I just can't get into the mood to just spin. I find myself getting frustrated so easily. Spinning at h..."
Posted: by Kombi guy
Last Reply: by Stone
Views: 720    Replies: 1
"Soooo awesome :-) Electric club spinning 1900http://www.futilitycloset.com/2013/10/01/power-clubs/ "
Posted: by joukanen
Last Reply: by Charles
Views: 793    Replies: 2
"Hi HoP people, I'm considering getting a contact juggiling ball, and I'm wondering, is there any kind of guidelinges as to what kind of size and weight to get as a beginner who's not do..."
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