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Posted: by Malcolm
Last Reply: by o-o
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"Are there any names known out there for some of the Staff twirling moves I have so far.It would be good to have some names rather than move number 7 etc..What are peoples thoughts on th..."
Posted: by Heph
Last Reply: by Jeff Duncan
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"so everyone says, when you get a new poi, be sure and light it, then put it out right away four or five times in a row, to prepare the wick well...first off, what the heck does it mean ..."
Posted: by Middeon
Last Reply: by Jeff Duncan
Views: 1037    Replies: 3
"please help me i am in desperation to find out how to make one of these fire chains if anyone nows how let me now PLEASE ------------------**~~<M!DEON>~~**"
Posted: by scleromorph
Last Reply: by Jeff Duncan
Views: 2035    Replies: 1
"i know there's heaps about coloured flames but i just want to know specifics and stuff - like is meths just methylated spirits and how much boric acid do u use??????thanx for helpin----..."
Posted: by xaeda
Last Reply: by moonglow
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"hey peoples I'm planning on doing a bit of a solo roadtrip only definite destination is Auckland, for Cirque du Soliel on the 24th, but some time before then I'm going ..."
Posted: by Jesse
Last Reply: by Pele
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"Hey, Pele- How long have you been doing the Ren Fair circuit? Is there a big market for fire at Ren Fairs? (I should check and see if either Penn or Pitt Renn Faires have fire performer..."
Posted: by The Cabiri
Last Reply: by disko
Views: 2314    Replies: 4
"Hey UK people-Did anyone catch a television program on New Year's Day about 'the history of pyrotechnics' or something like that? It was supposed to be on Channel 4.Part of it was film..."
Posted: by Rain
Last Reply: by ALIBABA
Views: 1274    Replies: 1
"Malcolm, i saw somewhere on this site that this was initially going to be a juggling site. it then went in to say that you changed your mind because you thaught that there were already ..."
Posted: by Fire Punk
Last Reply: by psychomonkey
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"Just thought I'd share my little bit of info. I took some pics of my fire group performing and I used black and white film. Everyone was a little wary of how the black and white would ..."
Posted: by Luna
Last Reply: by The Cabiri
Views: 2293    Replies: 12
"When I first got my poi, I didn't know about having to light them and put them out a few times first so I never did that. My poi have Kevlar wick on them which is good quality. Every t..."
Posted: by spike
Last Reply: by Simos
Views: 1097    Replies: 2
"does enybody has any idea on how to make or where to buy poi that glows in the dark.... not under uv light"
Posted: by dangerboy
Last Reply: by Barrett
Views: 2094    Replies: 8
"OK, I read somewhere in this vast forum, a reference to electroluminescent glow stix (however, i find it kinda hard to refind posts in this place). Does anyone know of a distributor in ..."
Posted: by o-o
Last Reply: by Pele
Views: 3854    Replies: 7
"Hello helpful listeners,I have recently made a fire chain (a twirling friend calls it a snake) which is made of light ally & powder coated and has fairly large links. I put some giant ..."
Posted: by spike
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 1670    Replies: 2
"i was just wondering do the flourescent poi that is sold on this page glow in the dark or do they glow only under uv light"
Posted: by Jo
Last Reply: by The Cabiri
Views: 1662    Replies: 1
"I've just had a go at clubs today and found it ok except one thing...I can't seem to easily swing the club more than once on each side (eg for doing the weave).Is there somthing I can d..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Pele
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"So by now you must all know I LOVE those check this out Isn't it just the'm done now!------------------PeleHigher, higher burning fire...."
Posted: by ShawnF
Views: 1793    Replies: 0
"Ok... someone commented a while ago about "if only yo-yos lit up."Someone just made this video, which has a scene with like 20 different people using two light-up yo-yos at the same tim..."
Posted: by tcw
Last Reply: by ffirebell
Views: 1962    Replies: 2
"man she seriously rocks!!!so fast at twirling and stuffi would really like to know the individual movesim really interested in that one where she gets down onto groundthankls"
Posted: by sammie
Last Reply: by sammie
Views: 11220    Replies: 5
"Hey there - cracking new page man!!Does anyone know of big fire festivals anywhere around the world hapening over the next 12 months? to stick a lot of photos onto a website..."
Posted: by Rick aka Loki
Last Reply: by sammie
Views: 2950    Replies: 3
"Hello, all you wonderful fire people.I'm hoping plenty of people will be able to add to this post.I'd like to compile a list of movies from which moves for poi and/or staff can be copie..."
Posted: by Drake
Last Reply: by Luna
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"yo malcolm, when are you going to post those staff vids xaeda submitted to you? i remember her talking about it on the old board. hope to see them.DRAKEPS: anybody out there contact ..."
Posted: by sammie
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 4319    Replies: 6
"(UK) does anyone know where I can get hold of chemicals to produce colored flames?We played with Boric acid and meths but the other chemicals on Malcoms list are not your average Boots ..."
Posted: by tcw
Last Reply: by xaeda
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"i heard you have to burn each wick 6 times before twirlingtrue?"
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