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Posted: by emptyset
Last Reply: by Lev
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"how much more do beaming poi weigh compaired to a 6inch glowstick"
Posted: by ykaterina
Last Reply: by mcnappy
Views: 4505    Replies: 22
"inspired by, i'm wondering how other people feel about the weight of their poi and what type of chain they're using.i've used a bunch of different stuff so far, but what i ..."
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by Arson86
Views: 1611    Replies: 2
"Not about poi, has nothing to do with poi.rather that great big scary world that comes to find me when i set down my balls and walk away. *warning long read*Under the circumstances of ..."
Posted: by LazyAngel
Last Reply: by aston
Views: 1333    Replies: 4
"satire warning: probably not suitable for minors"
Posted: by lollypop
Last Reply: by lollypop
Views: 755    Replies: 5
" hi just wondering if there are any spinning clubs in liverpool or any wear near ormskirk thanks anna"
Posted: by yannicus
Views: 572    Replies: 0
"Greetings HoPers, just offering a link to a poem i think this community will understand more than most 'Tis about spinning, obviously. Leave comments if you can, they are much appreciat..."
Posted: by Nucleopoi
Last Reply: by burningoftheclavey
Views: 2745    Replies: 26
"happy valentines day everyone.hope you are all having a great day.i got engaged 3 days ago and am still really hyper. lol. "
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by Derwyn
Views: 1720    Replies: 20
"I know I had a thread like this before, but I cannot for the life of me find it on any of the searches. Anywho, when you open your web browser, what page opens? Mine was HoP. Now it'..."
Posted: by Just_Another_Clown
Last Reply: by Poje
Views: 1026    Replies: 6
"Utilizing Juggling to its full potential in every day life. Just another viral video, but I thought that it would good for people to see. "
Posted: by Such
Last Reply: by Gidg
Views: 486    Replies: 2
"I am sure some of you have, but it's always worth another look: This is worth a look as well: "
Posted: by Such
Last Reply: by doppelGanger
Views: 1828    Replies: 10
"Well, school is back in session. I feel like my latest math class, Matrix Math, was sent to the world straight from Satan.I don't know how you guys learn, but I like to understand the g..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by doppelGanger
Views: 1302    Replies: 14
"So my friend Laura invited me to her house. Well, she lives in this amazing house with like 8 other people and this rich dude who owns the most popular head shop on Haight Street and i..."
Posted: by Fire_Moose
Last Reply: by doppelGanger
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"I just degaussed my moniter and DAMN....that was nice.It had been so long since I've degaussed a moniter i had almost forgot about it. It is just so serene and great and really lets you..."
Posted: by Such
Last Reply: by doppelGanger
Views: 3663    Replies: 54
"Well I have been practicing all day today, and got to thinking that I have never seen a real person Poi, or even met anyone that has heard of it.All I have been going on are NathanielEv..."
Posted: by Tamren
Last Reply: by shpongled
Views: 718    Replies: 4
"hehe, can't stop laughing.So I have this cardboard box sitting beside my desk here. Inside it is a bunch of misc poi supplies, on the very top is my pair of flowlights, currently lackin..."
Posted: by Effinkay
Last Reply: by Poje
Views: 1527    Replies: 1
"I just moved down here from Maine and was wondering if there was a poi shop in the area?please help, i've searched and couldnt find anything."
Posted: by stephani_calovich
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
Views: 4865    Replies: 43
"I made an order on December 16th that I had to cancel for the amount of 57.49 USD. I got a notice confirming the cancellation and HOP will not refund my money!! Do not do business with ..."
Posted: by shpongled
Last Reply: by shpongled
Views: 372    Replies: 1
"Ok so I have been looking forward to this show for a long time! Havent been to a show since New Years..I know its not that long but I got that itch again! Disco Biscuits are so sick, ..."
Posted: by _Poiboy_
Last Reply: by NathanielEverist
Views: 1406    Replies: 12
"I finished my tattoo yesterday, and I love it photo"
Posted: by Such
Last Reply: by newgabe
Views: 1282    Replies: 3
"I have watched a few video's at playpoi of nick traveling the world and poi'ing, and it seems like at the end of every one of his videos an eastern twangy meditation like music plays, I..."
Posted: by CoRay
Last Reply: by doppelGanger
Views: 291    Replies: 1
"On Monday I'm coming into LA and will be there for a few days. Then I'm going to San Fransisco. Since I'll be in California and not my beloved Nevada I will miss my usual fire group on ..."
Posted: by Cassandra
Last Reply: by Ade
Views: 8482    Replies: 56
"Yes yes I know birthday posts belong in the Intro section .. but then again, this one is really specialHappy Birthday MalcolmThank you so much for everything you have done for all of us..."
Posted: by Rohan_Dawes
Last Reply: by burningoftheclavey
Views: 935    Replies: 9
"Because they usually break..."
Posted: by Richee
Last Reply: by Richee
Views: 19585    Replies: 89
" Name: Diablo III Web: Name: Fallout III Web: Name: Starcraft II Web:"
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
Views: 3095    Replies: 6
"So, as I made a big deal about last year, I got this great fellowship in San Francisco doing Adolescent Medicine. So to practice medicine in any given state in the U.S. you have to be ..."
Posted: by Such
Last Reply: by aston
Views: 654    Replies: 6
"It seems that I have hit a wall with my poi lately...So far I can:Three-beat ForwardThree-beat backwardThree-beat Backward Behind The BackReels in Split TimeReels in ButterflyChasing th..."
Posted: by elatedpenguin
Last Reply: by elatedpenguin
Views: 1873    Replies: 4
"Hi,I'm currently volunteering in Peru for 9 months with an NGO ( anyway, I'll be doing a poi spinning class for the kids and am a beginner/intermediate spanish speaker, ..."
Posted: by jugglingtheworld
Last Reply: by aston
Views: 5402    Replies: 19
"Well I am sure that this has been discussed before and many times as well. However, I could not find a post so here it is. Because object manipulation is so new there seems to be a lack..."
Posted: by Such
Last Reply: by burningoftheclavey
Views: 776    Replies: 7
"So I have been poi'ing everyday for about 10 hours a day the last three days or so. Last night I was curling up on the couch and my muscles felt like they were still poi'ing, I could sw..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
Views: 9309    Replies: 93
"EVERYONE knows that if it's zombies, you make a six-pointed star and stand inside it and they can't touch you. And if it's warewolves, make the sign of the Cross. Vampires it's squirtg..."
Posted: by fake teeth and glue
Last Reply: by duvan
Views: 2139    Replies: 16
"when i went to bed last night it was snowing a bit, and this morning i open the front door and it still is!im trying to think of an apropriate word...yay perhaps? more pics soon "
Posted: by EasterOggz
Last Reply: by EasterOggz
Views: 806    Replies: 7
"I'm making my own poi-themed shirt, and I'm drawing a picture for the front. I think it would be cool to have a witty and/or poetic sort of saying to go on the back, right about where t..."
Posted: by Loewan
Last Reply: by Noiseyflower
Views: 1324    Replies: 6
"This is such a beautiful game. The aim is to charge up the bars using the particle stream by manipulating the nodes on screen. As each bar fills up, different part of the tune will be a..."
Posted: by _Poiboy_
Last Reply: by Noiseyflower
Views: 1965    Replies: 11
"I lol'd"
Posted: by PyroWill
Last Reply: by Noiseyflower
Views: 634    Replies: 7
"Not a great song, but I don't care, go me!"
Posted: by spryte
Last Reply: by dawndream
Views: 1358    Replies: 6
"I'm learning here in Hamilton all by my lonesome. Im the only one in the directory for Hamilton. I've been able to spin 2 times with someone else but she's going away . If any of you ..."
Posted: by LazyAngel
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
Views: 1473    Replies: 4
" for:Anglia Special Edition - Let's Dance(can be found under 'special features' to the right of the vid..."
Posted: by Loewan
Last Reply: by Mother_Natures_Son
Views: 1264    Replies: 2
"A little fun website where you can make your own embroil historic tale.Fun! "
Posted: by FireTom
Last Reply: by Loewan
Views: 2464    Replies: 24
"well, first of all it's a hype. that alone would turn me off in the first place. But second - and most important - the components of said cellphone are worth about half of what the pho..."
Posted: by PyroMonkey
Last Reply: by happypappy
Views: 7587    Replies: 77
"hehehehehei got the idea from ppl doing quotes on another thread, i figured this will be a long lasting one.try not to repeat othersill kick it off with my fav..."well.... its such a ni..."
Posted: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
Last Reply: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
Views: 653    Replies: 8
"This is a rickroll.With christmas number one coming up, and the terrible, terrible Xfactor aiming for number one. Loads of people on the interweb have been trying to get the Rickroll me..."
Posted: by Donia
Last Reply: by Durbs
Views: 1624    Replies: 9
"My group has been asked to do a show there and with everything that has been going on I am a little concerned for the safety of my group while there.Have any of you ever performed there..."
Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by clarence_quack
Views: 9371    Replies: 67
" all i can say is its about time"
Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
Views: 1332    Replies: 6
"So after much hardwork we have launched our first facebook application to help spread the christmas cheer love to get some feedback and it ..."
Posted: by Lovo
Views: 615    Replies: 0
"Hey guys!I'm currently living up in the Dandenongs which are just too far away from everything I do. Wondering if anyone has a spare room anywhere close to the city? The closer the bett..."
Posted: by Ry_Canuck
Last Reply: by Vixen
Views: 3031    Replies: 12
"I just bought a 2ish kg Duckling from the Market and realized that I have no idea how to cook it. So, does anyone out there have any good recipes or tips and tricks for cooking it up al..."
Posted: by Loewan
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
Views: 579    Replies: 2
"I think there is already a thread about amazing pen tricks! This is ind of special! "
Posted: by fluxusmaximus
Last Reply: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
Views: 626    Replies: 1
"Hi all,I've a juggling blog and magazine at which provides daily videos/news/events information about all things juggling.I'm looking for a poi and/or diaboloist ..."
Posted: by Nado
Last Reply: by Nado
Views: 1080    Replies: 8
"Hi everyone,I don't usually post on here but i thought this was well worth popping on to do.At Aldi, well atleast the Chermisde one on Gympie road they are selling clubs, practise poi a..."
Posted: by nearly_all_gone
Last Reply: by MRC
Views: 4891    Replies: 59
"If you ignore the irritating continual references to "deviance", this place has some really cool stuff. Mainly gallery space I guess, but a community, geared up for rating pictures etc...."
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