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Posted: by Yamo
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 1275    Replies: 1
"Hello everyone! I am looking for a type of fire sword I briefly heard about called a "Dragon Sword." It may be called something else in other circles, but apparently it is a f..."
Posted: by hannahsu
Views: 1009    Replies: 0
"Who is in Stoke on Trent?"
Posted: by The Dancing Fire
Views: 958    Replies: 0
"Performing in Singapore in 2 weeks. Anyone know the equivalent of Coleman's white gas out there? My client found Isopar g but i wanted to make sure it was safe because I have a team of ..."
Posted: by PeterB
Last Reply: by ANTANY
Views: 3150    Replies: 7
"Hey all! I just moved to Florida, I don't know any twirlers down here. I was wondering what the scene is like, anyone get together to spin? Looking forward to spinning with people in..."
Posted: by Eugene Otstavnov
Views: 854    Replies: 0
"Hallo folks! I am an experienced poi spinner and former local fire community moderator from Minsk. I just have moved in Berlin and want to meet the berliner fire community or just some ..."
Posted: by BoA
Views: 758    Replies: 0
"Hey there,im going to go to Melbourne , i will be there in after the 22.09.15. My Name Is Nikolaj im 22 Years old i spin for almost 3 Years . Contact Juggling for 2 Years. I want to con..."
Posted: by sumyungguy35
Views: 954    Replies: 0
"Hey, I'm trying to find other spinners in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Or perhaps any groups in the area?"
Posted: by tluxner
Views: 746    Replies: 0
"So I've been doing poi for about a year and a half now and believe I have come quite a long way...This is a video I just posted today on youtube (https://youtu.be/QeZHkqqyptY). Well an..."
Posted: by Hannah Fraser
Views: 841    Replies: 0
"Does anyone fancy a wee late night twirl in the Cowgate (Edinburgh) or Arthurs seat....get some nice shots at least before being moved on? Han"
Posted: by Arc
Last Reply: by richard
Views: 4050    Replies: 9
"I am curious if there are people out there making a living from spinning, staffs, flags, etc?"
Posted: by maya
Views: 1020    Replies: 0
"Hi! I've just arrived to Australia from Poland and I am looking for cheap fire equipment like poi (glow and fire), ropes, fans so I thought that maybe someone wants to sell his old stuf..."
Posted: by BoA
Views: 861    Replies: 0
"Hi there,my Name is Nikolaj and im about to travel (Work and Travel) to Australia for 1 Year or More. Im a Poi Spinner for 3 1/2 Years now and i also do Contact Juggling for 1 and a Hal..."
Posted: by barger.mandi
Last Reply: by barger.mandi
Views: 877    Replies: 1
"I have a set of the Ninja V4 glow poi, i haven't smacked them hard or banged them against anything and one of my poi will change modes on it's own and even shut off if swung too fast? I..."
Posted: by rastapasta420
Last Reply: by taotrix
Views: 4735    Replies: 6
"if you havent seen them you need too. i was wondering if anyone could tell me some stuff about them? i only saw a video called "visual poi the future is now.""
Posted: by flid
Last Reply: by UCOF
Views: 12554    Replies: 87
"Sorry, just thought i'd create the thread now and put a reply link to it on my desktop for future use. I think a few other people could benefit from doing the same It is worrying that..."
Posted: by EnigmA
Last Reply: by timme87
Views: 4169    Replies: 11
" Me and a freind were wondering where and how can we find a poi club I've looked in the yellow pages under dance an I cant find jack shit. perhaps I can find someone in a rave to guide ..."
Posted: by queen of wands
Last Reply: by kendrasweet
Views: 3608    Replies: 23
"As I said in another post: quote:I havent had much of a go of staff at the moment, ironic as i called myself Queen of Wands eh? Well actually, I should clarify. Besides her affiliation..."
Posted: by RUMYDADDY
Last Reply: by BamaBob
Views: 3121    Replies: 10
"I am looking for alabama burners! I am new to the area and need to meet up with people from my Planet! I am a fire spinner and I am looking for others close to me! Email me at ononru@ya..."
Posted: by Axis
Last Reply: by Dan Kenyon
Views: 3354    Replies: 8
"Hi!My name is guy aka Axis - I am a professional performer from bristol uk.I swing for a living!I'm coming to New zealand later this year and am hoping you can help me out - where can i..."
Posted: by mlt4tds
Last Reply: by Dan Kenyon
Views: 28410    Replies: 2
"Hello Everyone,It is a struggle to find others who fire twirl regularly. There are no workshops or centres which others can meet. There are no classes for children or adults. We are ra..."
Posted: by totti51091
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 944    Replies: 2
"So I haven't spun poi since my girl and I split last year because I was just using her poI that I bought her. So now I'm trying to find a poi simile to the weight of hers, I bought her ..."
Posted: by imp
Last Reply: by Reece Inglis
Views: 3041    Replies: 11
"HiI'm fairly new too the fire arts and I was just wondering if there were any regular meets in Melbourne.The reason I am asking is that I am currently studying at swinburne and have to ..."
Posted: by ballsrburning
Last Reply: by MannwidaPlann
Views: 2934    Replies: 10
"hey!! does anyone know anybody that does poi in the plymouth area (uk) better still are there anyone who meets up around this area, to play around with the poi. i need help with tricks ..."
Posted: by dane
Views: 708    Replies: 0
"Hej,I've recently moved to Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden and was wondering if anyone knows of any gatherings that happen in the area?Looking for all things flow really...Thanks!"
Posted: by Flipy
Last Reply: by Eric Shibuya
Views: 633    Replies: 1
"where are the colorado spinners. preferably in the greeley evans area, private message me if your near by to meet up"
Posted: by Steve Allen1
Views: 915    Replies: 0
"I'm looking to get into angle grinding entertainment as a hobby, but unfortunately I'm less than creative. My main question is, how would one prep a chest plate, body plate, etc. to gri..."
Posted: by flid
Last Reply: by UCOF
Views: 48155    Replies: 221
"The how many have you met thread is getting a bit dull, so I thought I'd spice things up a bit. This isn't how many you've had intimate relationsions with ( ), just lain in/on a bed wi..."
Posted: by Simos
Last Reply: by Flipy
Views: 5908    Replies: 24
"hey all - i am interested in finding out what others are using as handles for their chains and what grips you use as i am not satisfied with any handles so far...the only thing that i f..."
Posted: by travisridesgnu
Views: 461    Replies: 0
"Fire poi in the snow!: http://youtu.be/ypcwlSGe2R0"
Posted: by David_Thomas1
Last Reply: by Dunc
Views: 5035    Replies: 34
"Just though id tell you all tat i lost the game. (YOU KNOW WHAT GAME IM TALKING ABOUT!!!) The game. THE GAME!!!!"
Posted: by StitchInTime
Views: 10229    Replies: 0
"Hello everyone,I have just arrived in New Zealand (Wellington), and have a few fire performances scheduled soon. The only problem is, I am having a hard time finding the correct fuels t..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
Views: 14549    Replies: 42
"What should I have for breakfast?Marmite and toast?"
Posted: by allianna92
Views: 463    Replies: 0
"Looking for any flow artists in or around Knoxville Tennessee...... I am working with poi and will be getting a set of s-staff here soon. Would love to make friends and meet people. :)"
Posted: by allianna92
Views: 492    Replies: 0
"Hey! My name is Allianna. I recently found HOP and am loving it. I am a poi spinner. Fairly new only been doing this for about four months now. I had tried my friends out a couple years..."
Posted: by REDonFIRE
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
Views: 1392    Replies: 2
"Hi! I'm working on getting a costume made and the lady that's making it suggested making it out of Tendo because she says it is a fire resistant fabric used in theater costumes. I ask..."
Posted: by Rouge Dragon
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
Views: 1196817    Replies: 1726
"I saw this on another forum and can't remember it being played here and thought it could be a bit of fun. Basically, one person makes a "wish" and the next posted grants it, but corrupt..."
Posted: by zengerr
Last Reply: by UCOF
Views: 577    Replies: 1
"Play with us for a better world in the biggest global fire shop. Join POI4PEACEHave fun spinning your POI, inspire your spectators, collect money for children affected by war.WHERE: In ..."
Posted: by altkatty
Views: 812    Replies: 0
"Hi, Everyone ) in December i'm going to long trip from Central to Latin America. My first destination - Mexico. And i hope to find someone, with whom we can hitchhike and perform in the..."
Posted: by FireSpirit
Last Reply: by momotajmsds
Views: 2474    Replies: 10
"Good Point!I only read the MSDS at work. (and only if I'm dealing with toxic stuff.) But I never thought of reading up on the MSDS on fire blowing, or just Parifin in general.Good Poll ..."
Posted: by Malcolm
Last Reply: by mlt4tds
Views: 806    Replies: 3
" "
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by mbsvak
Views: 7176    Replies: 17
" I just got my fire poi, and I know what kind of fuel I want. So where do I go to get it. I've tried calling about 10 stores, and I really need help. Help me please."
Posted: by Mother_Natures_Son
Last Reply: by Mother_Natures_Son
Views: 930    Replies: 1
"Howdy one and all! Been a while since I posted... Wonder if anyone remembers me...Anyway, title says it all really. I know there are cultural centres and what not but I was hoping someo..."
Posted: by Kayleigh_Dunne
Last Reply: by infurnex
Views: 1622    Replies: 2
"Pretty much how it sounds anyone know any cool unusual places or secret spots to practise in the south? i thought id try st. cathrines hill in winchester tomorrow. n give me a shout if ..."
Posted: by Dispersado
Last Reply: by Arlene_Smith1
Views: 797    Replies: 2
"Hey there, I'm looking for people around the Seattle area to join me in Glowstringing/Poi of any form down at Gasworks Park. I'm going down tonight and tomorrow around 5-5:30 so be ther..."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by jboo
Views: 8454    Replies: 43
"I recently have been trying out FLAG twirling. What a cool alternative for poi! For those of you not in the know, flag twirling is when you twirl large pieces of fabric, no actual fla..."
Posted: by Meneeococoa
Last Reply: by GanjaKat
Views: 7276    Replies: 30
"Aight, peoples. Here's something. I wanna know the worst stuff that's hapened to you. From beatin someone in the face on accident to beating ur nuts with the poi. Hell...if you've kille..."
Posted: by Cidah
Views: 626    Replies: 0
"Hey guys! I am planning an event in Asheville, NC on Halloween 2014 and would like to discuss having a glo/fire spinner(s). I am currently looking into city permits and may need to se..."
Posted: by Danisaur
Views: 1052    Replies: -1
"I need some people to help me work out the details. If any of you fire spinners out there would like to add me on kik to answer my questions, I would very much appreciate it.IMPORTANT:I..."
Posted: by AGuyInLasCruces
Last Reply: by Tychain
Views: 1110    Replies: 3
"So a friend wanted a staff for stilt walking that would draw some attention and this is what I came up with. It has a 4400mah 9 cell 11.1v li-ion pack, 1800 individual led's and is 72&..."
Posted: by EnigmA
Last Reply: by Jadavies09
Views: 2094    Replies: 3
" Does anyone know how to use one or. play with one anyway?"
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