Social Chat

Chat, stuff, nonsense & daftness
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Social Discussion

For involved topics and debate.
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Use this friendly forum if you do not know what to do and need help.
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Technical / Moves

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Advanced Poi Moves

Discussion of advanced poi moves. i.e. not already classed as "Beginner" in the poi moves library
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Advanced Staff moves

Discussion of advanced staff moves. i.e. not already classed as "Beginner" in the staff moves library.
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Expressive movement / costumes and props

Help with characterizations, performances, choreography, story telling, portraying feelings and emotions, involving the audience and providing the x-factor...
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Technical Discussion

Tools and toys
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Other Toys

Whips, Fire art, Fans, Flags, Swords...
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Links to members videos. Not for commercial use.
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Events, Performances and Gatherings

Discuss public events and performances listed in the sites events calendar
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Meet Others

Find other spinners nearby or upon your travels
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HoP Competitions & Announcements - COL videos etc

HoP competitions and COL Compilation video DVD of International performers
Video entry details
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