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Fire Accident

" Woman dancing with Staff catches bra (with lots of tassles) on fire. She later had to rip the bra off to stop burning herself (Not shown)"
File: women_on_fire.rm[0.1 Mb] Find out about Clothing Safety here

Fire Accident 2

" A video of a guy who had spilt some fuel on his face and then continued to breath fire and catch his face on fire. ."
File: faceburn.mpg[0.4 Mb]. Find out about Fire Breathing safety here.


"Sage using cathedral ball chain fire poi does a forward roll with armwraps "
File: sage_fire_poi_roll.mpg[1.7 Mb]  see also "Sage-behine the flame" on DVD or VHS


"Sage using cathedral ball chain fire poi"
File: sage_fire_poi.mpg[3.2 Mb]   see also "Sage-behine the flame" on DVD or VHS


"Sage using beaming poi"
File: sage_fire_poi.mpg[3.2 Mb]   see also "Sage-behine the flame" on DVD or VHS, "Beaming Poi" product

Ben Fraser

"31 Seconds of Ben Fraser using some Beaming Poi."
File: ben5.mpg[1.8 Mb]   see "Beaming Poi" product

COL4 preview

"A quick preview of things to see in our COL series of inspirational videos"
File:[2.5 Mb]   see "COL4" product


"Punto using fire poi, France"
File:[2.8 Mb]  


" Another great fire video from Punto , France "
File:[1.4 Mb]


" Skunk from Snowy, NYC, USA. Doing Fire poi in the snow. "
File:[1.7 Mb]

Jo Derry

"Jo inspiring us with poi "
File: jd.rm[0.4 Mb]

Rob Featherston

" Fire poi on the beach with Rob Featherston from Houston, Texas, USA. A great video done on the sand."
File: rf.rm[0.5 Mb]

Jo Derry2

" Fluorescent poi from Jo Derry. Sheffield, England. Well worth watching as their is some pretty amazing moves here."
File: jo_derry56.rm[0.3 Mb]

Xaeda Staff video

" 45 seconds of Xaeda with single staff"
File: xaeda2.mpg2.6 Mb]