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Fire Accident
"Woman dancing with Staff catches bra (with lots of tassles) on fire. She later had to rip the bra off to stop burning herself (Not shown)."
Find out about Clothing Safety here

Fire Accident 2
"A video of a guy who had spilt some fuel on his face and then continued to breath fire and catch his face on fire."
Find out about Fire Breathing safety here

"Sage using cathedral ball chain fire poi does a forward roll with armwraps."
See also "Sage-behine the flame" on DVD or VHS

"Sage using cathedral ball chain fire poi."
See also "Sage-behine the flame" on DVD or VHS

"Sage using beaming poi."
See also "Sage-behine the flame" on DVD or VHS, "Beaming Poi" product

Ben Fraser
"31 Seconds of Ben Fraser using some Beaming Poi."
See "Beaming Poi" product

COL4 preview
"A quick preview of things to see in our COL series of inspirational videos."
See "COL4" product

"Punto using fire poi, France."

"Another great fire video from Punto, France."

"Skunk from Snowy, NYC, USA. Doing Fire poi in the snow."

Jo Derry
"Jo inspiring us with poi."

Rob Featherston
"Fire poi on the beach with Rob Featherston from Houston, Texas, USA. A great video done on the sand."

Jo Derry2
"Fluorescent poi from Jo Derry. Sheffield, England. Well worth watching as their is some pretty amazing moves here."

Xaeda Staff video
"45 seconds of Xaeda with single staff."

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