Sponsorship Program


We often get asked about sponsoring/supporting different worthy causes and as a result we have developed different ways to do this. One of the major ways we are able to support our members is through our tell friends program. We are also sometimes able to support in a more direct manner certain one-off or recurring events with donations of resources, equipment or money. We also receive requests for charitable donations or to allow telling our members of worthy causes.

The poi arts evolved from a sense of community with the Maori people, and Home of Poi we certainly acknowledge our responsibilities towards the wider community. We are always looking for ways to support the kinetic arts community and the wider communities in which we all live. Support can take many forms - not just financial, so if there is something we have not covered that you think we might be able with, please do contact us.

Tell Friends Program

The HoP tell friends scheme is more fully explained here, but it's a great way that we can support our members, as the bigger the member's needs and situation, the bigger the potential support received. We think this program is perhaps not so widely understood so here's a couple of examples of how it can work for you.

Friend Sponsorship Examples -

  • if you are a member of a performance troupe with a website, you can post your friend code on the site and any new customer using that link to buy from HoP will automatically earn your designated shop account a bonus - and you don't have to do anything. You can choose whether to earn a 5% bonus and pass on your own customer discount (up to 15%) to the person, or have a 20% bonus with no discount passed to the person. Assuming you use the 5% bonus option, each subsequent purchase they make within 2 months of their first use of your code, will also earn you a percentage bonus - since you referred your friend to us.
  • if you are holding an event, you can hand out brochures with your friend code printed on them. Any new customers making a purchase using the friend code will have either 5% or 20% of their purchase credited to your account as a bonus just as in the above example.
  • but any member at any time can also write/print their friend code on the back of e.g. a HoP business card and give it to a friend/relative/colleague/stranger-in-the-street and if they make a purchase using that code, you get the bonus. So, when you're busking in the street, or impressing your friends/relatives/colleagues, always have a pile of cards handy to make sure you can pick up this bonus to get even cheaper products

Support for Events

Sometimes we are able to support events in a more direct financial manner. Sometimes these are worthy causes such as Jaime in India, but more often they are events that help gather spinners, twirlers and jugglers together to celebrate and spread the knowledge and love of our arts - such as UK's Play festival.

If you have an event you think we might like to support, contact us using the "Contact Webmaster" form, giving us as complete an idea of the event and nature of desired sponsorship as possible. Please keep in mind that we do receive many requests, and all in their own right are worthy causes but we cannot support all of them. We are more likely to support events which attract newcomers to the arts, or are from an international area where the arts may be newly emerging.

Charitable Donations

There are many many worthy causes, and as much as we at Home of Poi care about the majority of them, we simply are not able to donate to all. We have selected a few charities that we have a particular connection with and we make regular donations to these. For the others, we have thought of many different ways we can help - a frequently requested example is use of the Community forum to highlight a cause to our members, however with the rise of many scams etc and in the interests of keeping the forum "non-commercial" we have decided not to allow such postings on the site. Therefore we have no satisfactory way to help the many valid worthy causes that exist. If you can think of ways we might be able to support these, we would like to hear your thoughts.