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Single Fire Footbag

Fire footbag.
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Your benefits
  • Made from our Kevlar (R) wick for long life fire fun.
  • Filled with steel balls to avoid creating a shattering hazard.
  • Lots of fine-tuning in the construction of this wee masterpiece - much safer than making your own.
Performance, Foot Bags Purchase includes access to the following online resources
PDF File
Fire Safety Sheet

Online Lesson
Fire Training Video

PDF File
Fire Footbag User Guide

Online Lesson
Your Online Footbag Lessons

About Single Fire Footbag
Footbag is a kicking game/sport which is played with various makes of balls in different countries such as Thailand, South America, Europe and just about anywhere hippies gather.
We'd call it a Hacky Sack® but that's a brand name.
This fire version is just like a "regular" footbag but with the added bonus that you can set it on fire and it survives and comes back for more.

NB This product is currently banned in Australia to anyone except a professional fire performer.
Australian customers MUST be professional performers to purchase this item.

  • approx 2.5" diameter
  • weight 1.7 oz
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29th August, 2011 #407
"I love this little toy. It takes a childhood games and kicks it up a couple notches and a couple hundred degrees. A wonderful product."
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
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5th January, 2013 #407
My footbag
"This was a hit at my beach spin even more so because I used the green flame dye on it and lets just say it was amazingly awesome to play with it."
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
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10th June, 2016 #407
What a neat toy
"Not something we use for performances much but a great pass time for the fire group when we are all just hanging out at a festival great burn Times a lol stiff for the weight I will probably cut mine open and add an ounce or two to it to give for better stalling effects overall good product well built and a fun pass time whill waiting for your turn to spin carefull with this in large crowds though as anyone knows who plays Jacky sack its easy to send this into some ones lap that just sitting enjoying the show but we should all know how to be safe with our props"
, USA  [Verified Buyer]

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